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Soul Lessons

When you are indecisive and scattered visualize pulling your energy in towards your body and bring your self fully into the NOW moment. Remind your self that there are no right or wrong choices. The Creator has gifted you with the Free Will to use your energy to create however you wish. In order to make the highest decision we must understand that all choices take us down the path of soul experience. Some decisions will guide us through our journey with ease and grace and others will be profound soul lessons for us to learn from.Sabrine Reur

Over the past few days I have been having quite an interesting time on the journey!
On Thursday, a woman who read my book "found" me, she lives in Florida and came to Trinidad to complete a writing retreat, She read the book and wanted to meet me, being a "small" island, the degrees of separation is more like three rather than seven so someone knew someone and voila I got a call, would I be willing to meet the lady! Sure! I had…

Take a step....

I have been telling myself this all week, talking to myself about what I want to do, my big vision for myself which has started scaring the living daylights out of me, so much so that I have frozen and just like clockwork, I ask the Universe for guidance and this is what came into my mind as clear as day, I want to share it with you.

"You have no idea what is possible from where you are!- MOVE! Take a step. If you can clearly see how to fulfill your dream, dream a bigger dream, you’re playing way too small! Most times we don’t know the how that is what makes it more awesome!
If you can see it all and know it all, dream bigger, there is no room for magic, there is no reason for the unexpected, for the miracles, for the people you haven’t met yet, for the faith, for the resources you don’t even know about or dream about, You will not know all this from where you are, MOVE! Do something, anything!
We geta sense that we are being called to do something that is bigger than we are and w…

What you appreciate, appreciates!

What you appreciate, appreciates , Lynne Twist

Every time I need reminding of a lesson, the Universe responds to me right on time and many a day when this happens I laugh really heartily and sometimes scandalously and say a silent thank you! So here's the scene, I am looking at my budget and sitting there thinking ok, cash flow getting low due to timing of payments I am supposed to receive, I start a semi-panic and for me when this happens its either scenario's start playing out in my head or I beat up on myself for choices made, I'm thinking ok why did I come back to Trinidad again? The whole movie scene playing out in my head and right on cue as I sit there looking at plugging holes, my phone beeps, an email! I look at the phone and the email is from Lynne Swift, founder of the Soul of Money Institute. I am a fan of Lynne's work and it seemed so fitting that I received that email right at that time. Lynne's belief is When your attention is on what’s lacking and s…

I am not a problem to fix

I am not a problem to fix. And I’m certainly not defective. I am bloody glorious. My darkness always circles back to the light. There is order to my chaos. My heart is broken on a daily basis and for that I am on-my-knees grateful. I am the entitled Ruler of My Own Life, a tender devotee of desire, ancient and newborn, a Medicine Woman Priestess Powerhouse, a Soldier of Love, an Artist of Magnitude. I am important—just because. In a perfect symbiosis of reciprocity, the world needs exactly what I’ve got to give—which is tremendous. My hunger is fierce, divine, and universal. Moreover, it is insatiable—and that is good. I am a portal to Truth, luminous. I am as wide-awake today as I can possibly be. And I am not the only one. I . . . am . . . not the only one Danielle La Porte

What are you creating?

Give yourself some adventure, some achievement, some fellowship, learning, exhilaration, and other great moments of experience. Ralph Marston Last night I went to a show at the Little Carib Theatre in Port of Spain and as I was sitting there watching and listening it hit me. We are here to create! We are here as co-creators with the Universe, with God, whatever you want to call the higher power. Women, of course are co-creators of life and has the ultimate fun! But wow, how awesome is the ability we have to create and we focus so much on destroying or following or moaning and complaining or creating bacchanal and commess and drama! Create something that feels nice, that nurtures the soul, that makes someone smile even if it’s you, whether it is a loving environment, a healthy meal, something! create something! because we have this awesome power to create!Super powers are given to be used!

What are you creating today?

Its about service, not popularity

I know I am enough (most of the time) and act accordingly. My focus isn’t on what other people think, it’s on adding value to world and letting the chips of approval or disapproval fall where they may.It’s about the mission, not the approval. It’s about service, not popularity. Mastin Kipp

The NiNa Programme which I started in 2011, had their 4th graduation ceremony yesterday. I sat there looking at the events and thinking wow, the best thing about it was the girls said " this programme was supposed to train me on Entrepreneurship skills but it did more than that, it made me a better person, it equipped me for life" 

So that made me really happy, it made it all worth it! So, just start whatever you want to do, just start it, learn as you go along, feel the fear and press on!  There will be people who support you and those who don't. give thanks for all of them, they are teaching you something!

Will post some pictures when I get them!
Back to the football!

Needing nothing....

Needing nothing attracts everything. Russell Simmons

So what did I learn today? A penny dropping moment happened this weekend. Not being in the present moment really brings unnecessary worry! It's like thinking about the past or projecting the future is a recipe for wasted worry! When I am present in the moment, fully immersed in what I am doing, the past and future really doesn't exist. The other thing I learnt this weekend is as Byron Katie says, arguing with what is causes suffering. I have been over the last week and a half thinking about a situation about how it should be, what is the best way, what make sense and getting madly frustrated and then it hit me today, child of the Universe acceptance please, this is the way it is, accept that and then choose! Not fuss about oh this is how I want it to be, this is how it should be and get unnecessary grey hair!

Football has hypnotized me! So far, it's been super duper, me and my TV!! Pure joy


Give yourself something to show for it

Time will pass no matter what. Give yourself something to show for it.  Ralph Marston

The football was nice yesterday, the team that I was backing won the game, the house was quiet and it still is!

So my best lesson from yesterday! I was doing an online workshop and just by the way these questions came up! Its awesome what you learn when you're paying attention. So the lady was asking about whether or not she should stay in a relationship, and all the reasons why she was asking the question and this was the response, which made me sit up and pay attention

1. Do you want to be a better person when you're with the person or in the relationship - do you want to be your best you? Raise your own standards, be the best that you can be - not be false and fake, just your highest you
2. Do you have to work hard for the love and attention? Do you have to jump through hoops, cook and clean and work and work - do you just work to please the person not please yourself?
3. Is the space you&…

This brings me joy

I woke up this morning feeling alright, I woke up feeling brand new cause the dream that I've been dreaming has finally come tru.. Will. I. Am

World Cup starts today!! Now hear me, something thatbrings me so much joy is football! I cannot even explain it but my word, football, watching football, reading about football brings me so much joy! I woke up this morning with an extra energy! I have a couple of meetings today and I am praying to focus on them, finish them earlyso I can sit and take it all in! Now the thing that makes it even stranger for afew people is that I like to watch the thing alone, no interruptions, no talking to anyone but the players, I ruck uo to stadiums in Italy, Spain, Brazil alone, put my foot up and I'm in heaven, I sit in front the telly on the weekend with my bake and Malta and it would feel like I'm in front of the pearly gates, alone...! I have two people in my house that don’t know this! Oh what an interesting month it will be, the lessons I am…

Follow the longing down....

Don’t ignore the signs. Follow the longing down. Go beneath the surface of your troubled mind, your bad moods, your repetitive mistakes. Go beneath the surface questions to even deeper questions. What is that weight that holds you back? What inside of you is saying no! Are you willing to look at yourself? To take responsibility for your own life? Are you willing to let something dies in order for something new to arise? What must die? What wants to live?Root around, let those questions lead you. If you turn a deaf ear, you’ll stay the same, same situation, same same same. It’s up to you!Elizabeth Lesser

Had a meeting this morning and here is what I learnt and its my best lesson this week

only when you are real, authentic, not hiding behind a mask and letting your ego rule you, there can be an open honest and authentic conversation with no blame, no shouting, no drama because drama is optional!

According to the master Iyanla Vanzant "own your stuff, own it" then take it from …

Tell them how...

If you don’t tell people what you want, they can’t give it to you.
If you want to be pleased, tell people how they can please you.
If you want something, ask for it. 
Be specific.
Be courageous.
Sharing my top lesson this week!

Sometimes you’ll be disappointed when you ask, but less often than if you don’t ask.
No doesn’t hurt as bad as you may think. Because there’s always another way. Or something else. Or someone else.
But yes feels really good. And so does helping someone make you happy.
If you want something, it’s your job to say so.
Help the people in your life win with you
Become easy to be pleased by being clear about what pleases you.
Support others in making you happy by telling them how.
Kate Courageous

what were you thinking?

Big thoughts +big action =big life; small thoughts +small action =small life

What were you thinking? Have you heard this before? You did something not so smart and someone blurts out to you what were you thinking?

That question takes on for me a whole new meaning - now that I am paying attention! What were you thinking? You see I have realised that my thoughts manifest itself into my reality! really! Not my words, but my thoughts because thoughts become things. So my dominant thoughts I have seen manifesting itself and there's no distinction, I think negative thoughts and I get negative results, positive thoughts create positive experiences! It really is that simple!

So what were you thinking when the crap hit the fan? what were you thinking when things were flowing, check it out!!

I ALLOW life to be big

I allow life to be big! Mastin Kipp

Kayaking was nice! drove 2 hours to a river on the North East Coast of the island. Very relaxing, beautiful and fun!!!

What did I learn today? So many of us don't ask for what we want. Most of us put up with or ignore or excuse whatever it is that shows up. But to do that, (ask for what you want) you've got to be willing to hear "no." Just because you ask for what you want doesn't mean that you're going to get it or get it in the way that you believe is “right”. We are not ready for the possibility of a negative response, so we stop, paralyzed. But if you are prepared for it ( the possibility of hearing NO), you'll know what your next steps are going to be, and you'll get busy taking those steps instead of taking it personally, shutting down, blaming, cussing, and all of the other drama.....
The way you ask for what you want or need is also crucial. No, is next opportunity, not now, next... directions to the next pla…

Do it.... NOW!

I was thinking about it but.... I was going to but... I wish I could but..... these are the excuses we give for sitting on our butts. We tell ourselves we are waiting for something to happen that something is missing!
If you think what u need is not there, find it. If you cannot find it, make it. If you cannot make it, find someone who can. Iyanla Vanzant There are no buts so big that it cannot be moved. Move the but and see how everything
Been facilitating at a two day workshop in Trinidad! I had a ton load of fun doing it and looking forward to our next session together in July, a group of passionate committed souls who want to improve their community! How awesome is that!!

Is there something that you like to do and you have not done it? And you have expressed on many occasions that " I really want to do .......... BUT" Here's the thing, just do it! Just do the bloody thing! There is no but that's too big to be moved! So many fears pop up when we even think about d…

At Home I simply AM

When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.

-- Byron Katie

Have you ever been to a place and you're there and you know that you've made a perfect decision? It's difficult to explain but each time I arrive in Port of Spain I feel that way, I get a sort of calm yet an overflowing of gratitude! Feels like my soul is loved and cared for! I've had it maybe one more or two other places I have been, South Africa, Cape Town and New Orleans (explains why I have been to New Orleans about ten times!!) So back on the Super Island I am feeling the soul ease and although things are not all the way as I want them to be I say ok Universe take over, obviously there is something you want me to learn, recognise and appreciate because hey, once your soul is calm what else do you need? And I obey, I relax and I know that there's something bigger than me here.

 I am at home!
At home I am loved, appreciated and protected
At home I am nurtured, cultivat…