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Renewal and Evolution

It's not about giving up or bowing down. It's about holding on to the knowledge that something bigger and more powerful than you is at work beneath the surface of your experience, and that it will take you exactly where you need to be. Now, in hard times, surrender is probably the greatest challenge you will encounter because it's so hard to accept uncertainty. But that, my beloved, is the point. You don't know what's to come,
but you must know that whatever happens, you will be OK. Iyanla

There is nothing for me to prove to the doubters or those who just aren’t free enough to believe in the possibility + probability of positivity+ pure intentions. My drive is fuelled by my desire to be sure that my ancestors are aware of my gratitude for all that came before me to ground me + to project me into my presentness
Every breath is blessed responsibility. My drive is also fuelled by the belief that I am and will continue to be a demonstration of what is possible …

I promise

Resolutions: I Promise

It is rare that I make resolutions
Don’t want them to haunt me in the dead of night
Each day guilted by all the things I said I would or would not do

I only do what I want, when I want
With a full heart or not at all
And the rest will have to settle somewhere between my lips and my intention

I don’t promise often

But there comes a day
When I am more than wild woman
More than what I’ve accomplished or seek to and as that day approaches
You should know:
I promise to remember how to love
In the face of hurt in my heart
I will love you, that’s me
Foolishly, at times but brave
I promise to forgive
To ignite the soft of me and surrender to that everything ain’t gonna grow like I grow
Aint gon’ know what I know, how I know
And that is ok
There is still love in letting go

I promise to love myself
To honor this girl with dreams she can’t stomach yet but works hard to
In the morning, I will pray to a God I hope to be more like and she will laugh Knowing I have forgotten already that she loves m…

It will kick you in da butt

Truth comes, we can't hear it
When you've been, programmed to fear it  Lauren Hill
The truth can kick you in da butt! I mean seriously kick you in the butt then when you're down on the ground give you another nudge! The thing is, it will do that when you completely ignore and run from it, the truth cannot be denied! It will give you signs, it will give you clues and hints and point you in the right direction, and when you ignore them, well, its either all hell breaks loose or the proverbial shit hits the fan!
I can tell you, in my life, the truth would be up in my face, staring into my eyes, I would deny it. I called a duck a swan because of fear! I feared looking bad like I made the wrong choice- duh!!!! just make another choice sweet p! I feared being a failure - duh - You cannot ever fail at this thing called life I feared losing -  duh - there is nothing to lose, what is yours is simply yours baby! I feared people will not like me -duh- homie, not everyone will like you, deal…

Confessions on the Journey

Rise high enough above a thing to see it from a new perspective.
Until you get to the core of a thing or see it from a new place, you will not be able to determine how or if the experiences of your life serve your highest and greatest good. Iyanla Vanzant

Confessions on the journey. I am on my holiday, getting some vital and much desired "me" time where I do my annual ritual of reviewing my year and renewing the commitment to myself. So here's the thing, I feel guilty I do, because I do not really like this spot that I am in! It's beautiful, scenic, breathtaking even but my soul doesn't feel it. Why? I feel that what the place said it would be is a gross misrepresentation of what it really is, I have changed hotels and want to change again but there I go pulling out all my lessons, first one is acceptance, make friends with reality and then choose and know each choice has a consequence! Two days left so I chose to stay put, the staff here are quite nice overall and…

I am dripping with gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful factors in creating what is not there yet. Gratefulness for what IS already here is one of the most powerful tools in creating what is not already here - Eckhart Tolle

Grateful just because....
Today I am grateful firstly for the grace and love of the Universe who has provided for me and guided me on my journey so far
Today I am grateful for the technology available to allow me to share the lessons on the journey with people I have never met personally and for those in other countries and cultures.
Today I am grateful for my body, which houses me while I am in this form, for all its organs and limbs and the other parts I cannot see that work well and are healthy
Today I am grateful for all my friends who continue to support, motivate and mirror back to me all that I am
Today I am grateful for all the lessons, the opportunities the challenges, the obstacles, the rejections, the roadblocks as they serve as guiding posts and directions on the journey

Energy Hooks

The only time anyone can have any power over us is when they have something we want. In order to be energetically free and sovereign, in our own energy, we will need to be observant and honest with ourselves about our expectations and judgments. It is our expectations and judgments that create “energetic hooks” between our self and the other person that will drain our energy creating great confusion within our being because pieces of our energy remain in their energy field and pieces of their energy remain in our energy field. We literally enslave each other with our projected energy.Sabrina Reber
Everything is energy! And it cannot be denied, it cannot be removed, it moves through and through.
So what do we do with all this energy
Do you take people's energy, especially when it is not yours to take?
The successful says that we are responsible for the energy that we take into a situation and I truly believe in that, I walk into every single situation with a positive set of energy …

What you talk about is what you get.

for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning, the energy of that thought swings right back around to you. What records do you have on repeat—are you always talking about how bad dating is? Or stressful work is? How much you miss home? How dramatic your siblings are? How expensive the city has become? If that’s what you’re always talking about, that’s what will keep showing up. Maxie

Iyanla Vanzant always talks about the angels that surround you, that they are definitely there doing their work quietly, I experienced that this week and I want to say thank you to my angels at CANARI - Keisha, Venash, Nicole, Anna, Pat the entire team who came together to assist me this week. 
I kept it positive, I kept the self-talk on loop that said it will be all good, this too shall pass and all will be as it ought to be.
What I have learnt is that I cannot do it alone and a call for help is not a weakness, part of self-love is the ability to receive and not judge one's self whe…

You end up with a little more courage

The average human being will go to any lengths to avoid the experience of being hurt, being abandoned, or being rejected.
Hurt takes on a totally different perspective when you are afraid of it.
In order to protect themselves there are people who will not indulge in any personal contact or closeness.
Some of them will go so far as to strike first, hurting others before they get hurt.
When you are afraid to be hurt, you can spend a better part of your lifetime on the location for hurt, expecting to be hurt.
There is something you must remember
What you Expect you usually get.
Iyanla Vanzant

So I was doing my daily morning reading and I came across the quote above from Iyanla and I had a "penny dropping moment" or some would say an A-HA moment.
You get what you expect - that's big! and even bigger living life to avoid hurt, or rejection, or in fact, how and what we believe are hurt and rejection, really limits and puts a different spin on  situations.
The discomfort, the stories…

Knowing the truth

"Determination" or "stick-to-it-iveness" Or "standing by our convictions" or "exhibiting perseverance". Metaphysically, it is called "knowing the truth" Neale Donald Walsh

Human beings want evidence that what they are doing is worthwhile, that it is making a difference, that it will pay off in the end or in the long run, when that evidence is not forth coming in the time and way that we know, anxiety steps in, panic sometimes, indifference perhaps or just plain ole desperation.
Human beings want what they want and they want it now, in their own way

This is where "knowing the truth" and having faith comes in, patience also plays a big part in the equation
Newsflash, we, humans, don't know everything and what we know is based upon past experiences and seeing, hearing and being around other experiences, but there is so much more, so much more to learn and experience.

Know the truth, know that there is a process- for everythi…

From me to you....

From me to you... I got this Oath last year while I was doing my annual ritual of "Pumping up the Power of My Life", I want to share it with you today from my heart to yours I pray that it is as useful to you as it is to me... Peace
The Oath of Manifestation I accept and receive unexpected good, unexpected money, unexpected love, unexpected generosity, unexpected offers, unexpected prosperity coming in unexpected ways from unexpected places in my life and the life of others. I am constantly guided, and boldly empowered, to receive the lavish abundance of the Universe! I accept the Principles that abundance and prosperity have already been given to me. My acceptance makes it real and opens the space for manifestation to rush in! I open wide the doors of my consciousness to receive and to give! It IS done now!  Through this Oath of Manifestation ALL things are possible! I declare, absolutely that I live in a friendly Universe that is always providing for me. I feel it powerful h…

As a matter of fact...

I don’t turn to people, places, and things to validate my existence.I stop looking for external signs to give me permission to be. Deborah Johnson

Iyanla Vanzant, who I call the boss, says and very simply

"You Matter"  - you are important, just by virtue of being alive
everything that you do matters to you or to someone else, there is absolutely nothing and no one you need to prove this to only to remind yourself that this is true and most importantly to believe that it is
And so, starting from this point, it makes a difference on how you approach every single thing that you do
What you do matters
How you do what you do matters
Catch that

The only question is where is your attention?

If you want to change, don’t fight what is already gone, go in, visualize, see, feel and live the reality that you want Fear and doubt is what happens when you focus on what already is. What has already been created externally. You can shift change and alter any circumstances by a shift in focus The only question is where is your attention?
 – Idiliionaire
What do you do when the funk is up? When it is all in your face and starting to smell? The funk, I mean, is a low feeling, the unease, the anxiety of facing your choices and where you are? Byron Katie says "when you argue with reality you suffer" and I truly believe that, I have over the last few months, decided that I will make friends with reality. This process has been amazingly helpful, it doesn't mean I like it, it means that I accept and make choices based on that acceptance.
So the funk has been up, and fighting the funk I am losing! So I am working on another approach. I am, sitting in it and letting it pass. And the…


All you gotta do is say yes
Don't deny what you feel

Open up your mind, just rest - Floetry

Karma usually comes wearing the strangest light
It's easier to deal with that way
There's nowhere to hide, no turning back, no rearrangement
Only what lies ahead 

Never stood my ground and breathed it in before
Never felt so brave and so afraid before
Never faced alone and felt the peace before
Accepting this space I'm in
Growing outta the phase where I just wanna win

Growth- I released my grief it was a heavy load
Survived the sleep and now I'm letting go
Waking up and living up to what I had proposed
 A Woman now. I love the girl I used to be
Ever step she took was reaching out to me
Every breath is blessed responsibility, we made it baby

An Utmost Life

Don't get stuck in an "almost" life - Tim Storey

Brandy sings "Everybody knows almost doesn't count"

How many of us extol all the "almost's" that occurs in our life or what almost happens to us. And then after we talk about what almost happened there are either a litany of reasons why we almost did it or whose fault it was it that the action remained at almost.

So, what type of life do you desire? An "almost" life or an "utmost" life?


Did I respect my boundaries? Was I clear about what was okay and what's not okay? Brene Brown

Do you have any boundaries?
Do you have any non negotiables?
Do you draw a line in the sand and stand on it or do you back up and draw a new line when the line has been crossed?
I am still learning, I am learning about setting and standing in mine
The thing is, I am very easy going, I like to keep peace and don't upset the apple cart and therein lies a window for not articulating to other people what is okay and what is not.
So this is what I have learnt, make it known to yourself what you will and will not accept, tolerate and entertain in your own space. Make that completely clear to yourself first. When you see it coming, cross the street or if it's coming into your space and you can't cross the street, speak up, speak up in the kind compassionate way that you would want to hear it. And feel no guilt about that, or make no apology, setting these boundaries its a way of earn…

Unused Creativity is not Gentle.

Unused Creativity is not Gentle. It mestazises, It turns into grief, shame sorrow and rageBrene Browne
I believe this with my whole heart, we were born to create, that is one of the reasons why we are here, to create and we have to power to create the life that we desire. Having courage and discipline is part of the process, without these two qualities, the process becomes so much more difficult.   Brene Browne hits it here head on, unused creativity is the cause of many many challenges. We make excuses, we make up stories, we fear, we stall I also know for sure that you cannot fail, you cannot, what we consider failure is feedback, a red flag so go ahead, create, fail, try again, do it, learn, share, live laugh Peace

Normal is so basic

Growing up I was taught that normal was the way to make it. But no, for me, normal is so basic- Janet Mock

Don't rock the boat, toe the line, stay in your place, keep quiet and just be normal.
I have heard that so many times and even more times I have beleived it as it was either people in authority like my teachers or bosses or other people who I listened to like my parents and family.
Then it became "girl you are so weird, why don't you just do what other people do? eat some meat, drink some alcohol, live a little"
So why is it so much of a big deal when people live the way they want to live? Why does that threaten you? It's not your life! Does it affect you? your life? your living?
Does it?
Well what I have learnt is many times the ones who care about you want you to be comfortable and in their minds going out of the norm requires courage and the ability to stand on your own which may require a bit of discomfort.
Other times, people just have not tapped into t…

Your feelings are a signal

Holding your feelings in is detrimental to your health. Feelings need an outlet. They are intended to be expressed. Your feelings are a signal. A signals sole purpose is to inspire action. Whether you are feeling something positive or negative, communicate. Unexpressed feeling get trapped in your body, which is never a good thing. Conveying your feelings creates space for you and others. Speak it. Write it. Express it. It does not matter how… just say it. Stacey Hererra
So for those who know me for a while, they know that I am not a loud person or a talker, I talk when I have to, I say that I do not like to waste words, and there is sometimes a downside to not talking much. The downside is expressing of feelings get thrown to the wayside. Couple that with being "nice" and there can be a really be some consequences to this type of behavior Though, this past year I have been shifting this behavior by speaking and expressing my feelings a lot more, there are some things that I hav…

Walking through vulnerability

If your desire is really to trust who you are when you are interacting with others, you simply must learn how to be vulnerable and be courageous enough to stand in your vulnerability

I was having a conversation today with someone who asked me what I was doing for Christmas and I told her I would be working or going away and she shot back right away "I think you are running away from something" I laughed. Perception is a hell of a thing isn't it?
I never put a meaning to my Christmas "me" time. I go away and feel absolutely refreshed when I return. Honestly, I would love to share my journeys with someone however I am willing to wait until it is someone who genuinely wants to share these journeys with me and I am ready to use my vulnerability as a strength that it really is.

Brene Brown has some done some great work on vulnerability and shows how much of a strength it can be. She says daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen…

You are divine, you are holy

When we think we are unworthy, it means that, for some reason, we believe that we have to prove we have a right to our space on the planet, in life, as we are, That means that we will do all manna of wonderfulness to prove we deserve to be here. In that effort, we tend to go overboard in our everyday interactions.We overcommit, over-give, we over-do, we over-excuse, we overcompensate, and we stay in difficult, desperate, hurtful, harmful situations much longer than it is wise or productive to do so Iyanla 
This nails it for me! Iyanla nails it here for me, I repeat, it is so so close to home. Based on what she is saying here it's impossible to improve your self-worth without first recognizing your true value and seeingyourself as worthy. We look everywhere for it, everywhere outside of ourselves. But what I have learnt is seek outside of yourself and it will fail.  When we do not know and more importantly do not believe that we are prosperous we go looking outside for it and do all …

Day 2 SVG

Sometimes we lose ourselves in others, around us or in the work we do.  We stop asking when we last danced, when we last sang, and even when we last visited friends we love.  A heartbreak is like a cleanser of the soul.  It leaves us empty looking around to see where have we been and where are we in this emptiness.  That starts a new journey of exploration of “who am I, where am I and am I where I want to be, with who I want to be with and what I want to be.”  The emptiness allows for new arrivals of visions, learnings and dreams free of all inhibitions and restrictions with the sky as the limit if even. Zainab Saldi

Today I am travelling about an hour by car away from where I am staying to meet with a community organisation who have embarked on a project to start a business in their area, we have been working on this project for about 8 months and today is my last workshop with them, they are sharing lessons learnt, of course, and how they will move ahead without me. I am excited as I…

Rest well.Eat well.Act right

You want to have more, give more and get more. In order to do it you must think abundantly.Do everything in an abundant way. Rest well.Eat well.Act right. Iyanla Vanzant

Today I am on a plane again, hitting the beautiful island of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), an absolute gem of an island in the Caribbean where I will be conducting two sessions. Always a pleasure to be there, the people are friendly and I feel a sense of calm and peace whenever I touch down on the SVG soil.

I am particularly excited to see the progress made by the community since my last visit in September, they have taught me the importance of using what I have, focusing on what is there. A true testament of what one focuses on grows. Instead of lamenting about what they do not have they rallied together within the community and decided to use whatever was available to them to make a better lie, I really cannot help but be inspired by them and their efforts

So my weekend will be spent working - on the beach, e…

What are you creating?

Leave people and places better than when you found them- Maxie McCoy

The ability to create - we were all born with it, if you think about it, creation is easy for us, every day we create something, sometimes without even thinking about it, sometimes mindlessly, sometimes unconsciously.  It is really more challenging to destroy or live a life denying our creative juices and ability. Sooner or later the excuses catch up with us, or life becomes a task when we deny our inante creative abilities
And so I ask are you paying attention to what you are creating as you walk this path and on this journey
Creation is through thought, word and deed.
It starts with a thought add that to applied action and boom - you create something
What are you unconsciously creating as you go on your journey?

We are programmed to fear it

Truth comes, we can't hear it
When you've been, programmed to fear it Lauren Hill

One of my favourite teachers always says when the proverbial shit hits the fan for me, what is the truth that is staring you in the face that you are refusing to acknowledge? Ask yourself that and then come chat with me.And then I reflect, then I realize that I am in a big cave of denial! The truth needs no defence The truth is without opposite The truth just is....
Do what you like it isn't going to change to suit your fear or your situation It is just the truth and guess what I have learnt? It really does set you free Peace