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Lack, limitation and restriction, whether real or imagined are all forms of suffering that can be eliminated through awareness, acceptance, acknowledgement and action - Iyanla

How many times has our thinking got us in trouble? Think about it?
There are times that we think ourselves into a sticky situation because of fear and worry

Our thoughts are so powerful, it is the precursor of things to come, it really is true, change your mind, change your life.
There are so many situtations of people who have been in situations, unbelivable situations, Nelson Mnadela in jail, as one example, where he remained focused on what he wanted rather than what he did not want. Focusing on the wants puts us in a mindset to move forward, to meet the challenges knowing that the obstacles are part of the journey.

Acceptance brings us to the realisation that our thoughts may be all over the place, at the same time, owning it is the way we can change or even transcend it.
When we deny, there can be no change…

Life is about taking what you have and turning it into something worthwhile

To teach is to demonstrate - ACIM

We can only teach that which we demonstrate. I also believe that we teach what we need to learn.
You can't always know how best the Univese will put you to use, you don't even have a clue! When we limit ourselves thinking that we know we block out so many possibilities. Some of our most harowing moments are teachable moments, are moments which happen to help you change not only yourself, but the world around you.

How many times have you heard about the worst tragedies being used by others to propel themselves into a whole other level? How many times we use what happened to us to change, to transform?

When we ask "what's the lesson here?' it transforms the situation into a useful one
When we ask "why me?" it compunds the victim mentality

So let us not decieve ourselves by thinking the people who are succesful or those who have bounced back are "lucky" or have "the right conditions", it is mainly becaus…

Only When You Are Ready

You can’t leap from hurt to clarity, or from anger to absolution. You have
to walk there, one revelatory, resentful, intentional step at a time.
Forced or feigned forgiveness can derail the healing process. When we
fake-forgive someone, the camouflaged hurt will unearth itself eventually.
And by then, it’s been festering and there’s an even bigger mess to clean
up. Seething resentment, dragging up the past, blowing a fuse because
your partner said that precise thing that clearly indicates that they haven’t
changed in the least since you last reamed them out for not changing. Danielle La Porte

Sometimes we just aren't ready! Admitting that would save us a lot of time and effort.
Rather than lie to ourselves or make excuses, it is much more productive to take the time to get ready!
Because, trust me, when we are ready, nothing stops us
Being ready starts with a decision, an intention.
Sounds simple doesn't it? Yes, it really is just that simple.
Your unwavering choice to be ready
How m…

The Power of Pause

Guilt is always disruptive - ACIM

This weekend I did absolutelt nothing, I woke up, ate, slept, read a bit and slept again. Considering the month that I have had I felt it was quite necessary to recharge and reboot. In the middle of my blissful slumber - confessions on the journey, I started feeling guilty. You know the type of feeling like " am I really wasting all this time?" and "am I really doing absolutely nothing for two entire days?" that feeling lasted for about twenty minutes! Luckily I managed to convinve myself that guilt is a wasted emotion and rest is part of the work!

Iyanla Vanzant says it best, take a pause, take a rest, stop jumping from one thing to another without pausing. Even airplanes pause before they take off on their journey so who are we?
We move from thing to thing without reflecting, recharging, rebooting because someone or society has said to us being still and resting is weak, it is better to work your tailbone off and rest when you ar…

Do One thing Each Day that Makes You Happy

“We must not be defined by what we do, but we must be what and who we are, then only happen to do what we do!” C Joy Bell

I have a poster up at my house which serves as a daily reminder, it says "Do Something Everyday Which Will Make You Happy". I figured that every day adds up, if I do one thing daily to make myself happy it can add to the quality of my life. To do that I had to get to know myself a little better. What do I like to do? What makes me happy? What brings me joy? Simple questions but somehow I paid very little attention to it whilst "living" and so now that I am very familiar with I do my level best to take my own advice

Sometimes it is the simplest things
1. Waking up at 5am to go on the roof to see the colours of the sun rise
2. Walking in the grass outside with no shoes
3. Eating a juicy piece of watermelon
4. Watching Arsenal Footbal Club play
5. Speaking to my grandma on nothing and everything
6. Curling up with a good book and a cup of tea

I kno…

Personal Boundaries

“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated. This is why we sometimes attack who they are, which is far more hurtful than addressing a behavior or a choice.”  Brene Brown

Setting Boundaries, having boundaries, executing boundaries- one of the most challenging things for me to do!  There have been times when I find myself in situations where people have overstepped my own boundaries but guess what? I never say nothin! I've figured it out that my silence is due to
1. not wanting to cause a conflict 2. wanting to be liked 3. not wanting to look fussy or "miserable" 4. giving others a "second chance"  5. rewinding of old tapes 5. thinking I am making a big issue out of a small issue
Almost every time it reaches to a point where things get sticky and blow up! 
What is a boundary? Boundaries are the physical, emotional and mental limits we establish to protect ourselves from being manipulated, used, or violated by others.
Learning t…

Are You Paying Attention?

Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.” Sylvia Care

Life gives us so many clues and chances, hardly ever is there  something that happens "immediately"  we always get some tyoe of signal, the question is what do you do with the signals? Do we pay attention? Do we ignore? Do we listen? Do we act on the signals?
I have learnt that paying attention to the signals is an important part of living a whole life! Ignoring them can at times be disastrous! Be it, A pain in your shoulder A nagging feeling about someone you cannot put your finger on A long lasting cough Call it intuition, call is signs whatever you call it, trust me, paying attention to it will turn out well for you 
What are some of the signs that you have been neglecting and ignoring?

Hello Jouvert Vibe

Hey there don't you know? there's an isle with a style and a wind that sings a calypso- David Rudder

This morning we had a ball, at about 4am we hit the streets of Port of Spain for the ritual called Jouvay! It is, for me, the most freedom I feel.period!
We party hard! I stopped in to say hi and spread some Jouvay vibes with y'all
If you can ever experience a Trinidad Carnival, I highly recommend it, and I am not being biased

See You on the other side of the Lime

Ask and it shall be given you, because it has already been given. Ask for light and learn that you are light. ACIM

It's Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, the land of my birth, no description can do this time justice. One has to witness and be a part of it, and its like marmite, you either hate it or love it. It culminates with two days of abandonment in the streets where the party is from sun up to sun down!
It's a type of freedom which I find unparralled, I have witness it nowhere on my journeys. a vibe that hits you as soon as you touch down on the island, everyone is happy (some are way too happy) everyone wants to party and have fun, Everyone is friendly and accomodating, there are events on every day and every night, creativity is off the chain!
I give thanks daily that I have been blessed to witness this explosion of love and creativity
And so my posts have been less because I have been immersing myself into the events, the "lime" as we call it, the love.
I ho…

Why Are You Not Normal?

Purpose provides a direction for life; you know what you want to express or achieve and look for ways of doing that. Purpose is different to goals. A purpose relates to the road to be travelled, whereas goals are the stops along the way. When the direction you are taking is significant and worthwhile to you, your life has meaning. Christiana Star

Living by the status quo for me is now more difficult based on the choices I have made over the past few years. In this case I am referring to having a 9-5 job and all the trappings associated with it
Based on my "situation" after going to financial institutions they ask me "how are you able to live?" And all I can think about is "The Universe provides" but of course, when I mention that there is either an uncomfortable laugh or an uncomfortable silence. This week I went to a financial institution to get information about purchasing a property and was met with the same questions
How do you live?
You really have n…

The Need to Be Liked

“To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” 
― Brené Brown

gentle reminder to self: wanting to be liked is hard work & a poor use of energies wanting to be understood is just as much hard work as wanting to be liked wanting to keep others’ “good” opinion of you is overrated why are you Here? not only to be liked you are on a journey, one that you consciously chose to be authentic and show up as yourself every single time, & that walk may inadvertently involve stepping on toes many times unintentionally, especially when new people are met. make all steps with the intention of love and kindness noting that some may interpret this differently you are full of boldness, of courage, of courageous moves, dreams that are too big for some to see, you are full of curiosity, questions, questions, questions & more questions you are so much more than being liked you are love a woman wanting to learn, to grow to s…


“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”- Brené Brown

I have been reading about vulnerability, I get the concept in theory, however when it shows up in real life, it is so different. That feeling of being totally open to and with someone else! I can definitely say it builds strength and strength of character.
I  normally ask a lot of questions, I never realised it until a few people pointed it out to me, many times. And so I began to pay attention. I ask for clarity. I do not want to assume. If they do not answer, I can lose my mind, I want what I want when I want.
It's a truly uncomfortable feeling to be vulnerable, it opens up all sorts of questions, some of which I am not ready to deal with, some of which I don't even realise are dormant.

So here I am, willing to sit in it, to listen, to learn and to move forward.

Stay Tuned....


Love liberates

Love liberates. Love lifts and Love wants to share itself with everyone it can.Iyanla What is your definition of love? Of being in love? Of loving? Do you even have one?
There are so many things that we do in the name of love, things that we do and call it love. Are any of them done with your own definition of love in mind? Is there a definition for love or it is just a feeling?
For me, it's simple, love makes you feel good, it makes you expand, fills you up to the point of overflowing where you want to share, it is honest and open and true. Anything else is something resembling love.
Share with me some of your definitions


In every moment, every possibility is available . . . if not from the material realm, then from the massively abundant dark-matter, or pre-matter. These are the stem-cells of matter; you open their possibilities by opening your beliefs, and reducing your doubts. With doubt, you will struggle, and push, and you may achieve your goals with great effort. Faith on the other hand, uses the leverage of your beliefs, employing the entire supply of these stem cells, to achieve your achievements with ease. Belief is always a mixture . . . it's your imagination mixed together with what you claim is reality . . . this forms what you 'believe' . . . is . . . or can be real. What this reality is -- for you -- then establishes another opinion; draws a new conclusion, and produces an even deeper belief Guru Singh

Anytime I approach anything it is with the belief that it is possible. I dwell in possibility. And what that really means to me is when I go in to something, when I start somethi…

Taking a Rest

Life will work for me when I realize...I am totally, completely and fully responsible for what goes on in my life! One of the greatest challenges in creating a joyful, peaceful and abundant life is taking responsibility for what you do and how you do it! As long as you can blame someone else, be angry with someone else, point the finger at someone or something else, you are not taking responsibility for your life. Sure, things happen! It is absolutely true that there are situations, circumstances, social constructs and common elements that can and do affect you. It is your responsibility however, to determine HOW and HOW LONG they affect you. Iyanla Vanzant

January kicked my arse! I mean it literally pushed me outside every single comfort zone, every single space I considered safe, every single one! I lterally feel tired, like I ran a half marathon. I love the fact that I am still here, I am still grateful for it all but my oh my, I feel tired! So I am going to take a rest
What does taki…

Show Up Anyway

Consistency will establish habits that will carry you through the days when life happens. Chomwa Shikati

Showing up, I think it's half of the story. Showing up ready is even more than half of the story. Every day in every way when we show up and show up ready it contributes to becoming the person you are becoming, the goal that you are going towards, the dream realised.
And sometimes showing up may be messy. it may be uncomfortable, it may be different - show up anyway!
The key is doing your absolute best in the moment! 

Showing up may mean leaving some stuff behind, it may mean no, it may mean setting boundaries, it may mean being true and authentic, it  may mean stepping back, it may mean taking a rest, it may mean giving up somethings and some people
Show up anyway!

Everyday we are being called to show up! Are you ready?


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What is your Definition of a Good Person?

The relationship between guilt and forgiveness may surprise you.
Guilt is actually a twisted or manipulative way of seeking forgiveness. It is the belief that if you inflict suffering on yourself for your choices, another will forgive you for them. This is belief keeps you in pain because only you can forgive yourself. Maxie McCoy

Sharing lessons from Maryann Hasna
I have experienced a lot of abusive, toxic energy in my lifetimes because of the imaginary identity I was trying to uphold of being a “good person”. I believed surely this was the path to true awakening. What a lie. So grateful for those truly unwell people I had contracts with who I have let into my heart and even my home. They really opened my eyes to the bullshit that sometimes can go along with being a spiritual seeker. How we seek or search for a ways to prove our “goodness”. 
There can be a desire to be in service that is projection of the spiritualized ego. From this place there is a constant need to prove worth, that yo…

Take the Premium off the Control

But health and wellness aren’t about being perfect or being ok all the time. It’s about taking care of what needs caring for, so that we can get closer to what moves in us. It’s about having an array of choices that we can access at any given moment. Alicia Garza
You are here not to do something, but to be something! we have this thing in Western Society where we put on premium on control, we put a premium on knowing, which is it’s like almost a sin not to know, not to have it mapped out. The mapping of the thing is to create capacity within you to move forward, you get too attached to the plan! It’s not about the plan, our activities are never about the thing itself, it isn’t what gets created it’s who we become in the process of the creation, when you check out of here you don’t take any of your creations with you. We are here not just to do something but to be something! Know what you are, not just who you are! You don’t have to know where it’s going all the time to know that …

Home Bound

Knowledge without follow-through is worse than no knowledge.”
- Charles Bukowski
After a productive week in St Kitts and Nevis, the jouney has now come to an end. Homeward bound I am!
The lessons, the love, the sharing, the experiences have been eye opening and fun. I always leave a new place feeling full of promise and hope because I see first hand that people still care about one another, that they still care about their communities, that they want to do better for themselves, their country and their families This is the sentiment that I left with, I am excited about all they are going to create and execute and I give thanks to be a part of it!

Doing it for the Love and not the Likes

Stop feeding your doubts with questionable news sources and social media gorging - Danielle La Porte
Social media plays an important part in the world at the moment, whether we want to admit it or not, and certainly whether or not we like it or not. We are able to reach others in so many different parts of the world, to share our stories, our journeys, our happy moments, to market our products  and ourselves to spread good news and of course  there is a flip side. The alter ego's, the searching for validation, the reaction to bully's.  I have found myself paying attention to the social media in quite a number of ways, so much so, that it started becoming the first thing I look at in the morning and last thing at night. Some of the times I also find myself arguing with or at my phone because of some of the content that I see     I also sometimes find myself comparing what I do to what I see - and we all know comparison is the thief of joy
So I decided to make some changes! Turning o…

St Kitts and Nevis Day 4

no effort is ever wasted, although some pay dividends later than you think.
Do not imagine that you "wasted your time" because something didn't turn out right. There is no such thing as "waste" in the Universe. Everything -- everything -- yields benefit. Neale Donald Walsh
As I wrap up my time here on this very charming island, I reflect on the lessons - of course! Something one of the fisherfolk said yesterday came back to me this morning as I was reading, I shared part of the reading above, by Neale Donald Walsh He said yesterday " I just did not want to come here and waste my time"  How many times have I said that about things that I do, people I am to meet, and places to be? I must admit, this same phrase is on repeat in my head. And then he said it, I was on the other side of the comment, so it not only resonates, it put me in a position to see that saying it about another is really a tad bit arrogant!
Then it continues this morning - the Universe is …

St Kitts and Nevis Day 3

There are two types of easy. Quality Easy and Cheap Easy
We are choosing Quality Easy - resides on inner strength and trusts the timing of things. Over time Quality Easy gets comfortable saying No and willing to walk away and let it go.
Cheap Easy is a sucker for a discount, frequenly in a rush a bit desperate and scrambling for a result - Danielle La Porte

The first ferry was the plan, leave the hotel at 7.30am to get to the terminal by 745am to board the 8am ferry- Ferry's are not my favourite mode of transport. I walked with my open mind and willing spirit

I met someone who I was introduced to last year while I was here in July, we remembered one another-did some small talk while we waited to board. I wanted to get on that boat first so I could have chosen my seat, as far away as possible to the motor! No luck with that, I had to settle for the middle seat and pray for the best! 45 mins to another island!

I made it, puke free and ready to roll

The facilitation session was fun, I …

St Kitts and Nevis Day 2

The ability to achieve what you want in the outer world is always a direct reflection of the abundant state of your inner world. In the vedic tradition, wealth is equated to the life energy you express. In order to increase wealth you must increase your life energy. You may begin by asking how much life is being expressed through me. Maryam Hasnaa

I am in St Kitts and Nevis a lovely island in the Caribbean close to Antigua and Barbuda. I am here to facilitate a workshop on sustainable livelihoods using seamoss - seamoss - well I really don't know how to describe what seamoss is but it makes wicked drinks and is supposed to be a superplant as it is good for your skin as well.
The group so far have been so accomodating it makes my job so much  easier and so much more fun!

I never take these opportunities for granted seeing a simple way of life, seeing how others want to improve their station, learning from others! Give thanks


The Strength of Your Connections

Your self-love tank determines who you judge and how strongly. How you honor yourself governs the degree in which you respect others. And the depth of your own healing controls the health and strength of your connections.

I consider myself a calm person for the most part, unruffled under most circumstances. It's something I worked on through meditation, loving myself more and learning how to respond. It is very rare that I lose my cool. I even started paying attention to my triggers so as to respond rather than react. And so, when I do lose my cool I am really disappointed in myself. I will admit I am no enlighted master nor am I perfect. I do this because this approach feels better, saves a lot of tears and friendships, as well as, keeps my ego in check
When my cool is blown I take days to recover, this is what is one of my biggest challenge

Having said this, confessions on the journey
I lost my cool yesterday, it even got to the point of shouting ( yes I am still recovering) 
I lost …


Commitment supersedes contracts, legal agreements and other constructs meant to 
enforce promises. Commitment cannot be regulated. True commitment comes from within
True commitment is deeper than contracts. 
It has more to do with who you are rather than what you do. Alicia Rodriguez

What are you committed to?
What will you commit to?
Are you even interested in having any committments, in keeping your committments?
What will you do to keep your committments?
What makes you keep your committments?
What makes you break your committments?
Pondered on these today and I came up with this
There is nothing worse than breaking the committments I made to myself doesn't build self belief, nor trust in self or others Goes back to - it starts with me
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