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Easy Ecuador - Day 7

"When you feel healthy and well rested, you are better able to remain centred, even in the face of resistance and challenges" Alicia M Rogriguez

This morning Napo and I walked to the beach. I met Napo here he is an energy healer and shamaan. I was quite intrigued to talk to him as what he does is so totally "Un Western" if that's a word! My Spanish is piss poor and his English is about the same so it was quite an interesting conversation. After spending an hour with him I totally got it! It's amazing how we can communicate using very little words or even different languages
I learnt about cleaning my energy and how important doing that is
I learnt about stillness and silence and taking the time to do that
I learnt about exercise - how that helps energies
I learnt that the Universe sends what we need right on time once we are open to it

I learnt, most of all, to keep an open mind, all things don't have to make sense to me and I certainly don't know e…

Easy Ecuador - Day 6

Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgement will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is readily seen - Leonardo DaVinci

I was reading a story today and it talked about how people believe that resting, reflecting, taking a pause is only warranted when we are tired, or things are falling apart or not going as well as we expected. This article challenged this and spoke about taking time out when things are also normal. When things are "normal" take some time to reflect and rest, you do it from a different place. Sometimes overwhelm can also come from a "good place" or a "normal place"
Have you ever heard of too much of a good thing?

Relection, rebooting, retooling is required and waiting until things fall apart to make time to do it may be too much too little too late!
Schedule it …

Easy Ecuador Day 5

Don't make the mistake of allowing others to tell you who you are supposed to be- Alicia Rodriguez

They asked me if I wanted to go to Isla De La Plata. I responded by asking how long would the boat ride be. They responded - one hour and showed me the boat
I was about to say no thank you
Boats scare the shits outta me! I hardly ever step foot on them for more than 15minutes, that's my limit and it must be a HUGE boat, not that little piece of thing they wanted to send me on
Then it hit me! What's on the other side of this boat ride, this fear? I get an opportunity to come to Eciador to see the poor man's Galpolos islands and a little puke will stop that?
I said yes
So this morning I put on my gam face and stepped on the boat, the self talk was strong, I kept watching the time, one hour they said, stay inside me, wait
The island was amazing, the birds, the view, the dolphins, the manta rays, the experience
On my way back the puke was not listening to me, oh my god, didn&…

Easy Ecuador - Day 4

In the twenty-first century, the power is with the people - Iyanla

I ran to the beach at 630am, there was no one around, I had the entire beach to myself! Power

I took a taxi to the fishing village and did the whole pick my fish took it to the lady to cook it while I waited patiently - Power

I then booked a tour to the "poor man Galpagos islands" - Power

I returned to meet and greet some Polish people who decided that their lives were reduced to work work work and more work and then decided to travel for a year and live life spontaneously - Power to the People

What do you define as power? Is it money and status? maybe your job? Whatever is your definition I hope it makes you feel good and of course, powerful

My definition of power is the freedom to do what I love, to have the ability to choose, to do what makes me happy despite the odds
to know and use my ability to create, to create my life, using my thoughts, words and deeds

Power to the People


Easy Ecuador - Day 3

Close your Eyes and Open your Mind - Alicia Rodriguez

This is my third day in Ecuador , the first two went by as a blur, lots of planes and taxis and stops at  mercados and supermercados and bancos and all the other o's!

The place is a throwback! Simple living, Community Living, Subsistence farming, fishing for dinner, know your neighbours, say hello, well Hola, to everyone that passes you on the streets

The Cassita that I am staying in is lovely, view of the ocean, compost heap outside, food grown outside, nice people in the homestead, the beach is nearby I walked to it this afternoon. I absolutely love it
There is no television - confessions on the Journey - I love love Boxing Day English Premier League. I didn't see a television and got a little anxious! What? no football today? Then I talked myself into calming down -  I am supposed to be relaxing and reflecting and rebooting plus no football for one day will not be the end of the world- self talk was on point and most req…

Mental strength doesn't require you to ignore your emotions.

Mental strength doesn't require you to ignore your emotions.

Increasing your mental strength isn't about suppressing your emotions; instead, it's about developing a keen awareness of them. It's about interpreting and understanding how your emotions influence your thoughts and behavior. Amy Morin

I ended my subscription to the "strong women don't cry" club. It's up! I quit that shit!
I know I am strong, and hiding my emotions will not take that strength away
Where did that notion come from anyway?
Who sold me that?
Well, it's a new day because hiding my emotions is just plain ole stoopid! It eventually breeds resentment
Hiding my emotions for what? to prove to who that I am strong?
Newsflash to self: You strong boo!

As usual, it's all about balance, what are we doing with these emotions and what are the behaviors surrounding them? Emotions are guides, that's it.


Buy Daily Lessons on the Journey - A Journal:…

Tend to Your Wounds

As long as your wounds go untended, you will never be able to receive love at full capacity. Stacey Hererra

Iyanla has a great saying " As long as you don't heal those wounds you will always bleed" the wounds must be tended to in oder for it to heal properly
If not it remains open and anything can trigger it, aggravate it, and the cycle continues
So what are you doing to tend to your wounds today?

Do You Really Know?

To know is to be certain. Uncertainty means that you do not know. Knowledge is power because it is certain, and certainty is strength. Perception is temporary.  ACIM
Confessions on the journey... People telling me "I know" yet acting uncertain is something I am working on to not get pissed off about - hey, I am not an enlighted master, cut me some slack?
To know is to be certain - according to A Course in Miracles, I interpret that to mean that you are sure, you are confident, you are moving forward doing what needs to be done, you are doing what is required, confident and assured that it is the best thing for you despite what it seems to others, if it is totally illogical to you, minus ego and fear.
How can you say you know when you continue to do things that are not in your best interests, emotionally and physically? How can you saw you know while you continue to eat the foods that are harmful to your health? How can you say you know while you continue to spend money that you d…

Do the Work

Here are three (3) tips on how to cultivate healthy relationships: Do your workDo your workKeep doing your work
It always comes back to you. That's just the way it is.
Stacey Herera
Do the work and pray Do the work and have faith Do the work and release the doubt Do the work people
Do the work because it builds character Do the work because it gets you closer to your best you Do the work because its the best thing to do Do the work because the work is the thing to do Do the work people

Do the work because it builds courage Do the work because it aids joy Do the work because you just have to do it  Do the work because it promotes forgiveness of self and others Do the work people
Do the work Peace

Words I Must Eliminate from My Vocabulary

Words are powerful forces of nature. they are destruction. they are nourishment. they are flesh. 
they are water.they are flowers and bone. they burn. they cleanse 
they erase. they etch.  Sonober Khan

I'm going all out, taking a leap and eliminating these that I believe keep me from being the best me and the best  me is required to do the work that I know I am here in this moment to do

1. I can't - Classic - and guess what boo? "Yes You Can"

2. I cannot afford it - another classic- reword it when it hits your brain before it leaves your mouth - these words are now gone- Dueces!

3. Should - Don't should on yourself, on other people and don't let people should on you! - Its a judgement - I hereby now release all judgements

4. I'm trying - I am doing or I am not doing- I don't trust the term "I'm trying" too easy to wiggle out and said - oops at least I tried - Just do

5. I'm trying ah ting! - what the hell does that mean? I'm banishing th…

5 Things I am Leaving Behind in 2017

Self-love begins with taking that fearless inventory where you’re able to go into the attic or the closet of yourself and see what’s there. What do you appreciate about yourself? How do you interact with other people? bell hooks

1. Passive Aggressive Responses and Behaviours - yes, those are being left wholey and soley here in 2017, you know the snide under the collar comments, the not returning phone calls and the silent treatment - done with that. I will speak, state my truth kindly and clearly with the intention of peace and love. Let the chips fall where they may
2. Running my self ragged in the name of growth and progress - done with this too- going all out all the time. There has to be some downtime in there for rest and recharge
3. Eating for Eating sake - oh I love me some pastries and chocolate but as with everything too much is really too much! Mindful eating is the new way forward
4. Saying Yes when I really ought to be saying No - I have started practicing my No - in front the…

Illusions are not Real

Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see
The perfect sky is torn - Natalie Imbruglia

An Illusion  is defined as a false idea or belief. An instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception. 
A Course in Miracles says illusions are the main reason we make the detour from love into fear- because we make decisions on illusions- false ideas, false beliefs, wrong or misinterpreted perceptions
How many times have I ran off on a tangent believing that either someone is "doing something to me" or "the thing is all wrong and needs to be corrected" based on illusions - oh many many times
I have not made a conscious decision to ask many questions - much to the dismay of others, I want to be clear that I am moving ahead based on the truth rather than on illusions
I haven't mastered the art yet especially with people that I am interested in having a relationship with but I continue to do the work!
Asking questions helps in reducing assumptions, it i…

Rest More

It’s a continual fight that requires some serious daily rituals: hard work, exercise, meditation, reading, writing, and talking with people that love us. 
I came down with the flu this week. There is always a lesson that comes along with me and getting the flu. I know it because it is one of the things I absolutely cannot stand! getting ill. My own belief system is that getting the flu or ill is a manifestation of something that I am not ready, willing or able to deal with and heal I know, I know, it is an extreme position to take, it is truly how I feel The manifestation of the flu and me being unable to move around to me indicates: not taking enough time to rest not paying attention to my eating habits worrying unecessarily about lack - lack of money, lack of time, lack of work bad habits poor health choices
so the lesson is not beating up myself when I do get the flu. Life happens and this situation is feedback to do something different, to change something, rest more, eat better, sleep mor…

I surrender control

I surrender control, fear of control, lack of control, the need to control and all issues related to control at their deepest root and cause, in my mind, heart, life, and in the world.
I declare they be exposed and eliminated under grace.
I surrender attachment to all outcomes that I imagine, demand, fear, require and attempt to control. Iyanla Vanzant
At the beginning of every month I write down what my desired feelings for the month are (usually they are the same, love, contentment, abundance, authenticity, service) then from that I do a check in list which details what are some of the things that I want to come out of those desires (usually they are the same too! I am seeing a pattern here, anyways I digress - get 2 speaking gigs and do my absolute bestest when I am given the opportunity, reduce my debts, and so on)

Lately I have been noticing that these desires are now becoming lists - and I have started getting pretty anxious and sometimes a little under the weather when at the beg…

Feelings Are Guides

You're spending too much time "in your head" these days. How about getting out of your thoughts and into your feelings? You've analyzed it to death. Now it's about moving from your head to your heart. Neale Donald Walsh

Feelings are guides.  A guide shows the way to something or someone or somewhere Your feelings let you know if something hurts, if it feels good, if it is uncomfortable Your head, your mind has its duties but it is never a guide
We analyse a thing to death- sometimes literally overthinking!
We ignore our feelings and tell ourselves it must be or it must not be something else
Your feelings trigger your mind to take action, or not take action then we start overthinking the thing so much that we either move or don't move - total opposite of what we were guided to do why? because many times the feeling is illogical, may times the feeling guides us to doing something that is out of the ordinary, it may guide us to change - and we all know how humans feel about …


“Like anyone you love, you have to learn to respect yourself and that means becoming a person you’re proud ofone who holds themselves to commitments, shows up when they say they will and takes the needs of others into consideration. Self-love does not mean putting yourself ahead of others without good reason.” Kris Cage


Rise Up

The Universe will not support you in minimizing yourself. Rise Up- Marianne Williamson
I came accross a Facebook Vid yesterday. Awakening One Million. The message resonated with me so much that I stopped dead in my tracks.
The vid said " every thought, every single one you think is a prayer it is a request to the Universe" It demonstrates what you believe about yourself and about your life. Here is the thing- all prayers are answered in some way so when you think, you pray
1. This is hard 2. I can't do this 3. I am alone and I don't have anybody 4. I'm broke 4. I'm tired of this
You pray that pray and it gets answered
How about that?
This is hard is a prayer - it gets answered with yes it is!  How about rephrasing this to I can do this despite the challenge - the answer to the prayer is - yes you can do this
I am broke - the answer is yes you are! thank you

What am I thinking right now? That is a call to the Universe how awesome is that? So much power, so much responsibili…

Do You Have Holiday Rituals?

Get to know yourselves
We spend time looking outside of ourselves to tell us who WE are, Take time to know who you are
Iyanla Vanzant

A very cool lady that I have the previledge of knowing asked me why do I go away and spend time alone over the holidays. The way she asked it I received it with such care and love, there was no judgement attached nor did it felt that she thought I was strange for doing it. For the first time I did not start off answering by being defensive and feeling that I had to justify why I do it.
And what I came up with is - spending time with myself ususally quietly impacts how I live my life that upcoming year, it assists in me getting to know me- what works , what did not work, it gives me time to self correct and self forgive. Christmas time always seemed to me growing up t be such a busy time, lots happening at home, there was always the expectation of paining the house, varnishing the chairs, getting new curtains, people invading the house, cooking. I craved …

You Deserve....

We really do think that too much joy is threatening and dangerous. We value our suspicions. We cherish our defenses. We're afraid of simply opening up to joy. So, quite unconsciously most of the time, we request unhappiness. We choose not to be peaceful. ACIM

Have you ever thought to yourself sometimes " This is too good to be true?" and all of a sudden things start going sour, they plummet South. Did you ever think that unconsciously you may be in your own way, blocking your own growth and blessings? punishing yourself for some thing that you have not dealt with or healed that you feel guilty about?

That sounds crazy doesn't it?
Why would we punish our own self? Block our own blessings? Get in our own way?

I say it is simply a case of not believing we deserve it. There can be many reasons that lead to that belief 

The lesson explains that I can be confused about what I want; that I can think pain is pleasure, or that joy is threatening. The latter is perhaps a little eas…

love is sometimes shown in the things you don't say

love is sometimes shown in the things you don'tsay,  don't keep track of and don't notice.  Neale Donald Walsh
We like to "give advice" it's just what human's do I think it is a combination of wanting to help, wanting feel useful, sometimes wanting to not be embarrased (especially if one's offspring or partners are involved) or just plain old being nosey. There are many reasons I have a tendency to do that- big time Someone starts a story and I jump on the soapbox- right away! I have now put a system in place to keep me in check
1. Did they ask you? 2. Are you really listeneing? 3. Is what you are going to say kind? 4. Have you had ANY experience WHATSOEVER in the situation? 5. Are you judging?
Those are my internal questions when I am really paying attention to what someone is giving me a story to avoid the soap box syndrome Sometimes people just want to talka dn vent, sometimes all that is required is listening, sometimes all that is required is lett…

Five Things I No Longer Waste Time Doing or Worrying Over

Being ourselves requires that we get it wrong sometimes. And being ourselves is basically the key to everything we want. Maxie
As a recovering people pleaser, I have made the decision here and now to literally stop doing these 5 things:
1. Make a decision based on what "people would say" because it may look bad. - How many times I have stopped or even did not even start doing something that I want to do because of my worry about what others would say'? Too many. It ends now - Fyah bun that!
2. Go to an event because "someone told me that an Important person will be there that I should meet" - Not doing that either
3. I am no longer worrying about eating something that I like because I will "get fat" or "gain weight" - I'm done with that as well - everything in moderation
4. Sugarcoating the truth - Say it kindly, just say it. 
5. Not starting until "it" is perfect - I am starting, there is nothing left to discuss, I will learn along …

Failure or Evolution?

“Folks, it's time to evolve. That's why we're troubled. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything's failing? It's because, um – they're no longer relevant. We're supposed to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that, right?” 
― Bill Hicks

Very often, we define ourselves by what we want or dream of. Yet when our lives shape us differently we often think we have failed, that we are settling for less, because we weren’t good enough to become or have what we wanted. Certainly, as we experience our limitations this sometimes feels true, yet even through our limitations we evolve rather than fail do not be afraid of evolution, it is the revolution of you The truth is what we want or dream of doesn’t  always last. It tends to serve its purpose in our evolution and then fades away, losing its relevance at that point in time on our journey
 And we do enormous damage to ourselves by insist…