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Do You Ever Question It?

Trade your limiting beliefs for curiosity...Turn major projects into micro steps...Turn unclear behaviours into clear action items...Turn vague visions into clear outcomes...Turn dabbling into a dedication to mastery Mastin Kipp
I ask questions, I ask them for two reasons, to avoid assumptions and to ensure that both parties communicating are clear. What I have learnt in the process is that in asking these questions I also learn. I learn more particularly when I drop all judgements and do not assume that I have the right or perfect answer. What I have also learnt is that there are people who are offended by the questions or those who get defensive - those are the ones who are either triggered, not ready to handle or deal with a particular issue, hiding something, or feel the need to be right. I have learned to recognise it and deal accordingly because until we are ready to acknowledge, accept, be open and willing we will remain stuck I see it also when people ask me questions and I want t…

Love More

I would love to share this with you
Lessons on the Journey

I am faith-filled and fear-free because...I am a celebration of love. Beneath the pain, the disappointment, the resentment and fear that your life will never be as you want it to be, there is love. There is a memory of the touch, the feel, the excitement of love. There is a yearning to know and experience that expression of love. Go there! Be there! Rest there! Celebrate the love that you buried in your heart. When you celebrate love, the unconditional love that lies the beneath all the experiences you have witnessed and participated in, you find a degree of understanding that diminishes mental and emotional anguish. The love beneath the hurt and pain of your life will not allow you to blame anyone. It will stop you from judging yourself and others. The love beneath your pain and the fear of pain will help you to become aware of all the things that you told yourself about love that were just fantasies. Love will remind you no…

Can we just start?

Can we just start where we are .....and trust? Deborah L Johnson

Wanting to have it all lined up and figured out and orderly according to your definition is a receipe for stress. I guarantee it
I'm over it, I am over the obsessiveness of wanting to control and know everything
What if we dare to trust?
What if we dare to believe?

Somethings we just have to leap out on faith, the mystery and magic is part of life, life will not be denied, life just keeps bing life

We keep wanting it to line up based on the past, on society, on fear,on having our own way
What if we trust and believe?
What if we go on what we know NOW?

Im triggered today by this because right now I am planning an event- for the second time
I have no idea about what's going to happen and yes it's pretty darn scary but I have to trust, believe, allow it, align with the belief and own it
What if I trust and do the work to ensure that I am doing my ultimate best?
What if I go with the flow?
What if I believe?

Ten Ways to Practice Self Love

When I started on the journey to self-love, I stopped seeking others’ approval, which meant I gave myself the space to explore other ways of living and I can truly say, life surprised me and met me halfway . Vangile Makwakana

Ten Ways to Pracise Self Love
1. Honestly accept where you are right now without guilt
2. Read something positive daily or listen to positive uplifting music
3. Spend time in nature
4. Include rest, relaxation and exercise as part of your lifestlye
5. Have a strong NO - Say No to the things that dishonour and diminish you
6. Have a strong YES - Say Yes to the things that push your growth and push you outside your comfort zone
7. Forgive.... everyone and everything
8. Do something nice for yourself weekly - (once it's legal of course)
9. Stop comparing your life to those on Instagram and Facebook
10. Show up for life - with an open mind, stop people pleasing and making decisions based on fear and societal constructs

Show up for Life

This idea of "is it convenient". We have this thing that things must always be convenient.
Life comes from out of the blue
Show up... For Life
There is no convenient time for Life Marianne Williamson

That moment when the penny drops, when you get it! when you literally say AHA! As I was heading to Cumana, a lovely village with the most breathtaking of beaches and rivers this week and I stopped at a random beach, I just got out and stood on the sand and the rocks watching the sun rise and the light show on the water and there it was. there was the moment I realised that I was scared of moving ahead, I was scared of doing some of the things I would do before because of fear. I stopped saving, I stopped looking at life from an abundance perspective because I am afraid of losing it all based on what happened a few years ago when I did "lose" those things. But now, the difference is that I am doing it for me, I am doing it because I know I can, I am doing it from a place o…

Will you be Whole?

You being you a whole person and I bring me a whole person – Susan L Taylor
We are busy searching for what we are. We are like the fish in the ocean looking for the sea, we believe that something is missing and we look to people, places and things to tell us who we are to fill the so called void. Newsflash - that never works and when we get what we believe will fill us up it is short lived or we spend most of our time thinking that we are going to lose it Listen to this, our inner being is so full of integrity that it will not allow us to keep anything that we do not believe we deserve to have,
There is an inner healing that has to take place
The acquisition of more will not do the trick
The acquisition of more never makes you whole
Quite the contrary, what makes you whole is the dropping of some of the "stuff" Wholeness is about balance
Wholeness is about putting things in it's proper perspective
Wholeness is not about getting more
Wholeness is letting go of the stuff that doe…

What's Your Ritual?

feed your physical body with great nutrition, exercise and rest; feed your emotional body with effective and cleansing meditation -- reshaping your responses to the moments of life; feed your mental body with the discipline of constructive thinking (mindfulness) . . . do this with both the science of knowledge, and the art of joy. Guru Singh

I have incorporated exercise, meditation and nutrition into my life style. Because it improves how I feel and how I operate. I made it a big part of my life as a conscious decision. It allows for a flow, a flow of ideas, a flow of vibes, a flow of love

when the realisation hit that this life style allows for a flow, so many things changed
Firstly, it no longer became a chore, it became a choice, it no longer was compromised, it was prioritized, the actions became a part of me. Most significantly, the guilt surronding missing these activities is less and less. The flow outweighs the guilt of not doing and the self talk around it

Everyone may have t…

Life...... Use Me!

"Ask the question: How can I be used? Life, use me. Show me through my talents and my gifts, show me through what I know, what I need to know, what I have yet to learn, how to be used in the greater service to life. You ask that question and I guarantee you, the answer will be returned and rewarded to you with fulfillment, which is really the major definition of success for me."
- Oprah Winfrey, addressing the Smith College class of 2017.
Life use me! I love this statement Because life is bigger than me and when I ask this thing that is bigger than me, knows more than I know, dream bigger than I dream, amazing things happen Life use me! I want to be used to make a difference, as Maya Angelou saus " When you see me, you ought to be proud: Life use me! I want to be a demonstration of how life loves us, of how life gives us the tools and skills and when we use it magic happens Life use me! To demonstrate joy and happiness by knowing what brings me joy and taking responsibility f…

Build it. Start it

Ideas don't come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started. If I had to know everything about connecting people before I got started, I never would have built Facebook." - Mark Zuckerberg, addressing the Harvard class of 2017.
Very little to say today but just start it, and stop making excuses about why you haven't that is all

Are You An Emotional Avoidant?

An emotional avoidant is someone who goes out of their way to "not feel." They deflect conversations that evoke an emotional response. They change the subject often. They also tend to make jokes about serious situations. They act silly. Sometimes they get angry or defensive. And sometimes they're just too fucked up to emote... real talk.  Stacey Herera

Isn't it easier just to not feel, to keep avoiding a situation that can lead to confrontation, change, new things? It keeps us in a place where we already know rather than pushing us into uncertainty - something we have no control over and not know
Who likes pain anyway? Who likes to change the routine
And that is precisely what we are being called to do when we reach to a point where emotions are being avoided.
Someone very important to me asked me last week to "pay attention to my feelings" who knew? I was on autopilot? doing the same thing over and over getting the same results
You see if I pay attention t…

Only Action Brings Courage

You don't have to fast, light candles, hang wind chimes from your back porch, and turn vegetarian in order to get directions on what to do with your mind, body, spirit, and life. You simply need to respond to the signals: body stress, emotional input, mental highs and lows, your intuition. Courage is something that will never enter you through prayer. Only action brings courage. If you can't immediately respond to major stress signals, or strong creative direction, then respond by doing something "small." Just respond.  Carolyn Myss
I have been practising, starting small, speaking out loud and saying what I was always afraid to say, for whatever reason, mainly fear because I have learnt that - action brings courage
I have been going harder with my exercise routine, pushing through the barrier because I have learnt that action brings courage
I have been saying no a lot more because I have learnt that action brings courage
I have been saying a bod yes more because I have l…

Love +

When you are part of the solution the problem does not affect you as deeply - Marianne Williams
Today we were interviewed on Heartbeat Radio For Woman 103.5FM. The young ladies who took part in the vacation programme were featured as they shared lessons on the journey. Who knew it would reach a wider audience when it was conceptualised a few years ago? The feedback was immense over the past week, and I am so excited to see where this Journey takes us. I would like to thank Ms Patricia Toby, Mr Avinash Rhamsubhag, Katherine Dalton Long, Perpetua Olliverie and all the speakers that contributed to making this a reality I have learnt time and time again that love, action, perisistence and respect is lethal combo that can literally move mountains

Go Inside

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your kin
Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else
Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself
And now your chest burns and your back aches
From 15 years of holding the pain
And now you only have yourself to blame
If you continue to live this way
Get it together
You wanna heal your body
You have to heal your heart - India Arie

What is inside manifests itself on the outside I have learnt that our bodies give us signs- the aches, the pains, the tummy tumbles, even the common cold, we pay attention to the symtoms and seldom the cause So it's pills, tablets, ointments, balms, you name it. The symptoms go away for a bit and then when triggered they return. Go inside... My friend and I have this thing where we say "go inside" when we are triggered or feel each other is I am now extending it to focusing on what you are holding inside that you haven't dealt with- for whatever reason …

My G.U (Give Up) List

It’s always a good time to let go of whatever is holding you back. [Astrologically speaking, it’s PRIME TIME to give it all UP.] Danielle La Porte

I was reading a post from Danielle where she listed what she is ready and willing to give up, I decided to make my own list, which I want to share with you today

I give up judgement, doubt, ego and having no boundaries

I give up attachments, blocking loveships and all blocks to loving

I give up fakeness and hiding behind excuses

I give up bending to fit in 

I give up proving myself to anyone

I give up old and limiting beliefs

I give up settling for second best

I give up people pleasing

I give up talking to fellas who act as if they prefer not to talk to me

I give up relationships that suck me dry and past lovers that do the same

I give up not recognizing and knowing my worth

I give up charging less for my gift because I believe I will lose out on the opportunity

I give up taming my "scandalous" laugh when in "good company"

I give up ea…

Eliminate the Guesswork

Knowing who you are eliminates the GUESS WORK in life. Knowing short-circuits hoping, wishing and trying. When you know who you are, you are open to every experience. You know there is always room for self-improvement and that where you are is an opportunity. When you know who you are, you remain open to new insights, new information. 

You also know that what you learn at any given moment will assist and guide you on the path to where you desire to be. When you know yourself, you know your strengths. You embrace your weaknesses. You know that everything and everyone is pointing you in the right direction: The direction of learning more, embracing more information about exactly who you are. When you know who you are, you are always grateful. You are grateful for all that you have seen. All that you have done. All that you have lost and all that you have received. 

When you know who you are, you know in this very perfect moment that all that you are is more than enough to answer any quest…

Best Week Ever - Day 6 NiNa Vacation Programme

Take your sweet time and be easy with yourself. There is no place you “should” be. The experience you’re in is exactly where you’re meant to be, because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be happening Yeradmi

Confessions on the Journey - I avoid uncomfortable situations, confrontation, arguments, anything I think that would lead to one. And just like that I was smack dab in the middle of one with tears and accusations and boundaries being crossed. 
One of the volunteers accused the other girls of stealing their school ring, it turned into a little bit of a drama and I was told to call the police. I decided against that, tempers flared, tears flowed and I had to say something.
I walked outside, took a deep breath and asked for guidance from the Universe, I cannot remember what I said now, I just remember I was crying! I said to myself - be honest, the truth corrects all mistakes in our minds. And that is the approach I took, we had a discussion about it, cleared the air, it proved to me that I can…

Who is in Your Tribe?- NiNa Vacation Programme Day 4

You can do Epic Shit with Basic People - Unknown

I belong to a tribe, I call it a tribe because it goes beyond anything that I can control. The people who made this week possible are my tribe, they  took a chance on me, they didn't know who I was, there was something that resonated in them that pushed them towards doing this and I appreciate them
Paddy and Avinash stepped in and I am so appreciative that they took their time to spend this week doing this work, Katherine, jumped in and brought her gift to the tribe as well. Your background may be totally different, your experiences may also be totally different - in the "normal" world. I am convinced that there is more than the "normal" world that exist in this realm, and in this world your tribe is linked in someway
I am extremely grateful for this tribe of love, this tribe of lightworkers, this tribe of friends

Today we spoke about what we want to do before we die, and to remind ourselves when we want to give up o…

Love is ALL - Day 3 NiNa Vacation Camp

Impulse control is one of the greatest disciplines we can develop. We can avoid so much unnecessary drama in life if we just take a deep breath, and keep our mouths shut until we get the guidance to express ourselves in a kind and mature way. Eliose

We did yoga with the ladies, a few of them were resistant to it and was disruptive in the first few minutes, the yoga instructor treated them with such kindness and love, yet firm. Halfway through the disruptive ones just lay on the mat quiet or joined in. amazing Love is everything It is really the thing that breaks all barriers and boundaries So many of us do things in the name of love and really, it is not love at all Love heals  Love soothes Love unites Love finds a way What a wonderful lesson for today

Day 2 - NiNa Vacation Programme

You made a mistake, that does not mean that you are a mistake- Marianne Willamson

As I walked into the room I saw Fashah, she seemed a little subdued chatting with the other young ladies. I was surprised to see her as she was supposed to be in Court today. Her Court date was set for this morning but yet she was here. We started off the morning with a yoga practice. She said loudly, I do not want to do Yoga, I will just sit on the mat.Sure no problem
And it started, the noise, the talking while yga was happening
I asked her after, what happened to court, she said it was postponed, that was scary and uncertain, and so this was her way of showing the uncertainty,
She nor anyone would discuss what the Court date was about, there was discussion on how she gets to court, in a van with a cell
There was talk about being in jail
There was talk about - it is what it is
But nothing about the why
She is bubbly, naturally friendly and loving, at 15 years old, why would court, and jail and police b…

Day 1 NiNa Vacation Programme

changing the world isn't a solo feat - heavy hearts, dirty hands, bruised knees, stained egos. the work is in giving, the work is the love. Joel Leon

Today was I can say without a doubt one of the best days of my life. No, there was no fan fare or ringing of bells, it was simply a combination of a dream being realised which involved a lot of love and service and support
The NiNa Programme kicked off its Vacation Sessions with 12 "at risk" women. It was the most fun and fulfilling thing that I have done is a very long time. The support was tremendous, the vibrations were high and the lessons kept coming
For the next six days we will be spending time together working on business ideas, listening to motivational speakers, building a team and having fun!
Two years in the making and well worth the wait

Start with Yes

So many times I ask people what they want... and a few things usually happen. 1. They lead with what they DON'T want. 2. They don't know what they DO want. 3. If they do know what they want... they are SUPER vague about it. So... the shift is... Focus on what you DO want... and be specific about it.Mastin Kipp 
Confessions on the Journey - I'm tired of people talking about what they cannot do, of the  excuses they make for not living their dreams, of the defeatist self talk, of copping out. I am tired of it because its such a lie, it is not really true, it is a big fat piece of lie. 
I'm tired of people forgetting of the magnificence of who they are, of people looking at others doing their thing and saying it was easy because they have money or support or yada yada yada.  I'm tired of it Everyday we see examples of people doing their thing, despite their circumstances. Everyday we meet people who, aren't on the news, but doing their thing. Everyday music is mad…

Do you know your Love Language?

Our most basic emotional need is not to fall in love but to be genuinely loved by another, to know a love that grows out of reason and choice, not instinct. I need to be loved by someone who chooses to love me, who sees in me something worth loving. That kind of love requires effort and discipline. It is the choice to expend energy in an effort to benefit the other person, knowing that if his or her life is enriched by your effort, you too will find a sense of satisfaction—the satisfaction of having genuinely” 
― Gary ChapmanThe Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

The book "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman fascinates me, confessions on the journey - I did not know that people express their love , show and receive their "love" differently. Who knew?
This revelation opened my eyes so much not just on how I express my love but how I interpret how my signficant other and even some of my friends love.

I am not what one would c…


Use this truth to catch your breath: This pain WILL end.

Declare. Breathe. Move. Forward. Toward the truth.

(PS…For real. The pain will end. You’re going to get through it.) Danielle La Porte

Whatever is happening right now, as crazy as it may seem, is happening FOR you, not TO you!
I know, I know, it doesn't seem that way when the bills are piling up, the roof is leaking, the relationship has lost its va va voom, the job feels like a whole hell or maybe there is no love prospects in sight
But it is true, it is happening for you and when the mindshift sets in it becomes clear that it is an opportunity for some type of growth but it is also to move you forward
You get to choose- all the time.

I have learnt to raise the vibration - in a healthy way of course. To feel the feelings, they are guides, feel it and not live in it
Spend a day in bed
Spend a day in nature
Listen to some dope music
Call a friend who makes you laugh
Look at children playing
Walk in …

How Do You Express Your Truth?

You cannot take responsibility for how well another accepts your truth, you can only ensure how well it is communicated
And by how well I don't mean how clearly
I mean how lovingly, how compassionately, how sensitivelym how courageously and how completely. Neal Donald Walsh

You want something, you have a goal, you set a goal, a date, expectations with a team, a group or even in a relationship and none of these are met
What do you do?
How do you communicate this information?
How do you respond?
Do you communicate this? Can you?

How do you respond when someone pisses you off?
Do you react? Shout? Pout? Withdraw?
Do you communicate those feelings?

I have learnt that it is my responsibility to own my feelings and communicate them in a way I would want it communicated with me
My truth is my truth and it is up to me to not only live it but to communinicate it
Being afraid to say or live your truth to avoid "conflict and drama" to keep people happy, to face possible unpleasantnes…

My Responsibility

Tell my doubts that they can die today
Imma catch me a wave, sail away
Can't stop me now
Tell depression it can fly away
Tell my doubts that they can die today
Imma catch me a wave, sail away
Can't stop me now LeCrae

Today is a holiday in the country of my birth- Trinidad  and Tobago. We celerate Emmancipation Day. A holiday declared to celebrate the abolition of slavery on the island. This is the 25th anniversary of this declaration of holiday. People had to fight and convince the leaders of the day that a holiday was essential,the same people who fought for the holiday were riduculed, laughed at and ignored, called mad people! Now 25 years later, this is a holiday, we pay homage to the one's who paved a path for us to live a different life.

I reflect on this day annually. there is usually a big celebration, a huge parade. I have stopped going, people don't understand why. I have never explained. I like to spend the time alone reflecting on this responsibility I have been giv…