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Thank You

 2021 is approaching. I want to say thank you to the Universe Thank you for the lessons Thank you for the blessings Thank you for the challenges Thank you for the opportunities Thank you for the reminders - some gentle, some not so gentle Thank you for being shown what priorities are  Thank you for being open and willing Thank you for acceptance  Thank you for the guidance Thank you in advance for what is to come To all of you, blessings for 2021 and onward. I wish you and your family joy, love, abundance and peace Peace From now until January 7th From Confusion to Clarity - A Workbook Link it here From Confusion to Clarity

Energy Never Lies

  I hope you know the difference between when what you’re feeling about someone is judgment or discernment? Maryham Hasnaa The word discernment has been popping up in my life over the past few weeks. Confessions on the Journey, I have been asking myself ,am I using discernment or am I judging?  Discernment is the ability to listen to the guidance within, it is picking up of energy that is off minus the judgement. Discernment comes from a place of peace - there is no anxiety in the mind questioning what is to be done or not done, there is no guilt. Discernment is not concerned with any external approval and validation. We have to practice discernment, it comes with time, practice and most importantly surrender. We humans, what we want, when we want it. When we are being guided to do something, or to make a decision that goes against what we want, we resist. We drown out the voice of discernment. This is where judgement starts shouting. Its difficult to drown out the noise of judgement.

Laughter is Love

  One thing that connects us all is humour. Never lose your sense of it. Laughing makes me feel good. Making others laugh makes me feel good. Laughter is the best medicine seems so cliché, yet so true! Have you ever laughed so much and so hard that you feel as if you did an abdominal workout?, or the tears flow so freely your nose runs and clears your sinuses? That is how effective laughter is! It shifts the mood immediately and adds some lessons in there as well. Most of the time the lessons involve letting go. I know what makes me laugh, I go to it when I feel the need to. Certain TV Shows, standup comics and comedy sketches online. Hearing my friends give their stories, listening to my grandmother and her adventures are all belly hurting laughs which lifts my mood so much! I am so grateful for the gift of laughter. What are some of the things that bring you this type of joy? Peace From now until January 7th From Confusion to Clarity - A Workbook Link it here From Confusion to Clar

The Ego Only Lives for Itself

  It is impossible for the ego to feel the suffering of the soul. It only lives for itself. It's major source of satisfaction is being right - Lise Bourbeau Yesterday,  while having a conversation with a group of ladies, I caught myself going down the road of proving to be right. I wanted to be so right so badly, I started interrupting them while they spoke, I started trembling because I felt as if I was losing control. I was ready to literally weep to stop the conversation to get them to "see what I meant".  When I realized that the tone of the conversation was changing  to become a full on argument, I took ten seconds to breathe,  it became clear that I was in living in my ego, from my ego. Why? I wanted to prove to them that they were wrong and I was right, I wanted my own way. I wanted to feel validated and was willing to do whatever it takes. Underneath that was a feeling of fear and resentment. When I act from this space I know that there are some lessons that I ha

Morning Rituals

  What are the three things your inner self absolutely has to have in order to feel good every day? Carolyn Myss I love waking up on mornings before the sun rise  going outside for a short run as the sun comes up. I love sitting on the porch eating watermelon and other seasonal fruits as I write in my journal or - confessions on the Journey - scroll on IG and Twitter.  I love to listen to music while I get ready to leave the house to start my day, pop on my playlist and sing loudly as I pretend to be some version of Chaka Khan! When I follow this ritual, I feel ready for the world.  When I don't I miss it.  I get a shaky feeling, I feel as if something is missing, I have to adjust accordingly. Making time to do the things that make me feel grounded reflects to myself and the Universe that I'm putting myself first. What are your rituals? From now until January 7th From Confusion to Clarity - A Workbook Link it here From Confusion to Clarity - A Free Workbook

2020 Wrap Up

You have to give everything back, nothing is yours, you just borrow things from here and destiny will take them back whenever it wants to, without notice - Chhota Saifians   Use one word to describe what this year has taught you? My word: Surrender Your turn.... From now until January 7th From Confusion to Clarity - A Workbook Link it here From Confusion to Clarity - A Free Workbook

Both Sides of the Coin

  When I allow myself to be   Served , I can be of Service to others . - Seven Stones Leadership The Law of duality is one lesson that I am truly happy that I discovered.  It allowed me to accept, as the old adage says, that there are two sides to every coin but ultimately there is one coin.  There is day and night - separated only by time There is life and death - separated only by breath According to ancient wisdom,  What becomes problematic with the Law of Duality is when we start thinking that one aspect of the spectrum is better than the other aspect of spectrum. We get into labeling things as right or wrong.    Unlike mankind’s laws and morals, there is no right or wrong.    For example, in America they drive on the right side of the road.    In England they drive on the left side of the road.    Who is right and who is wrong?    Similarly there are no good or bad experiences.    Experiences are just experiences nothing more, nothing less.    What one learns from the experience i

From Confusion to Clarity

  Where confusion festers fear steps in  Deepak Chopra For the last few weeks of 2020, my journey is focused on moving from confusion to clarity. 2020 has been confusion and confusing for me, there were no clear guidelines, no clear boundaries, no clear way forward. And I am not saying that this was a bad thing at all.  The period shone light on the fact that there will be times that I have to be clear in my own approach and in my own life to deal with the uncertainty and confusion that is out there in the world. How do I get clear? Know who you are - the bright side and the shadow side, accept yourself for all that you are. Know that you have what it takes to navigate uncertain times and even if you cannot see it or touch it, just know that you have it either in trust or in somewhere inside of you waiting to unearth it. It is for this reason that I am sharing with you from now until January 7th From Confusion to Clarity - A Workbook Link it here From Confusion to Clarity - A Free Work

Notice. Accept. Allow

 Notice. Accept. Allow - Olivia Jade Confessions on the Journey - over the past few days I have been feeling overwhelmed. I have been feeling As if life has been running ahead of me and I am playing catch up in the back like: Everything has slowed down, the running on a Sunday's, my writing . As far as people, I could do without having to deal with many of them, at the slightest invitation I am ready to mouth off and cut them off. Is this because a long break is due or maybe overdue? 2020 has been a different type of year, filled with even more uncertainties and shifting, it has called me into a space of surrender - I must admit I liked the space. I enjoyed the surrender of control, of wanting things to be a certain way, of responsibility- many times for the things that are filled with no substance! What I did not like is that once I got comfortable with surrender, I was called to "go back out into the world" I was angry and upset that I had to find another way of being

Awareness takes practice

 What you are not aware of, you cannot change - Deepak Chopra Are your responses habitual or mindful? Are your interactions balanced or out of balance? Are you feeling connected or disconnected? These are all questions which you must ask yourself in cultivating self awareness In answering the questions, your level of honesty and authenticity must be super high minus any self judgement. How do you respond when triggered? Do you even know when you are being triggered? Is your response a mindful response or a habitual one? I know now, that my habitual response is to withdraw, to put up a wall, and to become silent.  Now t hat I am aware of my habitual responses, having asked myself the questions, I can make a mindful response  the next time I am triggered. I can also identify my patterns and habits. Why is being aware important? Because it saves us guilt, making up stories that are untrue and terrorizing, self judgement! It also allows us to know myself better as I navigate challenging r

Dear December

  Among all the opinions of you, the opinion you have of yourself must be the one on the top. Ehimeora Dear December Let me remember: Expectations, control + perfection are not real problems - stay focused Your ability to cope is a gift not a test. Courage, commitment, clarity is within. To let go of any struggle to be worthy, as you already are. Peace

Now What?

 If you serious about growth, be serious about accountability - Inner Practioner Now What?  Now that I have learnt some valuable lessons - some the hard way. Now that we are living in a pandemic. Now that I know who I am. Now that I have the tools and more importantly the courage to love myself. Now that I am accepting the truth rather than making up stories about how and what it should be Now that I know better Now that I am listening to my intuition more Now that I have the tools to love myself Now that I am loving myself Now what? Now What is the name of the 4th book that has been birthed through me. I am excited to share the stories Trust me, the lessons continue, the fears, doubts, mistakes, missteps but now, I can spot them earlier or deal with them with less resistance, I can pull out the tools and apply the lessons Its actually quite a Journey - never boring! I invite you to join me on the Journey and Ask Yourself  Now what? Drops in March 2021 Pre Orders begin on December 1st

Be Careful What You Ask For

 The Holy Spirit will respond to your slightest invitatio n ACIM What type of questions do you ask yourself? There is a thought that asking why may be one of the most debilitating questions to ask because asking why can lead to further questions rather than leading you to a solution. There is also a view that when we ask empowering questions, we get empowering responses and the flip side of that is when we ask debilitating questions, we get similar type of answers. Empowering Questions 1. What can I learn from this? 2. What am I learning from this? 3. How can I make better choices? 4.What can I do better next time? Debilitating Questions 1. Why me? 2. Why is this happening to me? 3. Why are they like that? Be careful what you ask for now takes on a whole different meaning. Peace  Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here? Daily Lessons on the Journey - A Journal Follow Akosua on

Are You Coping or Thriving?

  When you find yourself experiencing the same problems over and over again, it may be because you’re so expert at coping with this type of situation that you don’t realize  you are coping . The Urban Monk Feedback can sometimes come and smack you in the face especially when we ignore the nudges and subtle messages that usually come before the smack. The nudges and subtle messages come wrapped in ease and sometimes silence. When we are overly busy and distracted we can miss it. We can ignore it, we can justify it with externals. When the smack comes, there is simply no denying, you either pay attention or face the consequences. Life has a way of reflecting to us what we need to pay attention to. It reflects to us through what happens in our lives, how we respond to the things that happen in our lives.  I have learnt that when we start defending our habits, when we start focusing on the externals, when we are simply hanging on to a position because of fear, there is no way to take respo

I am willing to see things differently

  Every good ancestor that we know of lived through their own times such as these (actually, much worse), and yet they kept moving forward .  Layla Saad I started growing a garden outside of the flat in which I now live. I live within a compound which include other flats and townhouses. The garden became a problem because  the committee decided that the it broke the rules as to what common areas must look like and was quite ugly. Common areas should be pretty and preferably lawn grass. The garden  includes sweet potatoes, lemon grass, corn, pawpaw's, pumpkin and kale. Within a small area close to the car garage. When I was told of the confusion that this garden caused, immediately I felt a combination of anger, fear and  helplessness. How dare they call it ugly and want to destroy it? To hear that the garden was breaking the rules, ugly and will or must be dug up, I felt livid and a tad but hurt. I refused to do anything, including dig it up or cease and desist. Days passed. This m

There is a Responsibility in Being Human

  There's a responsibility in being human, and a greater responsibility when being a conscious compassionate one.  Guru Singh We have a responsibility to ourselves, to each other, to the community to, to the world to be decent human beings. The responsibility grows when we have put in the work on ourselves, when we have been provided the tools, the gifts, the platforms, and we use it to make the world a better place. Even when we do not recognize the responsibility or deny them, it is there reminding us to show up. That responsibility to live well, to love well, to demonstrate well. The main responsibility is to yourself . Someone says that they didn't ask to be a role model. I think that sometimes our gifts push us to a space where others look at how we live. It may not be fair, it may seem burdensome, however it is many times our own path. With power comes responsibility.  How many of us fall in to the trap of judgement, feeling superior, a hands off approach and denial? This

Describe 2020 in one Sentence

  This year was scripted to help us wake up . Pyramid Realm Someone asked me to describe my 2020 in a sentence. I thought about it for a minute - ok , for more than a minute. This is my sentence, I would absolutely love it if you can share with me your own sentence. 2020 has been an incredibly transforming, challenging, revealing and undeniable year. Peace Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here? Daily Lessons on the Journey - A Journal Follow Akosua on Twitter Instagram Facebook

What Are Your Forms of Resistance?

  What You Resist Persists What Are Your Forms of Resistance?  Resistance, I define, as the action one takes to avoid doing the thing that you know that you must do due to fear.  Fear can manifest in many forms Fear of Failure Fear of Success Losing Something or Someone Dealing with Difficult People and Situations. Anxiety Feeling Overwhelmed  Resistance looks like 1. Procrastination 2. Self Sabotage 3. Starting Arguments 4. Denial  5. Avoidance 7. Withdrawal 8. Being Late 9. Hiding through eating, not eating, shopping, numbing self 10. Making up stories Resistance can take place when there is a change ahead, when there is a task that is new, when there is a lack of control Change is a challenge, its new, it takes the willingness to be uncomfortable and make mistakes, to fall down, Failure, mistakes and falling down is not usually rewarded by society and so we avoid it Resistance can be asking us what really matters to you, do you really trust yourself? When the resistance comes up, ge

What Drives You to Make a Decision?

  One of the most damaging aspects of being betrayed is that you question your ability to make good choices.  When you see what you were scared of, you neutralize the fear, and when you do that, you can regain some trust in yourself. Danielle La Porte Is your motivation to act coming from a place of fear or love? What drives you to make a decision? Joy? Pressure? External Validation or Pressure? Do you even know? Having been "burned" a few times, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that some of my decisions come flavored with fear and doubt, especially if  I ignore my feelings rather than feel them. Especially if I have old tapes from the past running through my head replaying what has happened in the past. If I make up stories, the decision has the tendency to be delayed until its near perfect What I have learnt is, being "burned", becomes easier to navigate when we can be honest with ourselves, when we can be honest about the role we played, when we can fe

Releasing Trapped Emotions

  As you know, hanging onto intense emotional energy over time doesn't do a body good . Dr. Claretha Yeager 4 WAYS TO RELEASE TRAPPED EMOTIONS IN THE BODY JOURNALING WITHOUT A FILTER Before your day begins or it ends, let it ALL go. And be honest with yourself.  BREATHWORK Breath of Fire, 4-7-8 breathing, or Wimhof...there are many ways to breath with intention. Breath is one of the most powerful ways to move stuck energy and emotions through the body. MOVEMENT Whether it be yoga, dancing, hiking, or running, moving the body is helpful to clear the mind. SPEAKING OUT TRUTHFULLY Allow more of your true self to be heard. Be courageous in sharing yourself honestly.   Peace Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here? Daily Lessons on the Journey - A Journal Follow Akosua on Twitter Instagram Facebook

15 Alternative Lessons on Leveling Up

 Levelling up is living your truth, and taking responsibility for curating the life that you want and know that you deserve Levelling up is allowing your light to shine, no matter what.  Levelling up is having faith in yourself in uncertain moments. Levelling up is showing up as you. I have had some lessons in the level up, here are my top fifteen 1. Make a  firm and conscious decision - indecisiveness stops levelling up. To not decide is to live by default. Making a conscious decisions literally transports you to the next level. 2. Own Your Stuff - take responsibility for your actions, the moment that you start blaming, rationalizing, justifying why you do or not do, then you have given up your power. Giving your power impedes levelling up. 3. Surround Yourself with Your Tribe - who are the people around you? Who are you sharing your vison with? Levelling up requires a safe space, a tribe that will love you and yet still hold you accountable, a group that respects you, your differen

Burnout Exists

  Burnout exists because we've made rest a reward rather than a right - The Last MindBender  Rest is a part of the Journey. Somewhere along the path, many of us were taught that resting was a weakness, that taking time off showed laziness. So we worked and worked and worked or we felt guilty for stopping to take a break. There are people that I personally know who boasts of not taking or being on a holiday in many years, they boast and speak about it like a badge of honour.  There are those who believe that they cannot afford to stop working, their value is tied up in it. If they are seen as not working, they will be deemed unworthy or unproductive. Imagine, we now live from a space where working and earing money to pay bills is not only the most important activity in our lives and we are rewarded and celebrated for it. It's all about the grind, the hustle, the bag, cash monay! We celebrate the person who will work long hard hours at the expense of their health, they are reward

Now What?

“ Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~   Carl Bard The time is drawing near for the release of  my book "Now What?"  Even though this is the third time around, I still feel butterflies and nerves. I still feel an excitement. Even more now with the way the world has shifted into a pandemic.  Writing this story this time around brought me so much growth. I had so many other things going on in my life, whereas with the other books I was far away from distractions and comfort zones. I had to focus on being present despite the distractions, it takes determination to fool proof the distractions. I can safely say that the experience of writing during the mandatory stay at home period allowed me to reflect on where I have been and helped me make decisions as to where I am going.  Self Reflection with an open mind works wonders, trust me! It allowed me to see who is in my tribe, the people who are true, open

Honor Yourself with Boundaries

  The essence of boundaries is differentiating what  we  want from what others want  from  us . John Amodeo There will be times when what we want will blend in with what others want. There will be times when what we want will not be the same as what others want. When we have differing values and needs, there will be some disagreement and even some conflict. This is where boundaries come in. Boundaries tell us and others where we begin and end. Boundaries tell us what we are comfortable with and what we are not. To know what our boundaries are, we have to know who we are. Boundaries are difficult for many people because it can reflect a difference of opinions and values, we may be scared to lose them. If we live from the space of fear of loss and avoidance of conflict, we may end up doing what we don't want to do and going against our values. We may end up not setting any boundaries at all. Clearly stating your needs and desires is an important part in gaining self-respect. When the