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Challenge Yourself to Go Within

These new goals of mine require different habits from me. Rob Hill Sr

As Lauren Hills sang "how you gonna win when you a'int right within?"
Some of the goals, the objectives and the vision that we have for ourselves require us to develop new and different qualities
It may be discipline, commitment, surrendering, abundance thinking. We tend to think of our actions to achieve a goal as the external activities that must happen to lead us there. I want to suggest that there must be a balance of the external and internal. Let's say you want to be financially independent of debts. Part of that is developing the discipline to pay the amount due on at the assigned time, avoiding procrastination and the surrender to the whims of purchasing items to escape.
All of those qualities are internal. You alone are responsible for this happening.
Going within requires courage - an essential quality required to achieve any life goal.
To face one self with with honesty is sometimes tough.

I DeClare

Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me. — Audre Lorde

It is rare that I make resolutions
Don’t want them to haunt me in the dead of night
Each day guilted by all the things I said I would or would not do
I only do what I want, when I want
With a full heart or not at all & the rest will have to settle somewhere between my lips & my intention
I don’t DeClare often
But there comes a day
When I am more than dependable woman
More than what I’ve accomplished or seek to & as that day approaches
Know this:
I declare to remember how to love
In the face of hurt in my heart
I will love you, that’s me
Foolishly, at times, but courageous
I vow to forgive
To ignite the soft of me & surrender to that knowledge that everything ain’t gonna grow like I grow
Aint gonna’ know what I know, how I know & that is ok
There is still love in letting go
I commit to love myself
To honour this girl with dreams she can’t stomach yet but works hard to
In the morning, I will pray to a …

2019 Top Lessons

you don’t have to downplay your success to balance out their mediocrity. Joel Leon

What I learned in 2019 will continue to be the backbone of all that I do.
Courage is not simple or easy.It takes practice, its not only for heros & the super self confident but for the everyday person who has done her share of the inner work knowing that its all lessons & the dots all connect at some point. I've learnt that I don’t have everyone else’s answers, but having walked the path where at one time I didn’t like who I was becoming gives me the capacity & container to hold space for those who I recognise are now unconsciously on that path. I've learnt that I can let go & that is different to giving up. I've learnt that because I have gotten more comfortable with not obsessively needing “to control everything" that I can stand a little taller, be a lot less swayed by doubt, square my shoulders, & speak the words that feel like my truth, even when i…

Let No-Thing Define You

"Don't be defined by what you didn't know or didn't do. You're deciding your life right now.” Meg Jay

Around this time, many people look at their last goals, dreams and objectives. Some people focus on what they did not do, did not achieve and beat themselves up, feel guilty and take action from that space.
Others, look at what they did achieve as a demonstration that they can indeed achieve.
Some learn the lessons.
I have learnt that there has to be a balance. The balance of taking the lessons and celebrating the wins, knowing that making decisions from the balance is for your best. So many times we define ourselves by what we have, what is seen. Some of the best lessons sometimes comes from the qualities that you have developed on the journey to that particular goal or dream
The self belief
The faith
The discipline
The people who show you that they are in your corner
The self love
The realisation that self care is important
So many lessons in realising that when I am headi…

Resisting change is a waste of a heartbreak

Not every relationship is meant to be a forever kind of thing... and if you ever want to find happiness you have to learn to be okay with that - Rob Hill Sr.

Letting go is part of the Journey. Everyone will not be at the the finish line with you.
This is a serious lesson that I have learnt over the past year.
Some people come in at the right time and then when the lesson is learnt and the assignment is over, there is no amount of holding on that will keep that person in your life.
Wanting to hold on usually does more harm to us in the long run, we cannot sometimes understand why the relationship has changed, shifted or ended.
More times than not, the lesson has been learnt and the Journey with that person is now over
Yes, it is a hard pill to swallow
But when we accept and make room for the new thing, life gets so much more simple.
Be willing
Be open
Be faithful
that you will be guided
Resisting change is a waste of a heartbreak

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Lessons on Abundance

My fears can't go where I'm headed - Ebonee Davis

The most powerful lesson learnt whilst travelling through Africa this year has been about abundance. In my mind previously, abundance is reflected by the amount of money, wealth, material possessions and powerful position one has. Travelling around the Continent shifted this perspective to believing with all my heart, that abundance shows up in so many other ways and is always around us.
The sunrise, the plants, the soil, the community all provide what we need. Nature has it all and is the most abundant system that I have ever experienced, it can sustain us if we allow it. I believe that we have it all at our disposal yet we feel we are lacking. 
We are always looking for something outside of nature, for more in a system rooted in exploitation, especially of nature. The system continues to bamboozle us into believing that we are lacking if we don't have certain material possessions.
Not enoughness will mash us up!

Have you …

What if we choose possibilities?

I've learned that letting go is not a rude thing or a personal thing—it's a spiritual and purposeful thing. It's about knowing and honoring that you're here to be the good caretaker of the garden within you, and of all the fruit you're here to bear. Lalah Delia

Letting go is hard for me. Letting go in this instance refers to moving on from things that are in my life that are done serving any good purpose. Letting go in this case means surrendering to the process, to that higher power which is all knowing and all seeing and sometimes illogical to us based on our experience.

Letting go is difficult because it is unknown territory. We cannot control it, there is no reference but past ones, which may be references that are based on fear, hurt and vulnerability. 
We default to the past, rather than leaving room for possibilities. We default to the negative.

What if we choose possibilities? 
What if we choose faith over fear?
What if we trust?

Catch that
Have you read any o…

Ulterior motives are never a higher call to action

it's not your assignment or relationship when your motivation is coming from a self-centered, egoic state of mind. Ulterior motives are never a higher call to action. Lalah Delia

How do we know what is for us? jobs, relationships, people, situations
The simple answer is that we just know - when we decide that it is, we feel a  type of peace and in times of challenges we recognise that the challenges are really just part of the Journey, they are lessons, not a reason to give up and throw in the towel.
When we know who we are, we know know what is for us.
We listen to our intuition for guidance and pay attention to the signs as there may be other people showing up in our space with the relevant and required guidance that is essential as we navigate through the Journey
Both of this takes - doing the work.
Doing the work involves
1. Being still
2. Resting
3. Taking the time to find clarity
4. Listening to the still inner voice
5. Stopping the people pleasing.
6. Paying attention to the signs


See Yourself!

today i hope you see what i see in you and more. Diamond Dorris

At this time of the year I usually reflect and review, I pull out old books and put questions together to gauge where I am in being my best self =, I wanted to share some of them with you and would love to hear some of yours

Questions to myself as I reflect: What lessons did the last year have to teach me? What kind of relationships nuture me? What makes me feel most alive? What do I believe about myself? How do I demonstrate that belief?

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My Letting Go List as I step into the new decade of 2020

the goodness in your life does not come to you from someone else. When you see this, you will be free. Neale Donald Walsh

My Letting Go List as I step into the new decade of 2020 1. The need to control the uncontrollable - focusing on my response
2. People who drain my energy - if I feel drained after being in your presence I am loving you from afar
3. Guilt for resting - I am no longer basing my worth on the amount of items in my calendar
4. Over use of social media - giving up checking my phone the moment that I wake up.
5. Poor eating habits - trust me, I an eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner  and justify that it is a fruit!
6. Codependency - depending on others for validation and happiness. I sometimes fall into the trap of waiting for others to make me feel good.

You are most powerful, most effective, when you are completely yourself.

You are most powerful, most effective, when you are completely yourself. Eckhart Tolle

Having to facilitate sessions with groups and organisations always pushes me out of my comfort zone, especially when the subject matter is either new to me or the participants are experts in the area.
For the past week I have had 4 sessions, blown out of my comfort zone.
Even with the tools and preparation, some self doubt set in. Would I make sense? How would they respond? Will they come back on the following days?
As I sat there contemplating and ruminating, I remembered the lesson of showing up, doing my best and being myself. This would be my strategy for the week.
Turns out, it worked for me.
What I did not know I said I did not, we worked it out
I felt more relaxed and I was able to be more at ease to do what I set out to do.
How many times do we want to impress at the expense of being themselves.
How many times do we follow someone else?
How many times do we silence ourselves due to fear?
How about jus…