Happy International Women's Day 2016

Gratitude. The units of understanding increase with experience. Value. Grateful for everything. Every moment that one would seem to wish to undo. Innerstanding now the past and it's truths. From fighting to stay the same to accepting that one must change. Evolution. And my appreciation has multiplied, so much so that I embrace it all. Not just parts, but the whole story. Give thanks. Natalie Stewart

Today is International Women's Day
I am eternally grateful for all the women who paved the path for me to be in a space where I can do anything, I mean anything, I can study, vote, drive, anything.... and this was not the case in my great grandma's time
I take my responsibility seriously
I take nothing for granted on this day
How can I leave this place so that my great great grankids can say the same thing?
That's my motivation now and forward
May I continue to walk the path and may I walk it with courage

Today I am speaking at the Tunapuna Public Library at 9am, I appear on the Everywoman Program at 11.15 and will present as the feature speaker at the First Caribbean International Bank at 4pm, 


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