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The greatest service I can offer is prayer - Iyanla

Here is a prayer for you today

Blessed and Divine Holy Spirit

I thank you right now for the manifestation of every good intention I ever had.
I thank you that my good intentions manifest so that I can experience a deeper sense of self-love and self-appreciation
I thank you for the light and energy of your love that support my intention to know, experience and express the truth of who I am.
I thank you for the race and mercy of your love that supports my intention to become a light of inspiration to others in my life and to the world
I thank you for the wisdom hat supports my intention to be more loving and accepting of others
I thank you for allowing my life to reflect back to me those things I have been unable to see, unwilling to acknowledge and unable to heal.
Thank you for demonstrating to me that I can experience joy and happiness without pain and that the greatest joy of all is being able to accept and embrace myself exactly as…

Back Home

Let's chill - Guy

After many hours of flying and airports and waiting and terminals I made it back home. Felt good to be in my own bed,to just chill. I was even happy to get back to a routine, wake up take a run, drink a coconut water and a peanut punch then binge watch football all day, It really is the simple things that make my soul happy.

So,  I'm back at home,  it's a new dawn,  a new day, a perfect moment to embrace change!
I am looking forward to what is in store as I wind down 2016!
Give thanks
Thank you for accompanying me on the journey - I did in fact return stronger

I surrender ALL

Surrender helps to heal fear filled wanting and not having Iyanla

Sharing this.... The Value in the Valley

I recently experienced a severe financial setback which caused me to question and doubt myself, as well as every good work I had ever done
I was in fear of being wrong. I could not believe that with sales of two books I could not pay my rent and  even had no aluminum foil to cover my stove burners.
Still, I made public appearances, usually praying that lunch will be served to cut down on the food bill. It was a truly humbling experience which I am surviving by learning to surrender.
The first thing you must surrender when you are a penniless public figure is your ego
You are being forced to make a decision between living your truth and living what you want others to believe about you
As black women we are indoctrinated to believe that our self-worth is attached to our net worth.
When we have money we feel valuable and worthy. We use money to buy things to support that concept. Ou…

Not engaging in crimes against myself

The greatest service I can offer is...not engaging in crimes against myself. Iyanla Vanzant You cannot be useful to yourself, others or God if you run yourself ragged. Most of us believe that in order to be useful, helpful or in service, we must give our all, all of the time. We become YES people. We say yes when we are tired. Yes when we are busy doing other things. We say yes when we know there is no way we can take on anything else. You may believe that in order to be worthy of the love, admiration or respect of others, you must always say yes. What you may not understand is that there are times when saying yes causes you to make a necessary sacrifices. There is a passage in "A Course in Miracles" that says, "Giving of yourself to the point of sacrifice makes the other person a thief!" When you allow others to take what you need, what you have earned, what you deserve, you are making a sacrifice. When you sacrifice, you are not giving freely. Nor are you serving…

Winding Down

Be grateful for the yes’s. They’re there. Maybe not right now. Gratitude will bring more of them. Maxie Mc Coy
As I get ready to leave Nairobi for London, I am so grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to be here, to meet all these amazing people who are doing their best to change their lives and by extension change the world.  Change truly starts with ourselves, and taking responsibility for our actions.
I am grateful for the people who invited me into their lives either through their businesses or their homes, their cooking of meals, sharing of stories and wisdom.
I am grateful for safe journeys and angels I met along the way
for the ability to see new cultures and ways of life
for the giraffes that I touched and the monkeys that ran past me as I walked home.
I am grateful for God's grace  have and the discernment that I have all that it takes to do the things that I desire and to not be afraid, there are many people doing things that you want to do and you are not alone
I am gr…

Returning Stronger Day 13

Smallness might feel better. Bigness might look better. But in between those two stages is the demand to expand. Realize what's going on and always push to be the biggest and best version of yourself that you can possibly be.
I met with a colleague today who won a start up competition in Nigeria which allowed them to go to Silicon Valley to pitch their idea to some venture capitalists for funding. They are now in their 4th year of operations and doing some marvelous things to make the lives of their fellow Kenyan's better using technology and passion
I was and am so inspired by their story. We were discussing how people see the end and the so called glamour and not the hard work, the challenges and obstacles that go into the journey
We shared stories about how there were times when eating a full meal was out of the question because of either lack of money or feeling bad to ask for help, we shared stories about travelling to other countries and thinking about how will we surviv…

Returning Stronger Day 12

Improvements don’t have to be dramatic Tony Hsieh

The much anticipated day off! I took a taxi to the nature trail where the giraffe's are known to be friendly enough to be fed. (I am really taking advantage of the whole Uber scene- it's a brilliant twist of getting a taxi)

The giraffe is a beautiful graceful animal, I spent the day at the center just marveling at them, I did a small nature trail walk then went for a coffee at the Java House - I usually don't have coffee but being in Kenya puts a whole different twist on coffee- it is absolutely divine!

I realised that I was close to where I was staying after having my divine coffee, I decided to walk home. It brings a different perspective seeing the people on the ground when on foot rather than in a taxi

Rest is productive!

Returning Stronger Day 11

Observe and learn.  Often when things don't turn out we can be relieved in retrospect.  Something different or better emerges. Wait a while. Carole Forde

They came to pay the hotel bill at 3pm I was supposed to leave for the airport at that time
She walked in with a type of fire that I seldom see, she told them off for "keeping a foreign visitor hostage" she called them stupid and village mentality, proceeded to pay and said never again would anyone from her Company patronize the place
I looked on in awe

The ride to the airport was one straight out the movies, Issa the driver was going down up roads, riding on pavements, dodging cars and to think we were in a twelve seater bus, him and I alone

"Issa, what are you doing?"
"I am getting you to the airport Madam"
"Well there are so many police around, maybe we ought to ease up"
"It is ok madam"
So I buckled up for the ride
Needless to say I made it to the airport with an hour to spare…

Returning Stronger Day 10

Fired up with the seeds of joy, there's a bacchanal to destroy - David Rudder

I walked into the room and to my surprise, there were at least 1500 people there! Here I was thinking that this was a small gathering, oh nothing of the sort. While I was talking more people kept streaming in
Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a growing event all over the world, the week celebrates entrepreneurs and their journeys by sharing stories, providing networking opportunities and celebrating their achievements
I was up second, admittedly nervous. New crowd and new story in between all of the nerves I realized, I loved this, I loved being there on the stage sharing lessons on the journey, I loved hearing the questions and learning, I loved the buzz. That's it, this is the angle, this is where the passion lies.

So I ended the talk, went to my hotel to check out, the bill has not been paid they told me I cannot leave until the Company settles it, I called the Company to find out what's t…

Returning Stronger Day 9

We have such an emphasis on what we want. What wealth we are creating. It is so massively self indulgent. But that success won’t ever fulfill us. It won’t ever create greatness. Oprah quoted MLK in this one that your greatness is determined by service. So, what is your measurement of success? What can you give…give…give… What’s your why that is bigger than you? Maxie McCoy
Another hotel, another place. I checked, not checked in to, 3 hotels before I decided on this one, it's funny, now a standard for hotels is WiFi! The planning for my visit here is different to what I would have done but hey it is what it is,  they do things in their own way.I have a clean room for the night, I have WiFi and as they say home "my belly full up" it is so much more than what so many people have - I am grateful
On to Masindi town tomorrow a three hour drive - with no jam, we leave at the crack of dawn I like the drive to Masindi, the countryside, the women riding their bikes with their babies …

Returning Stronger Day 8

Until I stop being in solution mode and just relish in the present moments of my day to day life — they’re neither good nor bad. Literally, in an exact moment, everything just is. Is perfect. Is as it should be. Only when our mind wanders to past and future do things get out of whack. Maxie Mc Coy
The new facility is world class, the production area, the office, the board room. And to think we were in a cramped area with dust and mites and sometimes the occasional mice popping up to visit - all too often for my liking. We packed bags on the floor Those days are done I had some anxiety today I must admit, I was supposed to come in and solve problems in a week that were around for the last two years, I thought "hello, I can only do what I can do, there is no magic wand" I relaxed into it and told myself just do your best in the moment and leave the rest I went from the hotel to the factory and back No time to see anything yet but trust me I will make some time It's good to be ba…

Returning Stronger Day 7

People come into our lives to teach us the depth of our capacity to love Iyanla

Flew out of Nairobi to Kampala. As I arrived into the airport in Kampala the Ministry of Health officials were greeting everyone as they exited the plane asking for their yellow fever vaccination card, much to my surprise people were producing certificates, those without (mind you in the minority) were sent into a room. I was in the queue for the "room" when I got closer to the top of the line I realised it was to receive a shot for a small fee of $40USD- Hell naw! Hell naw On all levels- getting shot at the airport plus paying for it -hell naw

As I look up I see a sign " High Risk Yellow Fever Countries - Trinidad and Tobago"
Sheez- that is where I am from - my passport spells that big and bold no wonder he was in  a hurry to rush me to the "room"

I saw the Russian couple in front of me talk their way out of it, my turn to do the same

"Excuse me sir what is the procedure…

Returning Stronger Day 6

A transformation is an awakening, a coming out of one’s personal emotional coma and surfacing into the realization that we are connected to the whole of life. What we do, think, and feel matters to the entire fabric of life. Carolyn Myss

The Conference was a resounding success, we ended the day happy even if it was after  one am. As I hit the pillows on Sunday morning after we all took a drink and toast to what was accomplished I couldn't help but reflect on how grateful I was to be a part of this. I woke up at almost 2 pm the following day, I never slept that long ever! It felt good though. I decided to stay inside all day and read, that was my mission and mission accomplished.

There is so much going on all around the world, so much we can do in our own little space to make the world a better place, everytime I come here I am reminded of that, of the power of the human spirit, of kindness, of honesty and love. It really makes all the difference how we view each other and use the …

Returning Stronger Day 4

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle: be patient, bearing with one another in love.”
Ephesians 4:1,2

The Akira Chix African Women in Tech is on today, this is my second year of being here with there wonderful young ladies who despite it all decided to follow their path to provide a training school for girls from the most harsh slums of Nairobi with a platform for careers in technology. They all left their cushy jobs to form this organisation. The results are awesome and tremendous, over 350 young ladies in one space, sharing stories and inspiring one another. I feel so proud to be a part of this family It has not been without it's challenges but perseverance, patience and keeping the vision. Lessons for me on this journey
This year we went all out, the Radisson Blu was chosen the city's newest hotel, they have been excellent! The volunteers have come out in their numbers to support this worthy cause as well
I am pretty e…

Returning Stronger Day 3

You gotta take some risks. You have to not only pick up the dice, but roll 'em. So go ahead, take the gamble.You have nothing to lose except the chance to win. Neale Donald Walsh
Late night at the office, these ladies are doing amazing work,I am so proud to be a part of it, I am inspired. My jet lag was real, they saw me crashing, one more meeting and I will go home to rest.  Just as I was trying to finish a document, my laptop computer screen turned pink with some crazy lines at them bottom - oh no! this is not happening - this laptop must work, I have work to do and extra money to buy a laptop - nowhere in sight! just as I started You Tubing a solution I saw an email from the bank declining me for a loan that I applied for - this was my third attempt at making a loan request. I stopped, closed the computer and just took a breath Okay, I know something is being told to me here, I don't know what, tell me what it is Universe. I went back to the place that I was staying, pulled…

Returning Stronger Day 2

Ask yourself what is the best that can happen and adjust your mindset to the positive.  Stop catastrophising. Get perspective. Take a bloody risk. Carole Forde

Arrived in Narobi later than scheduled. We were delayed by thirty minutes. I cleared customs and looked for my name held up by the group of drivers on the outside. Hmm don't see it, I walk around again, to the familiar cry of "taxi madame" on loop! I answer politely no thank you
I wait about 20 minutes, I still don't see my name. Hmm
I walk to a police man and ask him to use his phone to call Godfrey who was supposed to sort the taxi, he called, 
"The taxi is delayed in the traffic"
I did not buy it
"What does that mean?"
"Maybe you take one and get into town"
I silently cursed myself.
I have been dealing with Geff for about 2 years now sorting out Conferences and training courses, he always proved to be totally unreliable- here we go again! Why did I even think this time would b…

Returning Stronger Day 1

I been in some hard times, I seen a lot of good times But everyday I count my blessings this way 'cause I know that everyday's a different day. My friends can change but his will never change. And I knew there would be some time, when I would second guess my mind.
So I kept on walking, kept on striving, Kept on singing and guess who showed up? Rapheal Saadiq
The flight to London was an adventure! The turbulence was totally over the top, so much so food and drink was flying all over the place, a few screams were let out. I closed my eyes and took a breath. The pilot came on and gave an update of what the situation was - the ride will be a bumpy 6 hours. I appreciated the information. Landed safely in London and it was like old times - I love this City I spent a lot of time here, my formative years, it still feels like home.
I spend the night here, meet some old friends and then I am off again
Holla on the other side Peace

The Returning Stronger Tour

the journey of waking up hands you an unexpected series of harsh truths and great responsibilities. Cleo Wade
Today I fly to one of my soul spaces, the place where my transition began and it came at just at the right time for me- as with everything when we let go of wanting it our way all the time
I am pretty excited to see old friends, to make new ones and to show up as myself I will be in London.Nairobi.Kampala for the next few weeks Holla at you on the other side Peace

Be Kind Today

When you close a chapter because you're running, it's avoiding. It's not wanting to have that the tough conversation so you avoid it so much that you don't "even want to be friends anymore." It's not wanting to deal with your shit so much that you decide moving cities is a better choice all together. It's not wanting to be vulnerable, so you end a relationship. It's not wanting to ask yourself what you really want to contribute in this world, so you hop jobs for the thousandth time. All of it is running and it's driven by fear. But the only person you're running from, truly, is you. And she will always, always catch up Maxi McCoy
I jumped into a taxi yesterday - the way taxi's are in Port of Spain they are shared so the car will usually have other random people.  I said my customary good afternoon to all and then I heard someone call my name "Akosua" I looked and saw a familiar face, someone who reached out to me after the TED …

Review the Intention

Whatever we are thinking, feeling, saying, or doing, we are co-creating, empowering and magnetizing into our livesPatricia Cota Robles
It depends on your perspective and how you view things, this knowledge that your life is  fully your responsibility can be sobering or freeing and knowing that we co-create our lives by thought, word, deeds and actions.  Responsibility,in this case, meaning the ability to respond, the ability to respond to every situation in our lives is really up to us, including the choices we make. Money Challenges - you have the ability to respond  Man Challenges - you have the ability to respond Coworker or boss is getting on your last nerve - you have the ability to respond Woman Challenges - you have the ability to respond Career Challenges - you have the ability to respond
all  and everything are our choices to make when we are in a particular  situation What I get caught up with is judging myself "OMG how could I have made such a stoopid move?" - trust me t…

Feel them, it helps

It's a waste of time to blame external circumstances or people.Idillinaire 

Many of the teachings of the Course in Miracles(ACIM) resonate with me, the concept of being responsible for my life, of not focusing on guilt, of feeling all my feelings and that sickness starts with the mind have helped me tremendously on my journey thus far.
Feelings buried alive never die, they fester, and just like a wound that festers it can pollute your entire system.

Sabrina Reber says that our feelings contain valuable information and connect us to our intuition and truth. Feelings are the language of the soul! When we suppress our feelings we suppress our connection to our soul. We create filters and barriers between our physical being and our spiritual being interfering with our own source of divine guidance and intelligence that guides us to manifest the best possible outcome in our lives. Our feelings also disclose lessons we need to learn and insight into our souls contract for this lifetime.


Bless Difficult People

A lot of us have defence mechanisms in attempts to protect our hearts and feelings You have to learn to be flexible or you will break, it’s not all or nothing every single time
Alex Elle

Today I am sharing my early morning reading....... Bless difficult people! Those people who truly get on your nerves. Those who seem to be totally unaware that what they do has an impact on others The people who have no qualms about demonstrating in word or deed that they do not want to be where they are, doing what they are doing. People who pout or mope while they are working People who speak harshly, roll their eyes, suck their teeth or show up late with no explanations. Be willing to see difficult people in a different way. Don’t be so quick to believe that their behavior has anything to do with you Don’t be impatient Don’t give them a hard time Take the high road Bless them Do it silently Do it in your heart Every living being is a divine creation Some people forget their divinity Others never know it because no one…

Who are you becoming?

It’s good to do uncomfortable things. It’s weight-training for life. - Anne Lamont
    I was having a conversation with a colleague I met while speaking for TedX Port of Spain last month, a fellow speaker     We were chatting about goals and reaching the goals we set for ourselves. What I learnt in that conversation was that it really really is about the person that I become to to achieve the goal that  becomes  the most important aspect of the journey. So take for example, my boxing training , I realised that it was not only about wining a fight or winning a bout, it was the qualities that I developed while training. The discipline to train even when I would prefer not to, to  choose to eat the healthy option before heading to train or on a daily basis. The courage required to step in a ring, the consistency and persistence, this is what brings me the satisfaction more than the achievement of the goal itself. We change our goals, we upgrade them we renegotiate them, in all of that we m…