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You May Need to Say No

You’ll probably want to say yes. Those are the things you must say no to in order to protect your time. In order to move the needle forward on your life, your expansion, your joys—you have to say no to the things you often want to say yes to. You need the no more than you need yes Max

I want to say yes to so many things. So many activities, projects, events. I have learnt that I simply cannot say yes to them all, for a number of reasons
Well, of course, there is one of me and many events. There is also limited time.
There is of course discernment and boundaries. The things that you must say no to help in building  your courage, discernment and boundaries. Very important tools on the Journey.
Discernment allows you to use your intuition when making a decision.
Saying no  allows you to focus on self care, that time which is essential in refilling your cup.
Saying no also provides the practice in releasing guilt which is so much of a wasted emotion.
Learning to say No is totally a required tool…

Transformation vs Loss

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” Marianne Williamson
What did I learn today? Ok, so simple thing, I lost my car keys on the streets of Kampala while I was iving there. I don’t know how and I have no explanation! Not a great feeling, so I kicked into finding a solution time. Called back to base, I was a bit out of it, they told me they will send someone to collect me, sit tight then we will discuss when I get back. Simple right?  Well who knew there would be some lesson in this? When I arrived to base, I’m hot and sweaty and not best pleased feeling pretty careless for losing the key then she started talking and I thought hmm let me pay attention I know the tone of voice when there’s a story coming. She said to me Madam, on your journey, you often experience the loss of things, especially things that are near and dear to you, You may sometim…

It is your moral duty to be happy

It is your moral duty to be happy: however you cannot exercise this duty by clutching unrealistic beliefs, struggling with unworkable assumptions, juggling painful images, jumping to false conclusions, running with impulsive decisions or hasty judgements  Sufi Hazarat Inayat Khan

You probably heard it before, that happiness is an inside job. It is truly your own responsibility. Being happy involves making choices that may sometimes piss other people off, that may not be popular or that may make you feel guilty based on unquestioned core beliefs.
This is not to say that you have to be a complete jerk! It merely suggests that guilt, people pleasing and holding others responsible for your own happiness is a recipe for disaster.

So, find a way to make yourself happy, make the choice, do the thing, learn the lessons and do something that makes you happy every day.

Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love

Your choice is determined by what you value

If you allow yourselves to become preoccupied with the temporal, you are living in time. As always, your choice is determined by what you value. Time and eternity cannot both be real because they contradict each other. If you will accept only what is timeless as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours.ACIM

As I stood in the kitchen this morning I realised that some of the things I worried or fussed about seems no longer important, don't get me wrong, those things  are still there, but now my attention is somewhere else so there is less time for me to dwell on it.
What I have learnt is there is a balance between giving of yourself to a cause  because you want to and giving of yourself because of expectations.
It is all in the intention. The Why
When I am fully immersed in serving with the sole intention of serving, the little things do not become big things, I am able to discern that some of the things that I am fussing over is really a call to act…

10 Lessons I have Learnt

All things are lessons that God would have us learn - ACIM
10 Lessons that I have Learnt:
1. The Little Things Are Really The Big Things - showing up for friends and family, the sunrise, the ocean, the phone call, the text, the showing up!
2. Do your Best in the Moment - even if you are suffering and unwell, the best in the moment eliminates guilt
3. Your Health is Your Wealth - no health, no work, no money
4. This Too Shall Pass - nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary
5. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others - You don't know their story, or the work they have put in
6. Follow Your Intuition - it hardly ever leads you astray 
7. Nothing you buy or acquire will improve your self belief
8. The Doubts will be there - do not listen to them or let it fool you
9. Show up as yourself every single time!
10. Put yourself first
Peace Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love
Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here? Daily L…

Not Interested in Competition

Not interested in conflict, competition or guilt Carolyn Myss One of my very good friends told me that I compete only with myself. I found that to be both a reminder and a testament of how I want to live.
I want to be my best me. I define my best me as eating well, resting well, working well and sharing well.
Well meaning with the view that I am doing what is the absolute best thing for me in that moment, and when the best is with me and within me, I can share from that cup of wellness.
Many times before I have made many decisions from a space of guilt and competing with others. I have learnt that this method promoted my feelings of not enoughness. There was no amount of peace I got from comparing where I was and what I had to others. It really just made me work more and more without purpose.
Having felt these feelings of not enoughness, guilt and overwork, I vowed that I refuse to feel that way ever again and decided to concentrate on doing my best in the moment.
Some days I may be n…

What we look for is what we see.

What we look for is what we see. If you see a world that denies you what you need, that is the world you will experience, but if you see a world that gives you everything you need and more, that is the world you will co-create with and expand with your vision of life. Anne Davin

This morning I went on a hiking trail, a group invited me to go. Firstly I was hesitant because I know that they are quite fit, they usually run marathons and this trail was part of their training. Secondly, I am recovering from my injured shoulder so I was also fearful of how the hand would hold up. In the end I decided to go, to challenge myself and to come out of the comfort zone.
I am so happy that I did go
It was tough, the hills were long and the trail included fallen trees and bush
I made the decision to start talking to myself with encouraging words, to rest when I am tired and to only compete with myself.
At one point I lost the group, I was alone in the forest with the birds and trees, I stopped and looke…

Everything is Fleeting

You want everything to remain the same. You don’t accept that everything is temporary. Life moves in cycles generating new life and yes, death, and nothing will stop that universal movement. Accepting that everything that exists is only temporary allows you to release your attachment to things, people and even to your definition of yourself. This is how you continue to learn and evolve. Ana Rodriguez
I have been practising healthy detachment - which in my definition is keeping in mind always that everything is temporary, feel the feelings, then let it go knowing that all things are lessons that God would have us learn. It seems that when I decide on a way forward, the Universe says - ah let me see if you are serious. For the week since practising this principle: 1. My favourite bracelet broke into fine pieces and scattered all over the floor. 2. Someone who is supposed to be a good friend has proven that their definition of friendship is different to mine 3. There has been talk that …

Mindset Shift is Everything

most people associate assistance with something external as opposed to guidance from within. We look outward for some force other than ourselves to “come to our rescue” who has the wherewithal to make things better in our life. Carolyn Myss We were built with the answers. I strongly believe that we are. We have this wonderful sense of intuition that we are born with that is there to guide us at all times.  There are terms and conditions of use Usually we are not able to hear the guidance when we listen to the noise. The noise can be denial, distractions, ego, fear. When we get still we are able to hear the guidance very clearly. Many of us are trained to just keep going, to just keep working, to listen to the external, to follow the trends, to pay attention to the world outside of us, then we wonder why we are stressed, over worked, over whelmed and tired. The ability to listen and follow the answers within builds our courage, it builds our discipline, it builds our self belief, it builds…

Loving What Is

Dear one, love is like the sun. It doesn’t discriminate between the worthy and the unworthy. It doesn’t bestow its light and warmth only on those who are good. It shines on all alike. When you love what is, you are loving its soul essence, its indestructible goodness. And by speaking to that, from the love and goodness within you, you participate in a process of subtle-energy alchemy that is powerful, though its effects may take a long while to ripen. Hiro Boga Loving what is, a term I have learnt from the wonderful work of Byron Katie. Her philosophy challenged me to look at things as they are, it does not mean that I like it or fancy it. It is really looking at the thing and accepting it as it is without adding on how it should be, how I want it to be and what could happen. That approach is really running ahead without really looking at what is in front of you.  Hiro Boga takes it further by saying that loving what is allows you to focus on other's inherent goodness.She is of the…

Do You Have the Full Story?

Criticism does not make you smarter or better than the one you are criticizing Iyanla Vanzant

There is story behind everything, I truly believe that there is power in our story and what I have learnt is that even before the power there is more to the story than we even know. The launching into judgements, what if's and should's then we can be missing some vital information

This weekend I was giving some advice, unsolicited, no one asked me for it
Lesson Learnt Number 2- offering unsolicited advice without the full story is futile

I went on as if I knew the answers.

Lesson Learnt Number 3 - we usually do not know all the answers, especially when we do not know the full story

I went on and on and put in my own judgements and spin on the event - without knowing the full story

When I got the full story, my jaw was on the floor because I so way off, so out of place. Out of my lane.
Lesson Number 4 - Listen and Support rather than run to a solution

I am now moving forward with these…

Who Is Your Person?

You and your person don’t have to agree on everything. That holds true whether it’s other people, movies, or how to handle any given situation. Julie McClung Peck

When I visited South Africa last November, speaking with my soul sister she said "She is my person"  
I asked her what did she mean by "my person", she went on to explain that your person is the one in your corner, supporting you, cheering you on and vice versa. 
Your person feels like love
Your person is real, they may piss you off with the insight and honesty but you will be told, with love, that you need to get with it!
I have learnt that having a "person" means that you have to be comfortable with vulnerability, comfortable with receiving and have the ability to approach difficult conversations- Self Love is essential!
As always, it starts with you

Who is your person?
Have you read any of Akosua's work?
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That’s the things with labels

That’s the things with labels. They are wonderful and empowering when you’re the one choosing them. They are an opportunity to be a new person, become a different human and grow into yourself in diverse ways. They’re refreshing and rejuvenating and can become a rallying cry, your own shout for independence and freedom. In essence, it allows you to craft your own identity and image. They can be really beautiful things, but the minute you’re excluded from the process of choosing your label is the same instant they transform into something else completely. They become heavy and distorted, a yolk around your neck that changes the person you are and even the direction your life can take. Salma El Wardany
What do you call yourself? What labels do you add on to yourself and when you add it how do you act?

I am
Two powerful words
They activate much of our power, even when we don't pay attention to how we use it
How do you label yourself and where does it come from?
Do you say to others who…

My Top 10 Next Level Limitations

What if that One thing you're afraid of is the One thing you need, to get Your Big Breakthrough and Go to The Next Level?” ― Jeanette Coron

My Top 10 Next level limitations

Having Tough ConversationsBeing Early and having to mingle with strangersSaying a firm NOSaying a firm YESDisciplined Eating HabitsSharing Personal SpaceKnowing my Worth and Charging for my services accordinglyLooking Myself in the Mirror - without finding a faultDisciplineSetting and Respecting Boundaries
What are yours? Are you willing to share?

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Discipline is a Choice

Discipline is about the self choice to keep doing something that you become a disciple of it, it becomes part of you - Rev Deborah L Johnson

A fresh view of discipline - Self Choice!

Deciding to to do something, usually on your own, so much so, that it becomes a part of you.
Every day, making a choice, all on your own, with no one else there to prompt you or baby you into doing that thing.
People who achieve their goals are disciplined
They choose daily to do something towards what they want to achieve, until it becomes a part of them.
Things may change goals may change, life may shift but the ability to choose discipline can remain constant, the ability to choose to make that thing a part of your life can remain a quality of your life.

Previously, I looked at discipline as a chore, at times as a punishment. With this fresh view, I have learnt that discipline is the daily choice to show up for myself and my vision.


Have you read any of Akosua's work?

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A Different Definition of Praise

So long as you have YOU, you can face starting again. You may have to confront illusions you have about yourself, such as holding on to titles and certain salaries and privileges. Those, too, are illusions – big things that are really small. The truly BIG thing is You Carolyn Myss

I was in a state of in between cussing and walking away.  I wanted to tell them off, I wanted to curse, I was plain ole frustrated.. Have you ever felt that way? I feel it when things are not going the way I want them to go. I've learnt that ,all of the lessons of Life are good; ] Listen, at no point along, the journey is more wondrous than another.  There are no greater or better lessons to be learned in one place or the other.  You fret so much about making the “right” decisions all the time, as though there is a wrong turn, a detour that could be made along the road of your journey, to a spot where your ancestors will not be, where you cannot turn to your highest self.  They are everywhere; your highes…