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What is the "More" Bringing You?

Answers don’t finish the question, often times they are the negative of the very question itself. But it takes relinquishing control, and releasing our obsession with more, and giving up our preference for thinking about future/past over present to accept that. When we can let go of all of that, we’ll see that if we can ask the question, oftentimes we’re staring directly at a version of the answer. It depends on if we’re willing to look there Maxi McCoy Of course we want to do better, be better, have more, dig deeper. We know that there is more to life, sometimes we don't know how to access that so called "more" except by doing more, asking the questions and pressing on. That formula has worked for many. They kept on doing and more kept coming  What is the more? And how is the more making you feel? If its more full of stress, more resentment, more tiring situations then that is something to look at. There must be some sort of balance. Ask the question- why th

Show the world.

Take counsel. No longer hide your rarity in the dark. Bring it forth. Show the world. Strive not to walk as your brother walks, nor talk as your leader talks, nor labor as do the mediocre. Never do as another. Never imitate. For how do you know that you may not imitate evil; and he who imitates evil always goes beyond the example set, while he who imitates what is good always falls short. Imitate no one. Be yourself. Show your rarity to the world and they will shower you with gold. This then is the second law. Proclaim your rarity . God Manifesto If we only believed how unique we are, many of the challenges we face in life would be so much easier. If we only believed how much of a miracle it is that we were chosen to be born, many of the challenges we face in life would be so much easier. If we only believed how much of a blessings we are, many of the challenges we face in life would be so much easier. If we only believed! If we only knew how much power we have in us, we wou

Are You Defensive?

When you are truly self-aware of your true value, you won’t be defensive . Iyanla What happens when someone touches a nerve, you know, when someone says something that you react to because it either pissed you off or it raises up something in you, do you get defensive? Do you even notice that you are being defensive? When you become aware and conscious, you notice when you are reacting in a defensive manner If you are not fully aware, the response is usually to project and blame others, it hardly ever is our fault. The standard response is to find a fault with everything outside of us. Awareness opens our eyes and keeps us in check. It allows you to step back and focus on the lesson rather than on anything else or take it personally. When I start taking things personally, I have to stop, to take notice, to ask myself what and why am I being defensive and reacting in this way. As soon as I do this, my response to the situation changes. I learn! I learn! I learn!

Your Transformation May Not Please Some

Be Ye Transformed by the Renewing of our Mind  Transformation is a journey, you do not arrive to a final state of transformed by taking a particular route to a place called "transform" Apart from it being a process, it is a mind set. It is a willingess to do and see things differently. The willingness to be in a totally different place both mentally and physically takes courage, it takes discipline, it takes self love. When we are changing, when we are transforming there will be people around us who will not understand what is happening, who will feel scared by your decisions, they may feel left out. The noise will come, the naysayers will raise their voices, the resistance will be high Transformation involves determination to fool proof the distractions. "Who Do You Think You Are?" "Why are you doig that?" "That's not what is done around here" "Remember when you did that and what happened?" "How can you leave me?&

Redefinition of Lose

Rather than think about what you have to do to change a situation, consider what the situation might be doing to change you. How it might be seasoning and transforming and growing you. You are not responsible for everything and everyone. Allow that as a possibility. Jessica Dore There are some situations that are simply in your life showing you how to shift, how to be flexible, to grow, to transform. You long for change, yet you cling so to the familiar. You are so afraid of what you think you will lose. You are even afraid to lose the things you don't want. The familiar becomes your family, regardless of what it is. let's redefine "lose" I define lose as opening up to a new possibility The day I stopped saying that I lost my house, lost my marriage, lost my mind, things shifted for me The shift has to start inside How we define and relate to the circumstances in our lives transforms how we act. I started asking myself different question

Inspired Action

Listen to your inner voice. Sometimes it gives you tasks to do. Call someone. Take action on an idea. Move forward with your project. Change a direction. It's called inspired action. Challenge yourself to listen to this inner voice and take action. See what happens. Gal Shapiro I cannot tell you how many times when I am either in nature, listening to music, meditating that I get a direct instruction, a clear idea, a call to action. When I pay attention to the call without doubt or question, the results are tremendous. I can safely say that they are in fact miraculous. Many times, its difficult to follow blindly these instructions because it can be illogical. It takes courage and trusting the process. It takes a level of faith. It takes action. Inspired action! Are you ready to act. Peace Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here? Daily Lessons o

Caribbean Power Lunch Podcast Interviews Akosua

The only thing you ever really compete with is your own ego.  Lalah Dalia Who are you and why are you here? This was the question posed to Akosua Edwards by a female-driven collective in rural Uganda, where she had gone to take her knowledge as a successful accountant to give advice and guidance to grow their business. Little did she know she would be the one who ended up learning the most, uncovering new truths about the meaning of success, purpose and self-love. The answer, she found, was that “You are here to give out the gift the universe put into you.” Identifying her gift has taken Akosua on a journey from unemployed accountant to successful author and award-winning social entrepreneur. Tune in to hear Akosua speak powerfully about the impact of a strong community, the freedom that comes from releasing those things that do not drive your purpose, and the role that business can play in creating not only commercial success, but also significant soci

Willingness - My Favourite Definition

Willingness - Psychological and emotional availability to commits to a particular course of action  - Iyanla Vanzant I love this definition of willingness, I love it because it covers the emotional side of the equation. Am I willing? must look at how we feel. Sometimes our unwillingness comes from fear and disassociating ourselves from the feelings involved. We are too afraid to face ourselves, our situation. Feelings, I have learnt, are guides, so having to consider the emotional side of willingness resonates with me on this Journey I know that I must be available mentally and emotionally to be willing I am willing to change course in my life, to shift gear but I know that this willingness must come with facing the fear and embracing the feelings that comes along with that I am willing to change course and shift gears means that I must be available to commit to a particular course of action I am willing means that I am open to having discipline. I truly believe that willing

Change Your Perception of Change

  Many stand guard over their ideas because they want to protect their thought systems as they are, and learning means change.  Change is always fearful to the separated, because they cannot conceive of it as a move towards healing the separation. They always perceive it as a move toward further separation, because the separation was their first experience of change.  You believe that if you allow no change to enter into your ego you will find peace . ACIM If you have difficulty in sharing your ideas because of fear, consider this, there is no one who can do what you do like you do.  There is the opportunity to expand on your ideas knowing that once they have been placed into your consciousness, they are worthy, useful and can be manifested. The trick is developing the qualities that you require to bring them into fruition and trusting that you can discern who and what is for you. Usually, these qualities are courage, faith, trust, discipline and self belief. I can almost guarant


Everything that is meant to be happens in divine timing but there’s always the possibility of getting distracted, lost or misled from our souls path and not aligning with our destiny. This is why remaining spiritual purified and uncontaminated by others energy is essential. Maryaam Hasnaa Focus is key. Focus is the bridge to your goals. Focus drives us forward. Focus is what saves us from distraction. It takes determination to fool proof the distractions A Course in Miracles says many of our problems comes from having an ill disciplined mind. Having no focus is the foundation of many of our challenges. What I have learnt is that, the focus you give to the thing produces results, less focus, less results. Peace Read about Akosua's Journey on A Tribe of Women Blog Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love Nyabo (Madam

Grow Your Own Goodness

kept looking for goodness kept asking everyone where I could find the good in the world it was not until I looked within and grew my own goodness that I began to see it everywhere. — Cleo Wade Some of the most important work we can do is the work on ourselves - the inner work. Inner work for me is facing and accepting the things that we don't like about ourselves and embracing it as part of us whilst having the courage to change what must be changed Inner work is having the courage to get out of our own way - to allow others to give especially when we have always been the givers. Inner work is having thediscipline to follow through on the things we have promised to ourselves Inner work is forgiveness of self and others Inner work is not feeling guilty for resting or having fun Inner work is loving ourselves unconditionally. Peace Read about Akosua's Journey on A Tribe of Women Blog Have you rea

Day 3 - Lessons from Barbados

How you treat people is your vibration. How people treat you is theirs . Lalah Delia I was having a conversation with a friend this morning about how I feel when I am in a room where I have to "prove" myself. It says to me that this right here is not my tribe. My intuition is my guide, so far it has been a compass on the Journey that has led me to some of the best places I have been mentally, physically and spiritually The moment that I am in a room that I know I am being asked to prove myself I start reacting to it, when I catch it I pull back, I start listening rather than waiting to talk to prove how smart I am and who I know. I talk to myself - "there is nothing to prove",  "there is nothing to prove", "there is nothing to prove" and I get silent. My friend was saying that we sometimes say we use our intuition as the excuse for not going into the room or doing or not doing what serves us. - Valid point. Using it as an excuse is the ke

Lessons from Barbados

Better Days Ahead - Idil Ahmed I have been in Barbados since Sunday. Asked to facilitate a workshop on using the value chain to enhance climate change resilience, I took up the challenge. Barbados has always been for me, a place with such beautiful beaches that calms my soul. My expectation of fisherfolk was different, I must admit. When I saw that in the room the majority of fisherfolk were women, I smiled.  I smiled because I bought into a stereotype that most fisherfolk were men, and I smiled because the women came in the room with such pride and stature, it made me feel proud.  Change is difficult, we love to be comfortable and to be in control, change eliminates both comfort and control and so, we resist it. Looking at the makeup of the audience there was a bit of a tension between the older men and these younger women who wanted to do new things in the fishing industry, who were up with the times on the effects of climate change, who were using technology. By the end

It is Part of the Process

Sit in your shit. Quit trying to get out of it so quickly. It’s teaching you. It’s part of the process . Maxi McCoy Pain - any type, physical, mental - I tend to run from it, let me tell you! even if I am doing any type of exercise and it affects my breath, I am ready to stop. I want to remain comfortable. I've heard the sayings no pain, no gain I have heard pain pushes until vision pulls and I now get it Sometimes, to get to the other side we must push through the pain, sit in it for the moment, talk to it, for the revelation on the other side. When we run from the discomfort, ignore it, dismiss it, the lesson may be missed, the joy on the other side is never reached and we keep repeating  I have learnt to speak to the pain, speak to it with grace, I have learnt to  share the story and feeling with a trusted person and  to always remember that this too shall pass. Peace Read about Akosua's Journey on A Tribe of Women Blog