Do You Know The Thoughts and Beliefs that No Longer Serve You?

Do You Know The Thoughts and Beliefs that No Longer Serve You? Iyanla Vanzant

Did I know, at the time that I read this, what were the thoughts and beliefs that no longer served me?
Confessions on the Journey -I had zero clue. I did not even consider that this question  would be one be of use to me.
What are the thoughts and beliefs that I held that no longer served me?
Was that even a thing though?
I was willing to give it some time so so I sat and thought about it .
This is what I came up with

Thoughts,beleifs and behaviours that no longer serve me:

1.  The belief and thought that I am unworthy especially in certain circles and certain places
2.  The belief and thought that I am not enough
3.  The thought and belief that I am unlovable
4.  The thought that I have to prove that I am smart, that being smart is intimidating to someone wanting an intimate relationship with me.
5. The thought that I must always be happy, cheerful, nice and make people feel comfortble who are around me even if they ac…

How are you transforming your energy?

To fully accept does not mean to fully agree with, but it means that you’ve not set up this resistance.  Then, within this acceptance, you have the power to make choices whether to agree -- be affected -- both -- or neither. Guru Singh 

I was upset that I was asked to leave the house. I was moaning, complaining,I was mad vex - that means beyond annoyed and not actually wanting to make sense. This went on for a bit. I felt justified in my mad vexation. 

I jumped into the car and as I was driving - in my pissed off state the car started wobbling, getting out of control. I immediately abandoned all feelings of mad vexation. Fear took over.
I managed to stop the car without hitting anything or harming anyone. As I stepped out I saw that they tyre has bust open and left me on the rim.

I stood there and said a short thank you for this blessing I have just received. I thought about the energy that I was carrying around. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed. We are so powerful th…

8 Lessons I Have Learnt in This New Time

Self-pity in its early stage is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable. - Maya Angelou

Everything happens for a reason, sometimes we may not know what it is- I believe that wholeheartedly. We put meaning on our experiences, most of the time assisgning the meaning based on the past. Many times the past can be a guide, however in a new moment, sometimes a new way has to be called upon. The entire world has been forced to adopt a new normal, I have added my own filter as to what it can do if looked at with a loving perspective.These are my thoughts
1) The playing field is now levelling more than ever. This new normal has demonstrated that at this moment we are all equal despite our job, calling, financial situation, fame. We all need the toilet paper, we all need connection, we all need food.We all crave connection.
2) Any evidence that you needed to be reminded that we are all connected and not even false borders can change that, it is here. What yo…

Affirm what is Good -

Affirm what is Good - Rev Deborah L Johnson

During this new time, chose to affirm the good.
Choose Love
Choose Prayer
Choose Kindness
Choose Compassion
Choose Supporting one another
Choose and Affirm what is good
We are all in this together


These Lessons Are Useful

you will not love everything you learn during this time, but you will need it... Joel Leon

Staying inside, staying put, staying calm can seem like a prison sentence. Like someone taking away your freedom.
Trust me, the feelings of being trapped can overwhelm us.
But trust me with this as well, we can shift our perspectives.
Sitting still has become uncomfortable in a fast paced world that rewards busyness, rewardshustle, making money and being seen at the most important and hip places.

I believe that we were becoming out of balance and a stern pull back was all that would work. We would have found ways to get back busy, to get back out of balance if it was not.

So ask yourself:
1. What am I learning?
2. How am I spending my time?
3. What makes me uncomfortable to sit still and why?

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Flow means you're responding to the cues of Life

It’s not New Age chillaxin’. It’s not about being a bystander—it’s very responsive. Flow is alert relaxation. You're responding to cues from Life. And the more conscious you are, the more subtle those cues can be, you don’t need a wake up call to get the signal, you don’t need to get waaay off course. You trust. And you listen and the Flow takes you riiiight where you’re meant to be. Danielle La Porte

In this time that we are now in where world travel has been put on pause, where places such as theatre's cinemas, concert halls are closed, where it is recommended that going outside is limited to getting food and essentials. How do you feel when someone says go with the flow
It seems as if nothing is happening, so what flow should I be going with?

The flow  here is responding to the cues of life where you are at the moment
You are not able to go outside as much as before, or at all - Flow with it, Feel what you feel, listen to your …

Make the Necessary Adjustments

allow things to come as they may and make the necessary adjustments. cirino

With our new normal of social distancing and self isolating, adjustments are necessary.
What are some of the activities and actions have you been doing since things have shifted?
What are some of your recommendations?
What are some of your lessons?

So far, the top lessons for me have been:

1. Doing something all the time does not mean that you are being useful and not doing anything all the time does not mean that you are useless

2. If we do not rest and reboot, the Universe will find a way for us to do so and it may be in ways we do not like.

3. We still have free will to use how we see fit.

4. Gratitude is still the great multiplier

5. How we feel is valid

6. There is nothing to fear

7. Be mindful of what you feed your mind, body and soul. Now and when things have calmed down.


Have you read any of Akosua's work?

What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love
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