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I Believe In...

What is going on in your mind determines the quality of your life - Micheal Singer

Maxie McCoy came up with a brilliant lists called "85 Things That I Believe in", I am going to share my top 30, I would love if you can share yours!
I believe in sleep.I believe that believing in yourself is the ultimate superpower.I believe that we become what we believe. I believe in stories. And their power to connect us. I believe we’re here to love. Full stop. I believe there’s magic in the everyday. Extraordinary in the simple.I believe moments are what matter. Not outcomes. I believe that women are changing the world.I believe in the men who believe in women.I believe the path is made while you’re stepping. Not before.I believe in being the highest possible expression of yourself, always. I believe that saying what’s hard is easier than living a life created by only saying what’s easy.I believe laughter is worth searching for. I believe we’re here to learn the lessons. So let’s be compas…

Who Establishes Worthiness?

Your worth is not established by teaching or learning. Your worth is established by God. As long as you dispute this everything you do will be fearful, particularly any situation that lends itself to the belief in superiority and inferiority. ACIM

Your worth is not established by anything you do, make , share, teach or learn. You are           born worthy! Isn't that magnificent to know? Everything that you do does not make you worthy, everything that you don't do does not        make you unworthy and vice versa. You are worthy, period. We forget our worthiness, we forget our magnificence, we forget our enoughness and           engage in behaviours that reflect that. When we forget, we must learn, unlearn and re-         learn. And that process of unlearning, re-learning and learning still will not make us               unworthy, because we already are worthy. That process of learning will continue until we       transition. The process will continue until we get it, until …

What Do You Believe?

What you believe precedes all experiences - Iyanla Vanzant

What do you believe about your health, your finances, your body, your dreams, your abilities?

What do you believe about the world?

Do you even know?

If you don't consciously know, your life will reflect to you all of your beliefs. It really is quite amazing!

When you pay attention to your beliefs not only can you change them, you can change your life.

Money in my case, I believed that there is never enough of it for me to live. My life started reflecting this. It is only when I started paying attention to my beliefs I realised, wait a hot darn minute, I believe in a lack. Life has a way of reflecting what is inside of us.

So, I have embarked on the Journey to change these beliefs, I have started reading books, clearing off my debts, paying my bills on time and in love and knowing that there is always enough. The hardest part for me was charging a fee for the services that I provide, and this struggle is made so much more e…

Teamwork makes the dream work

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."--Helen Keller

Heart Fire was scorching! It all came together so fabulously! I couldn't ask for a better band of supporters, they are all angels.
The one thing we thought we did not have, a photographer, showed yup. A friend who takes pictures gladly obliged. I know that I am divinely guided and supported- if I had any doubt I don't anymore. I took the approach of letting the team do their thing, each of them have strengths and maximising them is always magnificent!
I am so honoured that this team chose me, they say the team work makes the dream work!
Who is on your team?


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Today the Heart Blazes a Fire

I want to live the rest of my life, however long or short, with as much sweetness as I can decently manage, loving all the people I love, and doing as much as I can of the work I still have to do. I am going to write fire until it comes out of my ears, my eyes, my noseholes--everywhere. Until it's every breath I breathe. I'm going to go out like a fucking meteor!”  Audre Lorde

Today is Heart Fire- A Book Reading Event. I am so proud that we have gotten to this point, the team has rallied to bring the event to this point. My gratitude cup is overflowing. The three ladies that are in my corner are angels. The encourage dialogue and allow me a safe space to just be!
The results are always magnificent learnings. Today promises to be no different
I learn every-time to put the work in, to plant the seed and let it go. Wanting to control everything is a recipe for stress and disaster. So, with the nervous energy, the excitement and the faith that all is well, the team makes it's de…

Cheers to Knowing

Knowing, as we have already observed, does not lead to doing. ACIM

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have, in response, to a question about doing something that I must absolutely do but for some reason procrastinate say I know. In fact, I may repeat it - I know I know. Today as I was reading ACIM, it hit me, knowing does not lead to doing, knowing is the first step. to complete the action one must do! I say I know to satisfy myself that I am doing something, in reality I am not really doing anything. I am stalling. So, how do we complete the process, how do we complete the "doing"  1. We acknowledge where we are  2. We accept where we are 3. We commit to taking a small step, daily 4. We stop judging ourselves 5. We celebrate the small wins 6. Repeat!
Cheers to knowing! Peace
Tomorrow is Heart Fire at the Kaiso Blues Cafe!

Is anything enough?

When you know you have given enough, done enough and taken enough, the pain of overwhelm is replaced by your powerful decree: enough!  Iyanla
Our belief of our enoughness is critical in making decisions.When we start from a place of enoughness there is less striving, less proving and less stress.
When nothing seems enough we lose perspective on what is working in our lives We leave gratitude out of the equation and keep on searching, looking, wanting. Start from a place where YOU are enough and see what difference it makes

Love is..

it costs absolutely nothing to love people. love does not mean i will carry you. love does not mean i will stay. love does not mean i will allow you to bring me harm. love is just that. there is a way to love without letting people that are not good for you into your space. Diamond Dorris

Love does not hurt
Love does not cause drama
Love is Love
Unconditional Love does not mean that there are no boundaries, it does not mean anything goes. Boundaries are in place to engender respect of self and others.
Love is Love
Love is Acceptance
Love is Patience
Love is being in a Safe Space
Love is knowing your worth and not having to bargain for anything.
Love is Declaration, not secretive
Love is freedom
Love is being vulnerable
Love is Love


Come out to Heart Fire on Saturday 26th January

Love vs Fear

Nothing and everything cannot coexist. To believe in one is to deny the other. Fear is really nothing and love is everything. ACIM 

How many times have we pre-planned an event in our mind, we create scenarios and have proper conversations about what can happen, what ought to happen, what will happen if he or she says or does so and so! And then when the event actually happens, it goes nothing as we anticipated, especially when the conversation is based on fear.
Fear has its place, it is a survival mechanism. we have evolved from living out in the wilderness, we have taken this survival mechanism and used it inappropriately to cause ourselves and others undue stress and strife.
Fear is really nothing and love is everything - I absolutely live by this when I am feeling totally at sea and afraid I remember this line Love is everything, love of self first, love of others, love of life If you are reminded that love is everything, you will not act in fear.
What have you been doing in fear? What…

Why Do You Play Small?

FB memories gets me every-time. This morning one popped up from six years ago, I wanted to share it with you as it really resonated with me.

What did I learn today? She asked me, “why do you play small?” my first reaction was that she was talking about my weight as the conversation was previously on the different type of African food that I have been “sampling”. I responded “ I play small because I I am” and I chuckled! Blank stare!! “Do you know that you have a responsibility to yourself, to your ancestors, to your spirit?” Ok now it was getting serious, now it was time for me to pay attention. “what do you mean?”
She said to me that it is your responsibility to excel, to glow, to do what you know you can do. It makes no sense holding it all back! What are you saving it for? Why do you give one single thought to what other people think? Those who are for you and what you stand for will remain, the rest are passing through on your journey, leave them, and continue along your path! …

What Are You Focusing On?

Each of us has a set of core beliefs that compete with our divinity and attract the very things we try so desperately to avoid. Iyanla

I have learnt that when I focus on things I don't want they manifest! It really is a mind set to realign my focus onto the very things that I do want.
I have learnt that what we focus on grows
Subconsciously or not, focus has growth faculties, so ask yourself, what do I focus on daily
and when you do, see what is evident in your life
If you are fine with it, carry on smartly
If you are not, then it really is this simple, change your focus!



The path of mastery is not about valuation or appreciation from the outside. 
It is about overcoming doubts and fears on the inside. 
When mastery is growing within you, life will happen easily, without any struggle, and victory will become a way of life. Iyanla Vanzant

I love Iyanla's definition of mastery. It is what I would call an inside job, it is resting in the knowledge that despite the doubt, the fear, the trepidation, the questions, I can rest easily knowing that all will be well even if it turns out different to what I had anticipated.

Mastery is part of the self love process, Without mastery the doubts can take you over
the work, causing you to look outside of yourself for kudos and validation.
That can lead to aiding in poor choices.

Mastery requires commitment and discipline,
Mastery requires faith
Mastery requires self belief

Heart Fire in January

Looking Back to Move Forward

You will never know how much you are holding until you let it go. Maryam Hasnaa

Yesterday, as I was making preparations for Unveiling- Looking into the Mirror of Self on Saturday  ( I am so excited and happy for this weekend - I digress)
As I was going through the materials, in between them was a journal from 2013 called " The Accountability Process".  In the Journal was a through detail of the vision I had for myself and how I would hold myself accountable for it.

I laughed a hearty laugh when I saw it. I pulled it out and started reading it.

What was the vision I wanted for myself?
That year was a tough year, freshly out of job, house, marriage  and just floating around in Uganda laying low, I wrote out the vision I wanted for my life. To feel free, to serve the world in a meaningful way, to share my story, to be financially comfortable.
I read it back last night. I was living my vision, plus or minus a few small details (the financial part!! - confessions on the Journey)

Opportunities are Grounds For Action

the problem with knowing is that it takes away the possibility of pretending! Pearl Cleage

I am grateful for new opportunities. Iyanla Vanzant defines opportunities   as  grounds for action. It’s a state of affairs that makes something else possible. It is the falling together of things and people and circumstances.
Over the last week, there have been opportunities that have come to me, I had to take action, I saw the coming together of things, people and circumstances which seemed so effortless. I have learnt that it requires effort, that effort is usually not one of forcing and coercing. It seems like a natural flow
How many times do we force ourselves in situation and a box because we mistook a lesson for an opportunity?
How many times do we look for opportunities that dishonours us because it is the trend or the money?
 How many times do we settle?
Ask yourself, is this situation allowing me to take action, to bring together people, things and circumstances to grow!

Setting Boundaries

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others. Brene Browne
My friends, I have missed you! How have you been? I have been on a Journey to Boundaries Yes, I said it!! Over the past few days I have been on the road where I had to not only set some boundaries, but enforce them Confessions on the Journey - Its downright darn challenging for me to set and keep boundaries. I want to be a nice person, I want people to like me, I want to avoid conflict, so I ignore a lot but what I have learnt is that if I want all those things at the expense of my self respect and peace, then that's just downright plain ole crazy making behaviour And so the Universe is divinely timed to show us where we are, through sending people and situations Boundaries are invisible lines which you draw that determine the things you accept from yourself and others. Boundaries require discipline, honesty and the willingness to make some tough decisions W…

Journey to Detachment

I went  for my first run of the year  and fell over bust my knee over! I couldn't even believe that the first thing that pissed me off was - sheez I cannot run for the next few days, maybe weeks!
The pain was mashing me up, I had to walk about just over 1 KM back to where I parked and all the while I was thinking the same thing - I will not be able run for a while
Then I thought - wait- get a grip girlfriend.
This fall could have been worse
I survived it without any major injuries
My glasses are still on my face
The knee is bust open and paining but I know that there is some lesson in there, not sure what it is yet
I took the day and rested (not much else could be done if walking was a problem right?)
I have become so attached to running, almost daily, now I have to accept that running will not be a part of my daily routine until I am fully healed, it is really a lesson for me not only in acceptance but in letting go and detachment
When we are attached to something there is a pos…

Genuine Relationships are not ego based

The ego establishes relationships only to get something. And it would keep the giver bound to itself through guilt. ACIM

Still in reflection mode as we enter 2019, yesterday's reading in ACIM threw out the line that "the ego establishes relationships only to get something" It stopped me in my tracks as I had to ask myself how many of my relationships are fuelled by the ego?
How many times have I established a link with someone to further along my own agendas rather than for a genuine reason? It's quite a sobering thought So, my assignment today is to write those down and decide- what's next? What about you? Are you willing to join me on this journey and share the lessons? Peace
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Share Your Story

"Your Silence Will Not Protect You" - Audre Lorde

There is power in your story. Your Power
 Your story may irritate some, piss off some, trigger some, unchain some
people will call you names - like emotional, high-strung, opinionated, arrogant, even bitchy.
So what's the alternative?
Staying silent?
Change because people called you names?
Nah - because trust me, the word will not end if people call you names
Your story will free you, it may even free others
it will reshape your world, give you wings
it will bring you clarity
and clarity will keep you open to what life wants to give you. Life usually has something better in store for you than you have on your to do lists
Clarity will give you the guidance when to speak up and when to shut up
because...'s your story, with power

Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love

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Heart Fire 2019

You must have your heart on fire and your brain on ice. Vladimir Lenin What sets your heart on fire?
Do you know?
Do you have a burning desire to do something, be somewhere, change something?
Heart Fire 2019 is my new mantra!
Got this from a very divine soul, a wonderful friend of mine who graciously shared it with me as use for a 2019 theme.
It got me thinking about how many times we have a burning desire, a raging flame inside and we ignore it for one reason or the other. Mainly due to fear or the belief that this is your lot. Have you heard the saying "you make your bed, so you lie in it?" what is that anyways? can we not get off the bed, change sheets and remake it?
So, for 2019, I am ready to honour the fire raging in me, the fire in my heart, the burning desire, to respect it, to not dismiss it
Are you?

Have you read any of Akosua's work? What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love

Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here? Daily Lessons on the Jou…