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Don't take it personal

Don't deny any feeling in the spectrum. Give yourself a break and some peace. Instead acknowledging the pain, so you can deal with it in a sane mind, when you brush it aside the ego will have a field day reminding and replaying for you all the times in the past when you were. Remind yourself that as long as you respect yourself, nobody else has the power to offend you. Dawn Barclay " How does this not offend you?" This being said  at me yesterday, reading someone's comment to me from a post that I did on Facebook.  "It really doesn't"  "You are really different yes!" I made a post and someone had something pretty nasty to say about it and I looked at it said wow that is harsh, thought about it for ten minutes and said OK that person needs a dose of love So I am telling my friend that someone told me that I was a know it all judgmental ars@@ and I laughed and blocked the person. How come you weren't upset she asked. Well the way I see

True self esteem arises from knowing

“In essence, you are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. True self-esteem and true humility arise out of that realization. In the eyes of the ego, self-esteem and humility are contradictory. In truth, they are one and the same.”   - Eckhart Tolle This is exactly what I needed to hear today and because I love you all so much I am sharing it with you! Thank you Mastin! I once heard that “The quality of your life is directly related to the amount of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have.”   Upon reflection and practice, I’ve come to believe this is true. Why?   Because uncomfortable conversations involve telling the truth. And at first, the truth can be painful.   How much precious time and energy can we waste not talking about it?   A day?   A month?   A year?   A decade?   A lifetime?   Even longer perhaps.   They say that the truth will piss you off – I don’t think that’s true. I think

A big luscious life

A big, luscious life comes from small, daily actions Danielle La Porte So, like I was telling you guys yesterday I am digging Tony Robbins' work this week big time and as I walked downtown yesterday something he said was on my mind like non stop! This is not it word for word but it goes something like, our consistent actions show up as what is happening in our world and he made reference to if you consistently eat donuts and drink soda you will be overweight, if you consistently exercise you will be fit. As I was walking I thought about it, what do I consistently do and how does it show up in my present life? Or do I even do anything consistently? that was a thought I had yesterday and to me it rang so true, if I consistently worked on my next book, I will have another book, if I consistently ate healthy and nourishing foods guess what? I will be healthy!  and it will be the same for the not so good things, if I consistently do self sabotaging actions then my life will refle

Decisions- the pathway to power

Three decisions that you make every moment of your life control your destiny. The three decisions that control your destiny are: 1. Your decisions about what to focus on. 2. Your decisions about what things mean to you. 3. Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire. Tony Robbins I'm digging Tony Robbins' work this week, it is really resonating with me, its all about your decisions and how important they are and even the decisions you don't make because really not making a decision is in fact a decision!  And what is even resonated with me more is that the more conscious decisions I make is the better I get at it and failure or what is considered failure is really just feedback for the next decision! How many times I froze because I did not want to make the "wrong" decision! Guess what? That is now a thing of the past, there is no "wrong decision" there is action and feedback! I'm off now to make some decisions and tak

First Gig Confirmed - Nicolas Brooklyn here I come...

The first gig is confirmed, super excited to share the space in Brooklyn New York for the World Literacy Day in September Here we go... Consistency. Diligence. Discipline. Tenacity. Surrender and Peace.

Do you have any standards set?

The only real meaning something has is the meaning you give it . (Evolving Relationships) Here's the best lesson I learnt this weekend! If you have no standards set in your life, set some! If you have standards, raise them and demand a higher standard OF YOURSELF! and live by these standards simple right?(Simplicity always marvels me, I love it when its simple, when I keep it simple and when people keep it simple!) why complicate the thing! So I am raising my standards this week What about you? Peace! Please join me on Facebook at

I welcome the wise to teach!

I am friend to pen And a lover of strong women A diamond to men I am curious and interested like children I welcome the wise to teach Appreciator of my culture Thick not just from bone dense and eat I have a rhythm in my ways And a practice in my seek And yes, I do crave the rhythm of my space With a man that rejoices in God's Grace Jill Scott So the day at my grandma turned out into an outing after eating and talking at the kitchen table! We went to a women's meeting in Port of Spain. It was fiery! Women all up in arms about an impending change of the laws that the Government is putting in place, she suggested that I go, come and do something for your country, come and make a difference, even a little one! The room was full of women, young, old, slim, thick! Many had a contribution and many were passionate about what they had to say! I was surprised, this is going on here in my country? We went to work, to come up with a response, something that reflected us, so

Going South...

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.” Kim McMillen Today is one of those days, one where I just want to chill out and talk politics and history and learn lessons ad hear some home truths  from my grandma around the kitchen table so guess what? I have just made the decision to do that! Jumping in the car and heading home! What do you do when you something, the small voice whispers to you? ( I heard somewhere that "something" is your higher voice) I start with Yes! Have a great weekend Peace!


Reality is never frightening. It is impossible that it could upset me. Reality brings only perfect peace. When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up. ACIM I'm digging A Course in Miracles this week!  "Reality is never frightening" how awesome is that as a concept because it really is just about illusions that I have made up! Consider this, you are in a situation especially one that is not going the way you want it to go. First thing you do is start making up stories of how it should be and what it ought to be and why is it this way blah blah blah, not for one time accepting the situation as is, I said accepting I did not say like it! So accepting the situation now puts you in a position where you can respond and not react from WHAT IS! not from what you think it should be! A Course in Miracles just breaks in down on the real! Love it!! So today I am replacing all the illusions! Peace!

Peace is the absence of fear!

Sure of my safety. Thus, free of all fear. For the most part, our lives are run by fears of various kinds; the ego is driven by fear. Peace is the absence of fear . ACIM In the middle of finalizing a mini book tour for next month, the interesting thing about this is that I have done it before for the first time this year I was privileged enough to do one and thoroughly enjoyed it yet I am chatting last night about the upcoming one and the possibilities and I stopped, gripped in fear! Like what? You want me to do what?? I walked outside, in the cool night breeze to breathe and as I was walking back in the Universe sent its message right on cue, "Girl please, you can do this, stop trippin" Fear is so normal but feel the fear and do it anyways!! So this is just to tell you or make a point that you will indeed face situations where you will be straight trippin as well, scared  and shaking but that's ok, that is part of the beauty of growing and moving out of your comfort

Spending time in the moment

" You can dance in the storm. Don't wait for the rain to be over before because it might take too long. You can can do it now. Wherever you are, right now, you can start, right now; this very moment.” ― Israelmore Ayivor Here's the question, why do you always seem to be rushing on to the "other thing", to "something else" to "the next big project"? What about spending some time being where you are now, learning the lessons at the present place and time? When you rush to get "there" what happens to "here"? Newsflash - there is no "there" Deepak Chopra says and it took me a while to catch the concept "Now is the moment that never ends!"  That is not to say you just stay doing nothing and loafing off in life, it is to say that running over "there" to do "this" and wanting to do "that thing" without paying attention to where you are is a complete and utter waste of n

Are you comfortable with uncertainty?

We Spirits in these human space suits Remembering where we came from as we migrate As we go where we go Natalie Stewart Are you comfortable with uncertainty? I have learnt that to live a life with peace of mind, it is essential to have some level of comfort when you find yourself in a circumstance or situation of uncertainty! Listen, I have also learnt that I cannot control everything, I simply do not know how it will all turn out and to waste time worrying about it is just, well a waste of time! Get comfortable with a level of uncertainty or worry and stress and control until you stress yourself out! How many times have I tried to manipulate a situation and what I wanted was not even close to the awesomeness that the Universe delivered when I let go, now don’t get me wrong I am not advocating that you do not do the work. I am saying when you have done the work, that your thoughts, words and actions line up and don’t contradict each other just let it go and trust that what c

Dp something that brings you joy

Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in my own rhythm. Today I call it “SIMPLICITY”. Today, the football season resumes! My beloved Arsenal plays today and its joy oh joy! I've been watching football all morning without one ounce of guilt! Do something today that brings you joy! I'm running off, got to get back to the telly! Peace!

I just wanna say Thanks...

If you want to do something you have never done before, you have to do something you have never done before. If you want to go somewhere you have never gone before, you have to go somewhere you have never gone before. You cannot do something new by doing old things. If you want your life to change, you have to change your life. So go ahead. It's safe. And it's also...about time. Neale Donald Walsh Today I just want to take the time to be grateful! As I sit here this morning I am reflecting and I just have to take the time out to say thanks! Thanks for friends and family who care and support me no matter what Thanks for the people who read this blog, for those who make comments and share their lessons as well Thanks for my health Thanks for my body vehicle which houses my soul and works with me even though sometimes I put a lot of junk in it! Thanks for all the opportunities that have passed through my hands in the last few months and the people who work with me despit

My super Powers!

Fear and discomfort are part of being an entrepreneur:  This work isn't safe. And if you're continually growing, you're going to always feel the edges of discomfort. They key is not to try to overcome fear, resistance or discomfort, but to learn how to stay in motion, stay connected to who you are and what you stand for in the face of it. Chela Davidson I am off today to another speaking engagement, the Ministry of Gender and Youth Affairs graduation for its youth camp in the South of the Island! Giving thanks for the flow!  I woke up this morning to meditate and it never ceases to amaze me how many times connecting with the Source and silence can make the inner voice so much stronger! I had no clue up until then what I am to say to this group! ( And honestly, I still get a ball of nerves at these events!) and just like that it came to me this morning after my quiet time. What did I learn today? The still voice within is always talking to me, when I take the time to list

You emotions are very wise guides

Sharing one of my favourite passages from my boy Jackson Kiddard, hope you enjoy! Your emotions are very wise guides.  As you walk down the path of life and learn more about yourself, you will begin to see your emotions as a great ally.  Inside of you is all the intuitive wisdom you will ever need and your emotions are the expression of that wisdom.  Life is joy, pain, change and primal – your emotions are the building blocks of life.  The true master understand this and expresses their emotions without judgment or the intention of manipulation. As you begin to express yourself and trust that expression life will open to you in the most unbelievable ways.  Creativity will be yours.  Success will come.  Confidence will come.  A brand new life will be yours.  Each emotion is a piece of you and must be honored.  As you get in touch with your emotions and don’t fear expressing them, life will open — you will be yourself, truly, for the first time. Peace

Place yourself in an offensive position

The fear of being wrong. The fear of losing control. The fear of being found out. Most of the time, the thing we fear has absolutely no power, yet we brace ourselves for the worst possibility. In that defensive posture we keep our minds fixed on what could or might happen. The fear of facing that imaginary negative outcome is what keeps us paralyzed. Surrender places us in the offensive position. It gives us the opportunity to plan, and to move according to the plan. Iyanla Vazant I went to Brasso Seco yesterday, a rural community based on the North Coast of Trinidad, they grow mainly cocoa and coffee and a vegetable called christophene which sorry I am not sure how to explain what that is! If you like Chinese food then chances are you may know what it is! It's a pretty long drive to get there, I usually take two and a half hours when I am driving. Yesterday it was raining and the roads are pretty narrow and windy, I was talking aloud to myself saying I think I better call t

I am not a body, I am free

I am not a body. I am free. The ego holds the body dear because it dwells in it, and lives united with the home that it has made. It is a part of the illusion that has sheltered it from being found illusory itself. Freedom must be impossible as long as you perceive a body as yourself. The body is a limit .  ACIM I probably mentioned to you before, and forgive me if I did, that I chose to train for a half marathon and stared  the training programme! Now truth be told, running is not my favorite thing. I chose to do this as a way of getting fitter and disciplining my mind. I learnt so far that running is a mind thing! A Course in Miracles, one of my favorite books, says, " I am not a body, I am free" and I think about that when I am running because our bodies are vehicles, it allows us a space to be housed while we are here in this form and for some reason we take this for granted and abuse it by eating things that are not healthy for us consistently, and all the other f

Connection works best without judgement

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment Abraham Hicks Yesterday's session was interesting and fun! The drive was longer than anticipated, the place however was stunning! Out in Prices Town a valley with a pond and a wonderful open air facility where events are held! Welcome to Nia Valley! Beautiful place My grandma and 25 of her friends showed up - no pressure! She was very supportive though, great having her there! I was there to do one talk. The organisers came to me when I arrived and told me you are the Chairperson of the events today! What?? Yea, you're the best one to do it! After I got over the initial nervousness I settled into it really well and enjoyed it sooo much Granny came at lunch time and said "chile, you are getting better as the day moves along, good job" That was it! I was feeling like the top MC in the world after LOL! Out of the comfort

Longevity is a multitude of moments

And completion takes time it’s never one task or one is a sequence a chain of events, so keep on keeping on. Longevity is a multitude of moments Unknown Today I am scheduled to speak at Nia Valley at a symposium for the Merikin Foundation. Looking forward to the gig, it's a growing organisation and dedicated to preserving the history of the free slaves The story behind the arrival of the Merikins in Trinidad goes back to the American War of Independence, 1775 – 1783 when runaway slaves were first encouraged to join the British fighting forces. A major enticement for their enlistment was the promise of freedom by Lord Dunmore, the then Colonial Governor of Virginia. At the end of the war these ex-soldiers were granted their freedom and taken to Nova Scotia in Canada, Sierra Leone, Jamaica and the Bahamas. During the War of 1812-1814, known by some historians as “The War of Faulty Communication”, the British made similar promises of freedom to slaves who joined

Are you wishing and never acting?

Until today, you may have been paralysed by when, if, only,or because. Just for today, remember that now is the time! Make something happen in your life and for your life Iyanla, the boss! I was doing my early morning ritual of meditating and reading something positive and usually its quite a random and I am always always amazed that I am given the exact message that I need for the day or time or situation! I swear meditation is really a way to connect to something higher, your higher self, I don't even know how to explain it! Anyways so I am paying attention to this message this morning and it was really, why are you waiting? Why are you making excuses and justifying doing something that you know is not for your highest good and highest self? Do you know what I am talking about? Can you identify with what I am saying peeps? Talking about doing something for ages and still not doing it, making up excuses about why Acting like you don't want something and you do Tell

Attachement shows a lack of faith

To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation—with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it—that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best. Abraham Hicks Attachment is a way of saying “ I don’t have faith in anything else! I can handle this!” You want to control your experiences and responses. You see, rather than fight with you for control, life will send you into the pit of stagnation. This can be extremely painful. Attachment reflects a lack of faith in your ability to learn, Learning takes place in three ways. You learn by choice. You learn by force. You learn by being forced to make a choice. When you are attached to what you know, what you can control, chances are you will be forced to make a choice. You can stay attached and be stagnated in pain and confusion or you can let go in faith and your next experience will be exactly what you need, but did not know you needed. Catch this? Open yo

Are you in the NOW?

Good things come to those who wait teaches us patience, better things come to those who go for it teaches us proactivity, what will be will be teaches us acceptance. Bishop (my friend) My best lesson this week, be in the NOW, be in the moment. What is the purpose of running towards "the next thing" every time? When you are not in the now, where are you? Somewhere else and not being present! So, I have been looking at the next move, the next thing, what I am "supposed" to do and not paying attention to right here and right now! And that is fear and control, I am not in control! I do the work, let it go, enjoy the moment and then there is another now moment! Let me tell you this also, I did a run yesterday, a tenK! And trust me this teaches you about how marvellous our bodies and minds are and work in sync. I was suffering! My knees were screaming STOP! and I said at that moment what about if I change the tune in my head? I changed it to I can do this, my body

Freedom is a state of mind

Freedom is a state of mind.  It is the outgrowth of our willingness to make conscious choices of our own free will and to live through the consequences of our choices without blame, shame, or guilt.  Freedom is a sign of self-awareness.  When you are aware of what it takes to maintain your mental, emotional, and physical well-being and you make conscious choices toward that goal, you are exercising your freedom.Freedom is the recognition of the truth . Iyanla Vanzant Today is Emancipation Day in Trinidad and Tobago and I am here on the island for the first time in a long time! There is a public holiday in declaration of this and a whole week of celebrations at what is called the Emancipation Village, with food, entertainment, crafts and art! I have been twice for the week and last night as I was there it hit me! I am here now because of the people that came before me and paved the path! What am I doing in honour and memory of this?To me its a serious question because it wasn&#