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Transformation starts with a Decision

Transfiguration is all about becoming something new, on all levels. Day after day, you'll feel yourself changing. At times, with no one present to witness your growth, it just happens. Like a tree releasing a leaf, you simply let go of what no longer serves you. Lalah Delia
I look at my life now and sometimes it surprises me. The life that I led a few years ago seems so completely removed from where I stand now. It really is true that change is the only constant.
In hindsight, what I have learnt is that transformation is a decision. I decided that I wanted to live a peaceful life.
That was the start. I wanted to live in peace. to stop overthinking, over analyzing, looking for proof that I was doing the right thing, that I was making the best decisions. All of those thoughts felt like a war in my head.
Thedecision to live in peace led me to another decision, I wanted to live in love and service. How that was to happen I had zero clue! I decided and showed up with an open mind and a…


Focus on the Problem, Not the Distractions Jason Wilson
There are many distractions along the path, it takes determination to fool proof the distractions.
In arriving at our vision, even in just  our living, there are so many matters that can throw us off focus. There are so many detours and distractions on this journey to our best selves. 
They come in many forms. 
I  think about myself sitting down daily  to write. I find myself  instead of focusing on writing, on Facebook, Youtube, reading interesting articles. Time passes and I am beating on myself for wasting time when I was scheduled to be writing - Distractions
Distractions can occur with so many other activities - Take savings for example My saving goals are distracted by shopping, paying for holidays, impulse purchases and so on You get the picture? Focus can be a challenge.
I have learnt that consistent action and discipline takes me to a place of achieving the vision Many times I am distracted, with the lesson of being compassionate …

Who Are You Becoming?

So much of what we do is unconscious. Buddha Blunted
 throw back to the time I spent in Kapchorwa Eastern Uganda near Mt Eligon close to the Kenyan border. Did not even have a camera only the ole faithful Blackberry at that time. Learnt so much about myself here. I give thanks daily for the time spent with some of the wisest women I have ever met.
I remember writing in my journal everyday
What did I learn today?
This particular day I wrote that
On the way to accomplishment you have to become something.
At our meeting on Saturday she asked me “so who are you becoming since being here?” What?
Breathe that in for a moment before you respond!
Accomplishment & getting things are great, but when you fulfil what’s inside of you, your potential that right there is the paradise!
Your worth is not in what you try to be or in what you pretend to be.
Your great value is in who you are. Madam, who are you becoming? By now I thought I better answer or face the consequence.
Well I never considered who I wa…

What Is Your Money Story?

Abundance is more of a function of your self-worth than your net-worth- Juliana ParkWith "The Rona" having come into our lives in a way that caused so many of us to pause and be still, I could no longer run, hide or busy myself out of many of the issues facing me that had to be faced.  Confessions on the Journey, many of the fears that I hold came to the fore. A combination of the uncertainty of the time and exposure to the fact that life in this form is a gift limited by our last breath raised all sorts of questions in my head. Many of those questions looped back to having enough, being enough and what would happen if.... Many of those questions led back to money and my ability or might I say the lack of ability to earn an income before the pandemic was upon us. Because then international borders have been closed, many of the opportunities that I would normally have were no longer present, with gatherings and graduations off, this was another source of income which was also gon…

What Do You Do with the Old Programs in your Head?

Be humble and ready to fumble.” Erika Hines
The Universe is always providing us with information, opportunities, knowlwedge and guides. All day, every day, life will provide us with the signs and guidance needed to navigate through where we are to our highest self. When I remember this, it allows me to loosen the resistance to situations that I preceive as negative or nonesense.
The other lesson that I have been recalling is - show up with love and in love. This means, rather that be resentlful of the situation, find some love in yourself whilst in the moment. I have been practising this with simple activities this week such as traffic. Initially I would express my annoyance with what we call in Trinidad and Tobago a steups. A sound made from kissing our teeth. Then I would bemoan about the cars on the road and ask myself where are all these people going - as if I am not going somewhere as well!
Now, I am practising to ask- what would keep me peaceful? It is music, so I turn on the music …

I accept Life's Challeges to Grow

Today's lesson came from a reading "Faith in The Valley" The reading resonated with me as I read it as part of my daily spirtual practice that I wanted to share it  with you
Your life has always been a process of growing and outgrowing. You quickly outgrew your clothes as an infant. You outgrew your shoes before you wore them out. You took great pride when you grew beyond that mark on the tree, the door frame, or chart in school. You were happy when you grew through puberty into your adolescent body. However, for  some reason, today it is difficult to accept that you have outgrown a habit, career, relationship, or even hometown. You hold on, afraid to let go, trying to make it work, subjecting yourself to physical, emotional and spiritual pain. This is not a good thing!
If life is going to work in your behalf, you must give yourself permission to grow. It it no longer makes you happy; if you are searching unsuccessfully for way to make it work; if you know in your heart of hearts…

Simply Ask - What Am I To Learn From This?

I have said often to you that you cannot truly make a wrong turn, and no one has ever made a wrong turn in their journey. How could this be possible in the Field of Pure Love that is God? And only Love is Real. You have merely allowed yourself - as God - to formulate shapes of experience merely to experience it. Every tear that you have cried, every loss that you have felt is yet only God choosing to have the experience. And you have remained eternally free in each moment to choose again. And indeed, you will choose again without end. For there is not a "time" that God will cease to be. For if God could cease to be, then God is not God, for there would need to be a field of energy in which non-being could exist. The Way of Mastery
Two things resonated with me today:1. No one has even made a wrong turn on their Journey2. Your resistance comes from believing in the sense of separation - that you are separate and different to others.
The statements above resonated now  as it is  …

Allow Me

the most disorienting, uncomfortable feelings can still act as a bridge toward clarity and expansion. Serene

Allow me to accept on the days when my courage isn’t roaring that it is simply lying dormant waiting to rise again.
Allow me to accept that curiosity never killed any cat.
Allow me to accept that needing people is not the same as being needy.

Allow me to accept that letting go is easier said than done at times, but regardless of how I feel about it & the time it takes me to release, it’s already done.
Allow me to accept that the world attaches labels & I don’t have to print them off and wear them.
Allow me to accept that by not suppressing who I am I may upset & disappoint others, this is none of my business

Allow me to accept that weariness and tiredness isn’t a sign of weaknesses but needs attending to with love.

Allow me to accept and release my judgements of the world, especially when I’m on Social Media.Peace

Have you read any of Akosua's work?
What Did I Learn Today…

Evolution is a beautiful process

Evolution is a beautiful process that we, as human beings on this planet and in this universe, can't escape. We're continually growing every moment of our lives. There are many layers to evolution, whether it be individually, collectively, or planetary. Lalah Delia
Our lives reflect back to us how we have evolved.Our lives reflects our evolution through the activities that we no longer are passionate about being involved in and the ones that we are now wanting to get involved in. We see the evolution in the friends and family who become more of a part of our lives and those that fall off. Our actions continue to reflect our evolution even when we consciously or unconsciously deny it.There is no denying or escaping or running from change. Change simply cannot be denied, so if we know that why do we fight change, why do we fight to control the way things change.Evolution is a beautiful process according to Lalah Delia. If we are to pay attention to what happens in the change, the…

All choices have consequences

Each of us is responsible for our choices and actions, and the consequences that flow from them. Whatever you think, choose, create or do, you have the capacity to nurture and bless, or fragment, harm and burden your world and the beings with whom you share this planet. Hiro Boga
Each choice Each thought Each purchase Each business you develop Each song you create Each relationship that you choose to remain in Each relationship that you choose to let go of
All of it, if you do it, its your responsibility and you alone have to deal with the consequences I love that because it puts me squarely in my life and shows me how powerful a creator I am. And that I can make another choice.

What is an Aware Teacher?

An unaware teacher teaches you to think like them. An aware teacher teaches you to think like yourself. Minna Salami
Think about your teachers, your best teachers. What stands out for you when you think about them?
I remember the teacher who had the biggest impact on me, she challenged me in so many ways and despite the discomfort I wanted to remain in her prescence to learn, to be seen, to be challenged. There was never a question that I had to follow or be like her, just for me to be my best self. Be your best self, do your best. Fulfil the potential you know that you have. Show up. And most importantly - Be better than me, do better than me. That blew me away.
I took her formula. I teach to make others better than me Because that is how we learn. that is how we grow when we create other thinkers
Have you read any of Akosua's work?
What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love

Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here? Daily Lessons on the Journey - A Journal Follow Ak…

Start with Yourself First

Start with yourself first, not with the market or what you think you should do.Start with what brings you alive, what gets you up and excited. Build a business around that.Amplify that energy into your conversations, your online presence and your marketing. Your offer will resonate only with some people — the right people. And there are plenty of those. Alicia RodriguezThis morning, I was having a conversation with someone I consider a very dear friend. The conversation centered around the marketing of a service that I want to offer in the near future (stay tuned because I would love for you to join me on this journey.) She asked me ,who was the target and what is the intention. All valid questions to which I responded very logically. I responded with what I learnt in business school, with the popular jargon. When it left my mouth and hit my ears I felt nothing. No connection, no fire, no excitement, no fuel. Which was strange because preparing the service I felt all of those emotions…

The Bounce Back

the bounce back after allowing yourself to be sad is top tier. Foxy Fractals
Have you ever stifled your feeling of sadness? Have you ever convinced yourself that you have no time to be sad? You have no time to feel any of your feelings? You just continue to live and work, and show up because you believe that you absolutely need to. Sometimes you say to yourself, I will deal with the situation later.
Have you ever noticed what happens when you stifled these uncomfortable feelings? Pay attention to what happens not only in your life, but in your body.
I have seen that the sadness sometimes turn into anger The doubt turns into lack of self confidence The fear turns into cynicism Then my body gets involved with backaches, flu and injury or someother bodily discomfort When I drop into the feelings, get curious about them, invite them in we are able to stop reacting, to get the guides to make decisions which are in our best interests. We simply heal. And who wants to be wounded?

Have you read any…

Courage requires showing up real

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”― Maya Angelou
The biggest lessons I learnt about courage came from the worst mistakes & messes I made.
(And, upon realizing the mess, deciding to learn from that). Losing friends.
Sleeping with the wrong guy(s). Ahem.
Expending effort trying to get the wrong people to like me.
Wasting time on better looking, more impressive titles, thinking that it would give me something, somehow.
Questioning every obvious sign the Universe threw me.
Doubting the support & love of people who truly cared.
Taking out my anger at people who didn’t deserve it.
Complete & utter lack of boundaries.
Alienation & isolation.
Holding back.
Not being myself.
Not telling the truth-truth-truth.

You have to develop Courage; Like a habit. It’s a practice that you create & cultivate over time.
Courage is keeping your word, first to yourself