Tend to the seeds

When I put peace first, I just know what to do. A Course in Miracles

I haven't seen my granma in a while, she has been out of the country. I decided to pay her a visit as she returned on Monday night, I had a meeting close to her house, I called her to ask if she would be at home so I can come over the day before. On the morning she called me and said "Walk with containers I cooked for you for a month" I laughed thinking she was exaggerating! (I forgot the containers as well!!)

When I got there I swore the kitchen was that of a restaurant, there was food everywhere! The woman literally cooked food for me to last a month!
So we sat at our usual spot in the kitchen around the now overfull kitchen table to have our usual conversations which starts off with politics and inside there she would say "But child, how are you really doing?"  She told me, I heard all of your radio interviews online, you did good child! You are planting the seeds and don't dig them up with doubt and listening to what other people think you should be doing. Tend to the seeds ok, let your spirit guide you, ok?

Grateful for the food!



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