Conditions and Judgements

You are not responsible for the choices that others make, nor are they responsible for yours. However, you can and must learn from one another, for what you choose is not that different from the choice your brother makes. You make many of the same mistakes.


Mistakes are opportunities for learning. To condemn your brother for making mistakes is to pretend to be mistake free, which you are not. I have asked you before and I will ask you again: which one of you will throw the first stone?


Paul Ferrini


Confessions on the journey, I had a meeting yesterday and all the way throughout it I was asking the Universe to release all judgments of the situation, so these well intentioned people (I truly believe that they are) have decided to assist their community by starting a church and going out into the community and tackling some of the issues  they believe are either causing strife or assisting those who are in need of assistance whether through food, someone to talk to whatever it may be

So I ask myself why was I asking for the release of judgement? Well the conversation moved to what people should be doing and who and why some people are helped and being helped and then it moved on to money being the most pressing matter to ensure that the help continues. I asked for the release of judgement and to see it differently because everyone is on their own journey and me saying to them why do you put conditions on the help you give? You either help or you don’t! That would be my way of seeing things! I just said to myself . self, at least someone is being helped and left it there! I myself was putting conditions on how I thought they ought to be helping and as soon as I released that judgement the conversation flowed I actually learnt something!

So I thought to myself, what conditions am I putting on helping someone and what other judgements do I hold!

What conditions do you put on love to get your own way?





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