Day 3 - Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here in Barbados

Is Vibes on top of Vibes- Alone  Aaron Duncan

This morning the schedule included the morning radio show at 9am and the book signing at Pages Bookstore
We decided to take public transport, a mini van. Everyone probably had the same idea!
Every mini van taxi was full.
Okay the next plan was to take the bus
The bus came and it was what we call vibez!
People laughing and talking, school children in uniform, women and men going to work
I had to stand, the bus was so full up
The 20 minute ride took 45mins
An experience in 45mins
On the way back we also took the bus
This one was more vibez
Pumping dancehall
People dancing
People laughing
Oh yea, and the book signing went well too!


Day 2 - Book Tour Nyabo- Why Are You Here in Barbados


Day 1 Book Tour Nyabo Why Are You Here in Barbados

Let your joy be in your journey—not in some distant goal.” Tim Cook
I'm in Barbados, one day in, did my radio interview - confessions on the Journey - it ws not one of my best!
I press on
I had a full day, check the schedule
1. Radio Interview
2. Eat Fish
3. Finish Report
4. Eat Fish
5. Go to Beach
6.Eat Fish

Catch the pattern?

Eat fish in Barbados!

In this Place I Serve

Yes, you are expected to help people when you are able.
Yes, you should share resources, exchange information, support those who need support.
But when will you let go and allow people to figure it out for themselves?
If you keep doing for people what they must learn to do for themselves, they will never learn to do it
This does not honor people.
It does not honor you - One Day My Soul

How do we know when it is time to step away from a situation?
How do we know when to support from close or from afar?
How do we know when we are enabling a situation?

I have learnt we know how to navigate the situation when we have clear boundaries and accept that when or if these boundaries are crossed we can have a conversation about the consequences.
I have learnt that wanting to control everything puts us in a situation of focusing on others rather than focusing on ourselves. You see, to focus on ourselves involves courage and maybe facing some home truths that we prefer to ignore
People have their own j…

Take a Full Breath Before You Act...

Here’s a money-saving tip that also happens to be a radical counter-cultural act of defiance: Before you buy the promising under eye concealer, or the jeans (that are just like three other pairs of jeans you got, because they were going to change your life by attracting the perfect life partner), or before you sign the car lease because you’ve been picturing that moment you drive up to your family reunion, and as the glint of the chrome catches your cousins eye, they’ll finally know that you’ve been way smarter than all of them all along), before you pull out the credit card, take a full breath in and out and say to yourself, to YOU: I love you. And then see if you still have to have it Danielle La Porte

It all comes from inside! It cannot all be external, my granma says when a pig is dressed up with mud, it remains a pig
Wayne Dyer also says, when we are sqeezed we get to see what comes out. So if we squeeze an orange, what comes out is orange juice!
So, what happens when you get upset …

Order and Divine Timing

Order means accepting the concept of divine timing even when it conflicts wih your schedule, this requires patience, surrender and trust - Iyanla Vanzant

The concept of Divine Timing took me some time to embrace and accept. I learnt about deadlines, being assertive, going after what I want, making things happen. Not doing any or all of these things I was told that it reflects laziness, sloth and complacency. I was judged by the amount of things that I got done, the faster the better.
Divine timing, I have learnt, is about order,order is the first law of the Universe.
For everything there is a reason and a season.
Divine timing has come to mean that everything happens in the right timing that is required for the lessons and growth and courage!
Order is about understanding that there are some things that cannot happen on our schedule as much as we will it, want it, demand it or force it.
Order and divine timing go hand in hand.
The old adage of "nothing happens before its time"…

Rest is Part of The Journey

We were rewarded for being willing to do more than our share
We were encouraged to stay busy.
As a result, we learned to inflict ourselves with self-imposed duties that ultimately lead to mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion - One Day My Soul Just Opened Up

Growing up, my mother would wake me up extremely early on a Saturday morning, I would be angry because I did not have school. I wanted the opportunity to sleep late, to laze around and get some rest after a packed week.

" No one in this house must be asleep after the sun has risen" was the standard response from her

"Huh?? why??" was my standard response to that response

The conversation never got any further, it was, do as I say or probably die!

Then I heard my grandma say the exact thing
"No one in this house must be asleep after the sun has risen"
Oh, it was adding up, it seemed to have been passed down from her generation.

I would have to wake up and do chores until after lunch... Every Saturday