What is occupying your mind on a daily basis?

Self Care is taking your power back - Lalah Delia
What do you want to make happen? What is your it? What do you have to do to make it happen? What is occupying your mind on a daily basis?  What is the most important thing on your mind? Is it positive or destructive? These are some questions, if we answer honestly and authentically ought to have us thinking and acting.
So again I ask what are you willing to do to make it happen? Willingness is an expression of being ready, eager or prepared to do something. So are you willing?
Making it happen starts with a consciousness of willingness. Once you are prepared to just be willing, you can take action.  If anyone asks me what can I do to make it happen, I always say “Do something!” There is always, always always something you can do You can help your neighbour You can feed somebody You can talk to somebody Do something wherever you are
Each and everyone of us has a responsibility and that responsibility came with being given this gift called life, a respon…

Boundaries just make for a peaceful life

Someone hurting you should not be an excuse to hurt them back to make yourself feel better or superior, but instead learn to place a boundary that it’s not okay to do what was done to you, you are not anyone’s dumpster or feelings caretaker unless you agree to be and help with. Trey Wings

Boundaries are essential for a peaceful and self-directed life. There must be some sort of assessment of self which leads to knowing what is acceptable to you.
What makes you comfortable.
What makes you thrive.
What gives you that level of self respect.
Boundaries is not about shutting others out and putting up a wall or fence around you, it is about having the knowledge of self and the courage to let others know what is okay with you.
If we have little or no knowledge of self, if we have little or no self respect it will be very difficult to set boundaries. Challenges with that include excessive people pleasing, putting others first to the detriment of your health and well being. Saying no will be hard…

Is this an old habit I picked up?

Today’s a good day to ask yourself, why do I do the things I repeatedly do? Is this an old habit I picked up? Am I consciously choosing this? Is it because everyone else does it? Am I being a follower? Am I being intentional with my behaviours? Am I mind controlled?
Maryam Hasnaa

Asking yourself questions can be a guide to a conscious life.
So many of our actions are so much based on habit.
The saying goes that it takes 30 days to form a habit and a lifetime to break it, depending on their consciousness.

Ask yourself why honestly, and see what you come up with.

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You Make Your Own Luck

What you call “luck” is only possible if you’ve prepared for it—if you’ve put yourself in luck’s way. Yes, you have to get up and leave where you are now, a place of waiting and hoping, to meet it. Try to move a little closer today. Keep moving. Maggie Smith

When someone says "You have to make your own luck" I really take it seriously. Luck has to involve preparation, it has to involve being ready, it has to involve showing up. Luck just does not happen by chance. It is a meshing of factors that allows us to take full advantage of the situations and opportunities that are placed in front of us.

A big part of luck is our mindset of taking risks and believing in ourselves and what we want to do and achieve. If this is missing, opportunities will come and we may be either fearful of them or wait for that proverbial "sign"

So when someone tells me that I got lucky or I am lucky. I now say yes with a smile because I have been preparing, I have been putting in the work to…

Your Gifts Are Waiting For You

what is yours cannot be denied to you. universal house rules. Joel Leon

Your gift makes room for you.
Your purpose makes room for you.
They cannot be denied
What do you love doing, creating, getting involved in?
That is where you start
It may or may not make you a million bucks but trust me it will make you happy, it will bring you joy. That happiness and joy will transfer onto other areas of your life making you an all-round nice person to be around for yourself and others.
Fighting to have what some one else has, I have learnt is a complete waste of time. Your gifts are waiting for you, your blessings are waiting on you. It sits in trust until you are ready to do the work, to show up, to believe, to know that challenges will come, to rest when tired.

Are you ready?

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Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love
Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Her…

Life rewards the Doers and the Prioritizers too

Life rewards the doers, that much is true. But life also rewards those who prioritize what's actually worth doing. Bianca Bass

I have  banished to-do lists, it does not work for me.I would feel particularly stressed out about them  especially when there were no ticks next to the tasks set out on the page. 
I then started doing a Monthly Check in- this was a little different because I started off writing down how I wanted to feel - Joyful, Peaceful, Abundant, Courageous.
I started the check in on that note, but I found myself continuing to do lists.
No more lists! With the acceptance that there are things that I want to do in a particular time frame that I am unable to and that is alright!
It is not a testament of my worth, or my productivity. If the items on the list cannot be done today, there is a reason and probably a lesson.
Worth does not factor into the equation at all.
What I have learnt is, we may not be able to ever do everything we want to do all at the same time and that is OK…

It's an Inside Job

Never make anyone else responsible for your happiness. Iyanla Vanzant

Happiness is an inside job. I have read that, I have heard that but I have never really felt that until now. The responsibility for my happiness lies with me.
When I depended on external events and people for happiness, I was left wanting. If they did not do the thing that "would make me happy" I would be sad.

If my football team won I would be happy, if they lost I would be in such a foul mood.

If the weather was warm- happiness, if it was not- sourness!
So confusing to my system.
I was willing to make my happiness my own job, it took some practice but this is what I did:
1. I wrote down what make me happy that I could do for myself when sliding in the pool of sourness
2. I practised what was on the list - every day I did one thing that made me happy
3. I let go of the result, of wanting things my way when I have no control, things like the weather, the football game - nothing to do with me. The football took s…