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Growth is a Process

Give yourself grace as you journey toward who you are becoming. Growth is a process and the road usually includes some valleys. Dr Thema
Growth is a process Every aspect of growth is a process.
You name it, the growth process takes time and involves uncertainty, risk and failure.
A baby - nine months in the womb, fraught with uncertainty, is a process.
Cocoa - months of planting, pruning, and waiting, is a process.
Getting a degree - months or years of study. This is a process.
Growth and development of self as well is a process. A process, not an event. A process is a series of actions and events leading up to a specific goal or target.
As part of the process there will be decisions, risks, set backs, uncertainty because of that we must have faith, trust in self, lack of judgement and self belief.
Many times we fall into the trap of believing that a process is an event and so we put these limitations on ourselves, sometimes we put expectations on ourselves which are filled with judgement a…

Featured Author for May for the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago - Interview

Greetings all,We continue to pay tribute to 𝐌𝐬. 𝐀𝐤𝐨𝐬𝐮𝐚 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐄𝐝𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬, our featured author for this month. Given this, our very own, 𝐉𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐀𝐧𝐧 𝐁𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐝 (𝐋𝐢𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐀𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐈𝐈), conducted a motivating interview exploring the life story of Ms. Edwards.Throughout the interview Ms. Bernard engaged Ms. Akosua, who shared intimate lessons she learnt on her journey to self-discovery and unconditional self-love. Akosua’s message fervently reminds us that we are never alone in our journey of finding ourselves. Her inspiring story undoubtedly teaches us that we cannot define ourselves by what we do for a living, or by what we own.Listen to her enlightening perspectives, where she reflects on life, failures, self-love and being spiritually liberated. Similarly, she leaves words of encouragement with us; that is, despite current circumstances, there is a significant opportunity to work on oneself, as there is always something to learn during …

What Is Your Intention?

Setting an intention is activating a part of your receptivity. If you were to go out in the day, and not have set any intention or created any type of prayer or manifestation of how you want the day to go, then you're getting on a bike with no direction
What is your intention?
One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt during this time is that whatever your intent is when doing something/anything - whether consciously or subconciously- will show up in the results.
The results will always reflect your intent.
When our intentions are clear and known, our movements reflect such. When are intentions are not clear, this will also be reflected When our intentions are impure, same result- shows up in the result.
The questions I ask myself now are: What is my intention? What is the driver behind my intention?

I have also learnt that my intentions can be broad and with that, I must be flexible on how it plays out. So if my intention is to "be and do my best" - that can be reflected in so…

Know Your Trigger Point

Remember that just because someone is good at debating, getting their point across, sounding confident and ‘winning’ arguments doesn’t actually mean what they are saying is truthful or even relevant.Maryaam Hasnaa

I live on a compound with 2 parks, a big one and a small one. Since our stay at home orders due to the Corona, I have been grateful that there is a space that I can use to walk, to exercise, the get mangoes (there are laden mango trees in the parks) and to get some fresh air.
I started using the park to exercise at least 2 mornings a week. Things were going swimmingly,I would wake up, walk to the park and sometimes would call out one of my good neighbour to accompany me. The both of us would sometimes play a little music to raise the vibes whilst exercising. Healthy fun all round.

Yesterday, as I walked to the park, I noticed a few ladies on the street watching and pointing at me very animated, hands on hips. After a few minutes I saw one of them walking into the park with inte…

The Truth is Beneficial to You

The truth is utterly beneficial to you, but at first it can be quite shocking and disappointing to your other plans and goals. This you must risk if you wish to have the certainty and the empowerment that the truth will bring to you. The truth always brings resolution of conflict, always provides an experience of self, always gives you a sense of current reality and always provides direction for you to move forward. Steps to Knowledge

We cannot un-see what we have seen.
We cannot un-know what we have become to know.
What we can do is make a choice or decision on what to do with the knowledge.
What scared me about accepting the truth was the thought that I had to make a decision and a quick one as well. Many times after seeing, knowing and accepting truth, my life changed drastically. It got easier but, trust me in the early stage it was a bit of a torture.
When I denied the truth, I found all manner of reasons and justifications for staying in denial. And there were people who were willing…

Things Change...And that's Okay

it was for me at some point, but it isn’t for me anymore, and that’s okay. Billy Chapata

Life is flexible, ever changing, always moving.
This unnerves us because change and discomfort moves us out of our comfort zone. It brings uncertainty.
Who wants to change and shift into the unknown when there is no definite result, when it brings a level of pain.
Who wants to shift when time and money and everything related has been invested in where we are?
Getting attached to someone, something, some event brings pain and discomfort because every single thing is temporary. Our challenge is to remain in the moment and learn the lessons, get the joy, and let it go.
We hold on, we want it to be how it used to be, we want to go back and change, fix, ammend.
We have to honour the time we had and give thanks, it helps in the transisiton
Some things are "taken" from us when we are ready to move on to something else and our lessons are done.
Some things we must leave where they are and no amount of …

We all have stories we tell ourselves

We all have stories we tell ourselves. We tell ourselves we are too fat, or too ugly, or too old, or too foolish. We tell ourselves these stories because they allow us to excuse our actions, and they allow us to pass off the responsibility for things we have done - maybe to something within our control, but anything other than the decisions we have made...And it is past time, I think, for you to stop telling that particular story, and tell the story of yourself. " Elanor Browne
One of my friends said yesterday that we are the stories that we tell ourselves. When she said it, I got really quiet. It resonated with me in a very pure way. What stories have I been telling myself. subconsciously and consciously  that prevent me from either taking risks, avoiding growth or are keeping me stuck?
We become the stories that we believe. These are the stories that I am now eliminating from my world in order to change my beliefs
1. Money is in short supply and not easy to come by - a story to ke…

Sit Awhile and Think

Never Be Afraid to Sit Awhile and Think - Lorraine Hasberry

My laptop refused to come on this morning. I realised there and then that my laptop is my best friend and companion in the Corona. How strange is that?
I literally started sweating knowing that I would not be spending time with my new best friend.
Beads of sweat were running down my face, I felt hot and sticky when I thought about not having the ability to use the laptop.
I called the supplier to see if it can be repaired, they were closed but recommended to visit a technician tomorrow in another town I also did not leave my house for weeks except to run. I was willing to come right away, I asked the gentleman if I can come today
He politely told me that they were closed and he was doing his best to support, tomorrow was the earliest time that I would be seen.
I sat there in my sweat and thought, pull out some lessons now my friend.

Maybe, just maybe today is a rest day from the laptop
even though I had a zoom meeting.... I d…

What Are You Choosing?

learning about the work and doing the work are two different things.
As the stay at home stipulations ease, more and more of us are re-entering the world. That sounds like a line out of a movie, like we were out of space or on the moon or something to that effect. - Re-enering the world! Such has been the situation globally for the past few weeks.The global community have been asked to stay at home whilst the health care officials get a handle on the Corona virus.  Since the stay at home orders have been in place, I have been , at home! It has been a while since I have interacted with anyone in a face to face work environment or for anything other than to get food. I did not one time enter the supermarket as well opting for delivery. I attempted to go to the bank on Friday and I could feel the trepedation when I saw people around me with no masks. So I had to decide.  What's it going to be? How will I choose to show up in the world now? If I am alone all the time, how will I know …

Divine Guidance

Trying to rationalize your intuition will create unhealthy attachments To interpretations you created Don’t press for logical explanations to validate your spiritual awakening That’s what all the healing is for So you can completely without question Trust yourself again - Soul Shifter

Me developing the courage to step out on the little bit that I understood even when I did not understand or see it.
Learning that discernment is not in the knowing, the full map or how to get from here to there, the discerning was stopping long enough to respond to the inner guidance that was rerouting me.
This discernment, this knowing is so deep within, we have to be willing to adjust
Don’t fight it
Don’t deny it
Don’t judge it
Just listen to it & get curious
But a lot of times you don’t want to hear it
But stay awake and trust that there is thing called Divine Guidance that always knows.

Have you read any of Akosua's work?
What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love


change consciously and to welcome change

Nature invites us to change consciously and to welcome change.Nature teaches us that change is necessary - Malidoma Some

Don't we beat up on ourselves when we have to change something in our lives?
 As soon as there is any indication of change rationales, excuses, justifications, resistance to stay where we are pop up in so many different ways, some may even be harmful. Even when where we are is uncomfortable or unhealthy. We fight to stay there. Is is because we  believe that are have control of what we have in front of us?
Is it because we don't know the outcome of the new thing? Whatever it is, change usually comes with some level of resistance?

I have learnt that when I am even willing to be see things another way the transisiton becomes easier. I don't even have to do anything but decide on a willingness of being open to something new
I have learnt that the control that we believe we have where we are is an illusion - there are habits which we have made. Its tough to start…

The world is going to start over again

The world is going to start over again and we have the opportunity to make it a more humane place. We need a more balanced, humane system. We need a more honorable government. We need people to come first. We don’t get to that place without a crushing transformation.We need to know how to awaken that power in ourselves. Carolyn Myss

Today our Prime Minister outlined the measures to reopen the economy on a phased basis. I felt anxious as he outlined the measures to go back out into the world. A type of sadness came over me and I had to ask myself why. There are so many people who must depend on a daily wage and so  I know that this is a positive move for their sake. I realised that I was happy for that part of it but what made me anxious are the decisions I know I must now make as we reopen. I simply cannot go back to do some of the things and actions that I grew used to. I must honour this growth. I must honour this time where I have been learning about myself, learning about how to e…

Worry is a Parasite

Worry is Fear Laced with Control - Iyanla Vanzant 

What do you worry most about?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?
Before this experience of being at home for over 5 weeks, I never asked myself this very simple uestion
Confessions on the journey I never consciously believed that I was a worrier. I internalised the situations by either denying, ignoring or dismissing it hoping that it would go away.
Having asked myself the question, it was pretty eye opening and humbling.
One has to be ready to accept and embrace so many parts of themselves when conducting honest self enquiry.

Worry promotes making up stories in our heads that are usually false and negative, it sucks the life out of us and makes us ill and wrecks the nervous system.
When we worry we tend to want to be in control, we want things to line up as we envision and only that, we act from a space of fear not of love and believe me when I say worry does not change anything.

So here is me right here releasing the worry:

Now, I re…

Get Ready For the Harvest

I find it immensely helpful to relate to this as a time of autumn unfolding. Things are dying and falling away, wind and leaves and mulch are kicked up. For many it’s a time of incredible stillness, a winter where time washes one day into the next, a deep pause. Others are busier than ever, each day new seedlings are being planted, new technologies and ways of working, schooling, and relating are budding. Is it chaos or possibility?  Chela Davidson

There is no formula to follow to navigate this season. Whatever feels best for me and brings me peace is what I do. 
Did I feel pressured to do and keep doing? To remain relevant in a time where we are at home? I did for a while. I wanted to make choices from a place of love, from connection, from divine guidance. I thought about it and like Chela says, nature is the teacher. It never rains everyday, nor does the sun shine all the time. There is a season for everything. Sometimes we prune the trees and they shoot up even more, there are more…


Clarity - A sense of peace, a well being in the midst of chaos and confusion. The ability to discern the truth within one's own being Ernest Holmes 

Clarity has been a word that I have had some challenges with in the past.
So many of my teachers, mentors, healers have stressed to me the importance of being clear, of having a level of clarity that is unshakeable.
Many times I had very little idea what they meant and felt  funny to keep asking. I believed that clarity meant being without doubt and fear, and trust me, there was always a level of both lurking around in the recesses of my mind. I wondered, how do I remove these feelings and "get clear"?

What I have learnt now is Clarity is a mindset. It is a choice I make that within whatever is going on I know who I am, I find a peace inside of me to stand on and to stand in.
I have learnt that clarity is making the choice after guidance from my intuition to separate the truth from the illusion and act on that. Standing Firm

Letting Go is not erasing a memory or ignoring the past

Letting Go is not erasing a memory or ignoring the past. Letting go is no longer reacting to things that used to make you feel tense. It is releasing the energy attached to certain thoughts. Young Pueblo

"Let it go" has been a mantra of mine. 
I say it especially when the thoughts are doing sommersaults in my mind, rehashing a situation and adding in unplayed scenarios simply forgeting that the situation has passed and there is no going back.
I say let it go meaning to move on, just leave it, whatever it is, and move on.
Young Pueblo's interpretation of Letting Go resonated with me this morning as I was having a "flashback" of a situation that had me up in my feels. 
What if I stop reacting to something that has already happened in the past that I cannot go back and change?
What if I feel the feelings and recognise that the situation can be used in the future as a lesson?
What if I release that energy in a different way?
What if I accept what is?
What if doing all of th…

Listen to Your Body

on some days, you will feel more fragile than you do on others. allow yourself to break. allow yourself to sink. allow yourself to retreat. you are allowed days like these; days to feel, days to recluse, days to process. tomorrow will taste much sweeter. Billy Chapata

Yesterday I was ready to stay in bed all day. I willed myself to wake up to move my body and exercise. I felt a small surge of energy after that movement. That feeling lasted until I took a shower . I just wanted to go back under my covers and stay there all day.
Now, this is a new feeling for me.
Not wanting to do anything. Just to be in my bed doing absolutely nothing.
I really started fighting the feeling and was losing the fight. I surrendered and went back under the covers and spent the day there. I asked myself why the guilt? Why do you feel bad about spending the day listening to what your body asked of you?
And the answer was because I was taught that being in bed all day one must either be ill or lazy. I was neither…