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Show Up Anyway

Consistency will establish habits that will carry you through the days when  life happens. Chomwa Shikati Showing up, I think it's half of the story. Showing up ready is even more than half of the story. Every day in every way when we show up and show up ready it contributes to becoming the person you are becoming, the goal that you are going towards, the dream realised. And sometimes showing up may be messy. it may be uncomfortable, it may be different - show up anyway! The key is doing your absolute best in the moment!  Showing up may mean leaving some stuff behind, it may mean no, it may mean setting boundaries, it may mean being true and authentic, it  may mean stepping back, it may mean taking a rest, it may mean giving up somethings and some people Show up anyway! Everyday we are being called to show up! Are you ready? Peace Get the Journal: Daily Lessons on the Journey - A Journal

What is your Definition of a Good Person?

The relationship between guilt and forgiveness may surprise you.   Guilt is actually a twisted or manipulative way of seeking forgiveness. It is the belief that if you inflict suffering on yourself for your choices, another will forgive you for them. This is belief keeps you in pain because only you can forgive yourself. Maxie McCoy Sharing lessons from Maryann Hasna I have experienced a lot of abusive, toxic energy in my lifetimes because of the imaginary identity I was trying to uphold of being a “good person”. I believed surely this was the path to true awakening. What a lie. So grateful for those truly unwell people I had contracts with who I have let into my heart and even my home. They really opened my eyes to the bullshit that sometimes can go along with being a spiritual seeker. How we seek or search for a ways to prove our “goodness”.  There can be a desire to be in service that is projection of the spiritualized ego. From this place there is a constant need to prove w

Take the Premium off the Control

B ut health and wellness aren’t about being perfect or being ok all the time. It’s about taking care of what needs caring for, so that we can get closer to what moves in us. It’s about having an array of choices that we can access at any given moment. Alicia Garza You are here not to do something, but to be something! we have this thing in Western Society where we put on premium on control, we put a premium on knowing, which is it’s like almost a sin not to know, not to have it mapped out. The mapping of the thing is to create capacity within you to move forward, you get too attached to the plan! It’s not about the plan, our activities are never about the thing itself, it isn’t what gets created it’s who we become in the process of the creation, when you check out of here you don’t take any of your creations with you. We are here not just to do something but to be something! Know what you are, not just who you are! You don’t have to know where it’s going all the time to kno

Home Bound

Knowledge without follow-through is worse than no knowledge.” - Charles Bukowski After a productive week in St Kitts and Nevis, the jouney has now come to an end. Homeward bound I am! The lessons, the love, the sharing, the experiences have been eye opening and fun. I always leave a new place feeling full of promise and hope because I see first hand that people still care about one another, that they still care about their communities, that they want to do better for themselves, their country and their families This is the sentiment that I left with, I am excited about all they are going to create and execute and I give thanks to be a part of it! Peace

Doing it for the Love and not the Likes

Stop feeding your doubts  with questionable news sources and social media gorging - Danielle La Porte Social media plays an important part in the world at the moment, whether we want to admit it or not, and certainly whether or not we like it or not. We are able to reach others in so many different parts of the world, to share our stories, our journeys, our happy moments, to market our products  and ourselves to spread good news and of course  there is a flip side. The alter ego's, the searching for validation, the reaction to bully's.  I have found myself paying attention to the social media in quite a number of ways, so much so, that it started becoming the first thing I look at in the morning and last thing at night. Some of the times I also find myself arguing with or at my phone because of some of the content that I see     I also sometimes find myself comparing what I do to what I see - and we all know comparison is the thief of joy So I decided to make s

St Kitts and Nevis Day 4

no effort is ever wasted, although some pay dividends later than you think. Do not imagine that you "wasted your time" because something didn't turn out right. There is no such thing as "waste" in the Universe. Everything -- everything -- yields benefit. Neale Donald Walsh   As I wrap up my time here on this very charming island, I reflect on the lessons - of course! Something one of the fisherfolk said yesterday came back to me this morning as I was reading, I shared part of the reading above, by Neale Donald Walsh He said yesterday " I just did not want to come here and waste my time"  How many times have I said that about things that I do, people I am to meet, and places to be? I must admit, this same phrase is on repeat in my head. And then he said it, I was on the other side of the comment, so it not only resonates, it put me in a position to see that saying it about another is really a tad bit arrogant!

St Kitts and Nevis Day 3

There are two types of easy. Quality Easy and Cheap Easy We are choosing Quality Easy - resides on inner strength and trusts the timing of things. Over time Quality Easy gets comfortable saying No and willing to walk away and let it go. Cheap Easy is a sucker for a discount, frequenly in a rush a bit desperate and scrambling for a result - Danielle La Porte The first ferry was the plan, leave the hotel at 7.30am to get to the terminal by 745am to board the 8am ferry- Ferry's are not my favourite mode of transport. I walked with my open mind and willing spirit I met someone who I was introduced to last year while I was here in July, we remembered one another-did some small talk while we waited to board. I wanted to get on that boat first so I could have chosen my seat, as far away as possible to the motor! No luck with that, I had to settle for the middle seat and pray for the best! 45 mins to another island! I made it, puke free and ready to roll The facilitation session

St Kitts and Nevis Day 2

The ability to achieve what you want in the outer world is always a direct reflection of the abundant state of your inner world. In the vedic tradition, wealth is equated to the life energy you express. In order to increase wealth you must increase your life energy. You may begin by asking how much life is being expressed through me. Maryam Hasnaa I am in St Kitts and Nevis a lovely island in the Caribbean close to Antigua and Barbuda. I am here to facilitate a workshop on sustainable livelihoods using seamoss - seamoss - well I really don't know how to describe what seamoss is but it makes wicked drinks and is supposed to be a superplant as it is good for your skin as well. The group so far have been so accomodating it makes my job so much  easier and so much more fun! I never take these opportunities for granted seeing a simple way of life, seeing how others want to improve their station, learning from others! Give thanks Peace

The Strength of Your Connections

Your self-love tank determines who you judge and how strongly. How you honor yourself governs the degree in which you respect others. And the depth of your own healing controls the health and strength of your connections. I consider myself a calm person for the most part, unruffled under most circumstances. It's something I worked on through meditation, loving myself more and learning how to respond. It is very rare that I lose my cool. I even started paying attention to my triggers so as to respond rather than react. And so, when I do lose my cool I am really disappointed in myself. I will admit I am no enlighted master nor am I perfect. I do this because this approach feels better, saves a lot of tears and friendships, as well as, keeps my ego in check When my cool is blown I take days to recover, this is what is one of my biggest challenge Having said this, confessions on the journey I lost my cool yesterday, it even got to the point of shouting ( yes I am still recoverin


Commitment supersedes contracts, legal agreements and other constructs meant to  enforce promises. Commitment cannot be regulated. True commitment comes from within True commitment is deeper than contracts.  It has more to do with who you are rather than what you do. Alicia Rodriguez What are you committed to? What will you commit to? Are you even interested in having any committments, in keeping your committments? What will you do to keep your committments? What makes you keep your committments? What makes you break your committments? Pondered on these today and I came up with this There is nothing worse than breaking the committments I made to myself doesn't build self belief, nor trust in self or others Goes back to - it starts with me Peace Download the Free Ebook I DeClare Get the Journal

Good Never Runs Out

Good never runs out although it may change form - Neale Donald Walsh  Confessions on the Journey - so my doubts kicked in yesterday and I kept asking myself "how can I make better choices? How can I make better choices financially and in all relationships, especially intimate ones?' "How do I keep the faith when the noises of self doubt kick in?" I live in this here world, and it takes faith to show up and slay the doubts. The world here has its status quo and rules and regulations, living within it when one has made a choice to go a different route to the status quo. Inherent in this decision, committment is required. The committment to have faith, to be committed, to show up, to be present. So, maybe I have to accept more maybe I have to keep showing up maybe I have to remain committed maybe I must feel the feels maybe I must keep going All I know is that it works out as it ought to and I'mma hold on to that Peace  Download Free Ebook: www.akos


Every now and then I fall apart - Bonnie Tyler and I allow myself too.... falling apart in this sense means taking the time to regroup and reset. And, confessions on the journey, that may look like spending the day in my PJ's at home watching Netflix or movies, it may mean crying to purge, it may mean eating a big ole chocolate bar, it may mean switching off the phone and the PC, it may mean being silent, or going for a walk, I fall apart and then I, as we say here, wheel and come again! I have stopped playing the super hero, the cape, shield, boots and sword has been retired. I know I am strong and courageous and I know that I can pull those qualities out when I need them, I have nothing to prove anymore to myself nor to anyone. So I revel in my humaness, and those who are uncomfortable with it, well what can I say? I don't know really what to tell ya! When I reset and regroup, it's almos like brand new, beand new outlook, new energies, more love, more fir

The Running Just Puts a Plaster on the Sore

Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else Didn't even want to admit it to yourself And now your chest burns and your back aches From 15 years of holding the pain And now you only have yourself to blame If you continue to live this way Get it together You want to heal your body You have to heal your heart Whatsoever you sow you will reap Get it together - India Arie You want to heal your body? you have to heal your heart! Seems simple doesn't it? For me, sometimes I think I have healed certain wounds, of course, not being around much people, it would seem that all is fine and dandy, not opening my heart, how would I know? Relationships are our biggest teachers, especially the intimate ones, it reflects whether or not there are old wounds within that did not heal, those that were sitting dormant. It's like when someone passes and hit a sore and it pops right open, that shit hurts, you scream, you squirm. In life that can mean pushing people away, showing your da

Take What Works and Run With It

We have this obsession in our society with wanting to get it right, to be right, to do it right that the fear of being “wrong” paralyses us Rev Deborah L Johnson Do you wait until something is perfect before you make a move? And what would you define as perfect?  Do you wait and wait and wait and if it is not perfection you postpone it? Why? What causes you to rather not do it than start and learn as you go? Having standards is a must, mediocrity must never be accepted. There is a difference between having standards and chasing perfection - which to me, is such a lame waste of time! Where is the fun in that? I make loads of mistakes, I would bet sometimes you see typos on here too! But, I always aim to do my best, my best in the moment and learn as I go. I learnt that by chasing perfection and letting things slide then beating up myself after because I did not follow my heart's desire and on the flip side I cut others slack when they make mistakes. I have also l

Think the Biggest Thought

Do not be tempted to think the smallest thought or to lower your expectations so that anything above that will be considered a "win" for you. You will have already lost... Neale Donald Walsh It takes practice to keep thinking your highest thought, to stop from reacting, especially in relationships, whether it is intimate relationships, friendships, work relationships, which ever one. It takes practice to also remind yourself of your intentions, to keep asking "what is my intention" Over the last week I have been so tested, I had to summon the questions, particularly when I wanted my own way. I wanted to win at all costs. As soon as those feelings came up, I reminded myself that I had to ask, what is my intention and what is the highest thought. I must admit, not all the time it worked, I seem to have started off 2018 with a number of disagreements with friends, and there were times my response was listen - to hell with this! or to pout and act pas

You Have......

It is impossible not to have, but it is possible not to know you have. ACIM This is one of my go to statements especially when my bank balance is dwindling, my opportunities seem to be slowing down and there is some anxiety in my life. It is impossible for me not to have! That is my strong belief.  The Universe is so abundant that it provides me with everything that I need, the problem occurs when we force the issue, we don't pay attention to the signs, and carry on ignoring those signs. It is impossible not to have!  How many times have we ignored what is right in front of us? How many times gratitude is ignored? How many times did we cuss the situation? All of those actions indicate that we believe that we do now know that we have Start from where you are, using what you have, pour some gratitude on it and see what happens Peace Download the Free Ebook: Get the Journal Here: https://www.a

Step Forward

Evolution is a process in which you seem to proceed from one degree to the next. You correct your previous missteps by stepping forward . ACIM To not make a decision is a decision, according to Neale Donald Walsh, it means living by default.  Living by default means that we give away our power, the power that we have inherent with us by being children of the Source Step forward  Stepping forward is a new choice, it declares that you are willing and ready to move Stepping forward does not always mean physical activity, a physical step, it may involve a new mindset, a new story, a new approach.  Step Forward Stepping forward may include having a different crowd around you Stepping forward may involve leaving a job, or taking a new job Stepping forward may include ending a relationship, or even starting one, opening up, telling the truth, showing up real! Step Forward Stepping forward may include smashing comfort zones, giving up the need to be right all the time, do

Where the Growth is

“ Your new idea of who you are is where the growth is. Your new idea of what is so is where the evolution accelerates. Your new idea of who what where when how and why of it is where the mystery gets solved, the plot unravels, the story ends. Then you can begin a new story and a grander one” Neale Donald Walsh Everything we do is infused with the thought of who we are, what we want to achieve and where we are going.  Every.single.thing And who we are is determined by you! If the story and idea that you are telling yourself at the moment has you anxious and not your best self, tell another story! You can change it, yes you can, It really is up to you! So what are you telling as your story? And what are you doing that really shows who you are If you are lying all the time, are you a liar? Do you want to be? If you are cheating - are you a cheater? Do you want to be? If you are doing kind deeds - are you kind? Do you want to be? Who do you think you are? W

Every Lesson Makes Us Better Us

Every thing we do is the lesson in being better at who we are - Marianne Williamson We all have, accoring to the Course in Miracles, our special life cirriculum. And, most importantly, no one's cirriculum is more important than another's. It makes up the whole! So some of us can sing, some can act, some can write, some are good a science and math, you get the picture! And in doing what your assigned cirriculum helps all of us in the workd and moreso the person who the "job" has been assisgned to When we do not follow the cirriculum, therin comes the challenges, jobs that we hate, relatinships that are draining, businesses that focus on money alone to the detriment of the population through greed and unfair human practices. This is where our purpose comes in Our purpose is part of our cirriculum and no one said it would be easy, there will be challenges on the way, these are the lessons which help us to become our highest self Peace Download I DeClare F

Be More

No matter where you're at: lost, found, determined, confused, rocking, searching, chilling, or wandering. No matter what goals you've set for yourself. Even if you have no goals. It doesn't matter, one thing is true: there's a potential not to do more, but to be more . Maxie McCoy Who you be?  Rev Deborah L Johnson asks that question often in her sermons Who you be? Are you being something?  Are you being kind? Are you being helpful? Are you being loving? Are you being a jerk? Who you be? Are you being true to you? Are you being authentic? Are you being fake? Who you be? We have a tendency to do. And yes, there is time for doing. Being comes first, you be, then you do Who you be? Peace Download the Free Ebook I DeClare Get the Journal Here: