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It's what you think you need that stops you...

It's not what you don't's what you THINK you need that keeps you from living your greatest life.  On Sunday I had an opportunity to go to the National Amateur Boxing Championships. My coach wanted me to see "the competition" ( truth be told, I have been resisting getting in the ring competitively for the last two months)  What struck me is this, it seems that the Universe is always giving me an opportunity to learn something or share something! I came to that conclusion because at the bout there were young ladies from two orphanages and the youth prison there. I was sitting minding my own business when the man behind the TV camera struck up a conversation with me. How did you start boxing, which gym do you train? We started talking he started getting more and more excited then he said " You have to speak to the girls from the YTC (this is the juvenile detention  center) You have to speak to the girls from St. Jude's ( this is a home for aban

No dread no...

( it's you) - you I'm talking to now. Why do you look so sad and forsaken? When one door is closed, don't you know other is open? Would you make the system get on top of your head again? No,dread no! ( Coming in from the Cold- Bob Marley) What Did I Learn Today? A delay is not a denial. This is what I now know for sure! Last year we were trying to get into a particular book shop in New York City to do a reading, we tried on more than one occasion and the response was all occasions a resounding no! Needless to say I was disappointed but I did shake it off knowing that there would be other opportunities to read at other bookstores. I moved on, come 2015 I receive an email from the same bookstore inviting me to come! Well blow me down with a feather! This whole delay is not a denial is true in this instance! I began to think about the power of letting go and having faith in knowing that what is for you is really for you in time, on time, all the time! Peace!!

A call for love and healing

  Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes . ACIM I have been reading A Course in Miracles for a few years (yes a few years, its a biggggggg boook!!) and many times I go back to the part which says " S ome of the ideas the workbook presents you will find hard to believe, and others may seem to be quite startling. This does not matter. You are merely asked to apply the ideas as you are directed to do. You are not asked to judge them at all. You are asked only to use them. It is their use that will give them meaning to you, and will show you that they are true"   I went to a meeting last night and there were some politicians there talking and talking and talking! As I sat there I started to become cynical then it hit me, remember what you read this morning in ACIM.   Which basically says, people who act in ways which are unloving including lying, cheating, you name it, are really in a place where th

Just respond with love

generally most of the people are just complaining because there’s a certain section of people that the only way they know how to get their needs met or how to get love is through complaining. If that’s the case, we just respond with love and say thank you very much. Mastin Kipp We respond with love and it feels so much better! And you can love from a far as well! People who constantly complain and those that are vicious for no reason, I have now learnt is really a call for love, a cry for love. A Course in Miracles says, they are the ones that need love more than anyone else, they may have never seen, experienced, know or care to know about love and being loving! We are born with love, then we learn fear! I have a jar where I put 25 cents when I moan and complain about things I know and I know and I know that I can do something about, when I know it is me shirking responsibility, where I know I am living in fear! I see the jar everyday and I know when it is filling up that I

Tend to the seeds

When I put peace first, I just know what to do . A Course in Miracles I haven't seen my granma in a while, she has been out of the country. I decided to pay her a visit as she returned on Monday night, I had a meeting close to her house, I called her to ask if she would be at home so I can come over the day before. On the morning she called me and said "Walk with containers I cooked for you for a month" I laughed thinking she was exaggerating! (I forgot the containers as well!!) When I got there I swore the kitchen was that of a restaurant, there was food everywhere! The woman literally cooked food for me to last a month! So we sat at our usual spot in the kitchen around the now overfull kitchen table to have our usual conversations which starts off with politics and inside there she would say "But child, how are you really doing?"  She told me, I heard all of your radio interviews online, you did good child! You are planting the seeds and don't dig

Mind over Matter

We are transformed by the renewing of our minds! Romans 12.2 H ere are some of the most common mistaken beliefs that trip us up: 1. We think way too hard about stuff. 2.  We tend to make things way more complicated than they need to be. 3. We have trouble battling the gremlins in our head that tell us “it doesn’t matter” or “I’ll do it later.” 4. Or, sometimes the voices in our heads tell us that we can’t do this, that we don’t have any self-confidence, or that someone else is doing it better. The bottom line is that our mind tells us that we’re not good enough. 5. Sometimes the voice is really really mean and goes so far as to invoke shame – “Who do you think you are,” for wanting x or y or z? 6. We question our decisions and doubt ourselves. 7. We worry about the stuff that’s either in the future or in the past, forgetting that life happens in this moment. Nope, I mean THIS moment. And then, THIS one. 8. We worry  because we think we have to stay excited abou


Accepting this space I’m in, Growing outta the phase where I just wanna win.  Growth. I released my grief it was a heavy load, Survived the sleep and now I’m letting go, Waking up and living up to what I had proposed.  A Woman now. I love the girl I used to be, Ever step she took was reaching out to me, Every breath is blessed responsibility .  Page 185 What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love  I love simplicity, so much so that I have to remind myself that I have to ask questions and keep a balance!  So many things are simple yet we complicate the shit out of it! Today, I'm keeping it simple! Simply to say, thank you to you for reading my blog and to say go out today and do something that feels good simply to make you happy, to make you smile and to feel joy. And guess what happens? it is infectious, other people catch it!  As Issac Newton said, and I agree " nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy"  Pea

I value...

A nd you'll see the sunshine For real, yes you would And you'll get to free your mind  And things will turn out fine Oh, I know that things will turn out fine Yes they would, yes they would - Mary J Blige, (My Life) Note to self -  i value: solitude. learning. honesty. trust. intimacy. sincerity. simplicity. memories. diversity. creativity. balance. vibes. peace.

Get it off your chest!

What you do not say can harm you. What you do not say can drain your energy. What you do not say can steal your power. What you do not say can and does give rise to toxicity in the consciousness that causes you harm, drains your energy and robs you of your sense of and connection to your Personal Power. Words are attached to feelings. Feelings are attached to thoughts. Thoughts create and or disrupt the creative flow of power and energy in your life. If you are ready and truly serious about standing your power, there are some things that you simply must say to yourself and possibly, a few other people . Inner Visions Worldwide Power Series Not saying something to keep the peace, because you don't want to offend, are afraid of confrontation or afraid of rejection can really come back to bite you in the butt, literally. Studies have shown that people who keep it all in are prone to suffer from heart attacks and throat cancer. Yea, it's that serious! Now I am not advocating th

Stand in your truth!

Everything you say and do shows the world who you are, let it be the truth! Oprah Winfrey Many of my poor choices have come from giving my power away to someone else! In an effort to people please and to avoid confrontation - believing that people would not like me or that I had less to offer than they did or that the love they had to offer was more important than the love I had to offer myself. I remember when I was in a relationship based on lies and deceit and I was on my knees literally begging the person to stay and  I remember him standing at the doorway saying " The problem you have is that you think you are too smart and special, there is no one in the world who wants a smart ass" he jumped in his car and rode out! As I walked back inside, I thought to myself I am becoming someone that I vowed never ever to become, I sat on the floor in the corridor and it became clear to me through the fog of an ugly cry, he  was wrong, I did not think I was smart and speci

When the "noise" gets turned up....

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher. If your washing machine won’t work, you are being checked out on your ability to peacefully accept the unacceptable. If you are addicted to your appliances always working, you will suffer. If you prefer them to operate well, you will not compound your problem by superimposing your uncomfortable emotions on the here and now realities of repairing them . Ken Jeyes Jr. Ever so often I go back and read Ken Keyes' work to remind myself of a few things, one, everyone and everything around me is my teacher and two that  we can  become so emotionally programmed that we feel that we must have power to control and manipulate people in order to be happy, and going down that road is a slippery slope! Our lives speak to us daily and it is when we are not fully present, not paying attention is when the noise gets turned up! Think about it, many many times we get signs and we completely ignore it, so what happens, life then does something

Are you addicted to external validation?

R ecognize your role in creating the reality of your life.....your life reflects back to you the state of being you are in right are responsible for your life, it's not happening willy nilly... Oprah Winfrey Brutally honest, some of us are addicted to external validation, being right about everything, to having things our own way so that we can feel safe. To say whatever you want to whomever you want without any regard for the necessity or appropriateness of our speaking! To be seen and heard at the same time! Addicted to being unacceptable and guilty and you don’t even know it! It is easy to point out in others the things we deny, dismiss, avoid, excuse , resist acknowledging that we actually believe are true about us Ask –What do I need? What’s in my way? What needs to go? Then go do it! No excuses, no procrastination! Peace!

Confessions on the Journey – I like you!

Write it into the emotion, not away from it, write it into the wound, not away from it, write into the joy not away from it. Write into it! Nayyrah Waheed (my new absolutely favourite writer) Confessions on the Journey – I like you! I like your positive outlook on life I like how you think that family is important I like how you take care of your body temple I like how you make fun a priority I like how you laugh I like how you don’t judge I like how you like football I like you All these likes crept up to me and whispered in my ear, you must reveal these likes, say it, say it the “likeeee”; it must come out of your mouth from your heart and hit the air. Why do you want to keep it to yourself? I responded, are you crazy? That is not going to happen It whispered, pull out the lessons you have learnt and walk your talk! I said  OK , here is my compromise I will pull out the lessons, I dipped into the lessons and pulled out the following   ·        T

Can you relax into productivity?

You only have now! You do not have yesterday. You do not have tomorrow. The power of who you are is present right where you are right now! How do you choose to use who you are  And  What you have? Iyanla   Can you relax into productivity?  Can you surrender into getting the job done?  Can an open bliss state be the conduit for what you want to make happen?  Been finding out over the last few days and so far the answer is a big fat yes!   Someone told me once that rest is productive and I keep that in mind and now I never feel guilty for resting, I think about the power of silence, how so many amazing things happen in silence?  The sun comes up, do you hear it? The moon comes up, do you hear it? The baby in a womb? heard that? I make it a point daily to sit in some type of silence, confessions on the journey though, sometimes my balance of silence is skewed and I have to remind myself that there is a big ole world out there with people and family and friends and activ

Nyabo (Madam) arrives....

  Desire...Let go. Expect... Trust Last night at 8 PM, "Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here?" dropped ... Boom!! As I got the news I was about to go to bed because I was leaving at 4am for my trip. I sat on the bed and thought woweee, this feels pretty darn awesome. I want to really say thank you to everyone who assisted me in any way, big, small, minute, macro any way! Thank you very much! The journey continues!!! Peace

We grow or we stagnate!

We grow, or we stagnate.  We form good habits, disciplines, or destructive ones.  Or sometimes  both.  We learn from our mistakes, or we keep repeating them until we’re in enough pain to make changes. Dani Shapiro author W hat Did I Learn Today? Thank you Gail Hilgendoff You are not as important as you think you are at work. While people need you, rely on you and think you do great work, if you were not at work, someone else would be doing your job. Apple is still a very successful company without Steve Jobs. Every four to eight years we still get a new president. Life will always go on, even without us. Other people are just as smart, if not smarter, than you. You do not need to solve every problem, create every new product or have the best idea in the meeting. In fact, the more you allow others to share their knowledge and ideas, the more others can contribute to getting the work done. More minds -- better product. Your

Radio Interview Number 2 Today at 10am EST

I am a huge fan of the Universe, I know for sure that it always has my back even when it appears to me that shit is about to hit the fan or things are not going my way. I remind myself how much the Universe is always right in time and on time. So having said that, there I was arbitrarily today minding my own business dropping off a book that someone requested after the show yesterday. She said to me, do you want to go on another radio show tomorrow, do you have time, let's go and chat with them now if you do! Hell yea! Let's do this! So we go and meet the host of a show called Matters of the Heart and she is telling me, listen the lady I booked for tomorrow cannot make it, you must have been listening to my conversations and reading my emails! I laughed, and just said a silent thank you! So just like that I am on another show tomorrow at 10am EST for on hour.103.5 Radio For Women, who knew??? Doors of opportunity gratefully fly open and right now I am dripping with gratitu

Let us not grow weary while doing good

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.  Therefore if  we have the opportunity let us do good to all especially those who are of the household of faith   Galatians 5.9 There are some people who have serious challenges in doing good and even so much so that they call others who are doing good names such as pushovers, walkovers, sissies and so on! I am talking here about genuine efforts, the selfless ones, the ones who know their worth so it's not a "free for all" as we call it where I am from in Trinidad meaning a case where people can get away with anything! Doing good is more about the person doing the good than the receiver. To me, it seems more of a way of life to them. Once one is comfortable in their skin, knows that we are really all connected and have a strong sense of self, doing good becomes really natural. And what exactly what do I mean by "doing good"? Default to kindness, defau

Radio Interview today at 11am est

. Being prepared is an act of love. And intelligence. Danielle La Porte International Women's Day was celebrated last Sunday. I am very privileged to be born in a country where strides women have made has been incredible, paving the path for me and many of us to do basically anything that we want to as women. I now don't take these luxuries or benefits lightly, travelling the world has opened my eyes to the incredible challenges and sacrifices women still face. I think about my people, my tribe of women in making decisions because for me I made a commitment to myself to not just honor those that came before me but also to leave this earth a better place than when I met it. With this in mind I accepted an invitation to talk at an International Women's Day event. The women were all elders, imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw some elders that I knew from either TV or hearing about them from my grandmother. I sat with them for about an hour soaking up their sto

Why do you not have what you desire?

A consequence is the result, outcome, effect, ramification and the aftermath of everything you think, feel, say and do. Some consequences are immediate. Others take a while to manifest at the physical level. In either case, you will pay a consequence for every thought and emotional experience or expression you dwell. There will also be a consequence when you do not honor your commitments or remain in alignment with your intentions. (taken from Pump of the Power Level 3) What do you really want? Can you answer that in 25 words or less? Not a whole long story, a declaration of what you really desire. Can you be clear and short and precise? If you do not have what you desire, why not? Why do you not have what you desire? Not the stories and excuses, the real reason, the brutal honest truth. I am using the word desire rather than want as the word want denotes lack and limitation. So why not? If you do not know what you want then how can you get it? If you have not taken the t

Joy requires abandon

You will touch joy and suddenly realize that you have never felt joy because it requires abandon. It grows from gratitude and cannot exist where there is mad cynicism or distrust. You will touch this joy and you will suddenly know it is what you were looking for your whole life, but you were afraid to even acknowledge the absence because the hunger for it was so encompassing. —Eve Ensler,  In the Body of the World I am not a problem to fix. And I’m certainly not defective. I am bloody glorious. My darkness always circles back to the light. There is order to my chaos. My heart is broken on a daily basis and for that I am on-my-knees grateful. I am the entitled Ruler of My Own Life, a tender devotee of desire, ancient and newborn, a Medicine Woman Priestess Powerhouse, a Soldier of Love, an Artist of Magnitude. I am important—just because. In a perfect symbiosis of reciprocity, the world needs exactly what I’ve got to give—which is tremendous. My hunger is fierce, divine, and uni

Crack your heart wide open

To live your truth crack your heart open. Dawn Barclay The heart is a muscle! What happens to muscles when you build them? They get stronger right? What happens when you don't use muscles? They seize up, shrink and become almost useless, flabby, however you want to call it! When last did you let your heart decide? Listen, I am no expert on this. I am still learning as well but by now I ought not to be surprised when the lessons show up right on time! I love talking to the elders, what is better than experience? Yesterday I spent the morning with quite a few of them, which was super duper awesome and filled with humbling, awe inspiring and eye opening moments. So anyways, we are chatting about life and their experiences and one of the ladies looked me directly in the eye " Why don't you just let your heart break? I promise, it will heal"  Huh? I never mentioned heart, the talk was about traveling and life purpose. Well, I guess I better pay attention. &q

Are you doing it?

When I have a difficult decision to make, I imagine myself as a 90-year-old guy looking back on his life. I imagine what I'll think about myself at that point in time, and it always makes it really easy to go for it. You're only going to regret that you wimped out.” - Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro I live in awe of God's grace and how the Universe works! I know for sure that I live by God's grace every single day. And I am provided with evidence of this every single time. Okay, so one of my dreams was to speak at an International Women's Day Event and I never even told anyone that (Guess I didn't need to because once you tell the Universe that is a big step!) So imagine my reaction when I get a phone call to speak at one this week?! OMG OMG are you serious? Of course, sure sure what time? I will be there! Like a kid in the candy store let loose! Whatever your dream is, work it, believe it and get ready! Because it might be today. I must admit after I hung up

We make unhealthy compromises because....

Be daring, be different, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers... " — Cecil Beaton, photographer There are two kinds of compromise:  the kind that heals you by expanding you -- it's the healthy kind that stems from real love and grace.  And because it usually brings some delight with it, then doesn't feel much like a compromise after all. And then there's the kind of compromise that bruises your soul --  the not-so-healthy kind that is driven by varying degrees of desperation and fear .   We make unhealthy compromises for three reasons: 1. Fear that we won't get what we really want. 2. Fear that we won't get what we really want. 3. Fear that we won't get what we really want. Fear that we don't get what we really want keeps us stuck! I wake up every day and give thanks in advance for slaying the fear, for feeling the fear and doing it anyway! And I give thanks in advance beca

What are you attached to?

Do not argue with life, or with anyone in life. Life presents itself perfectly in every moment, and every person believes his or her point of view to be valid and 'right.'  Arguing with any of this is pointless, and a terrific waste of energy. Simply create what you choose next. NDW My friend was using an Ipad, and tapping it with a lighter, I said "Aren't you afraid of breaking that?" Well, the scream I got! nearly popped my ears " Madam, don't get attached to anything is here telling me about breaking a THING?, this is fresh" My friend then reminded me of how I always say, it's just things, don't get sucked in to them" I sat there with a stupid grin on my face and said nothing for about fifteen seconds, then we went into a nice discussion on attachments and things. It's always great to be reminded. An attachment is something we have a strong emotional connection to that has nothing to do with our survival or even ou

Intuition is morse code delivered to the soul

Intuition is morse code privately delivered to the soul. Some messages are delivered simply for the receiver to know.  Intuition is big! I have learnt that following it, listening to it, honoring it and giving thanks that I am blessed with it is a very very good idea! Okay so on Friday for example, I had an event to speak at. I just was not in the mood, you know how those days go! I was to be honest in a bit of a funk, I wanted to stay in my bed curl up with my pillow and just be! My gut said to me, child please, get your bum off this bed it is gonna be worth it! And I did, and this was the best thing I did for the year! It was fun, enlightening, beautiful and made me smile all day! So I decided to pay attention to my gut all weekend and true to form the messages were all clear and correct! Thank you for the Universe whispers! Listen to your intuition, listen to your gut feeling, it is always right on time, it rarely ever make sense and it is often never a good idea to question