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Give Shedding a Go

Shedding will require you to ask questions. It'll require you to rediscover. To let go. To undo. To rewind. But like the butterfly, you can exit the chrysalis of your own limits where you'll discover that the very best version of yourself exists in the  shedding. Maxi McCoy Letting go is hard. We humans love what we know, what we can see, what we can control, what is in front of us. Letting go brings us into the unknown, with little or no perception of control and yes that can be scary for some. Letting go also makes room for new, for exciting, for change, for growth, it frees up the channels. Hoarders, bless em, hold on to things just in case, just in case they may be able to use it, to revive it, to bring back the memory. Maybe, it happens and that 's wonderful I think about if the place is full where is the room for more? Where will you fit in the next piece of magnificence? Give shedding a go, you never had control over it anyway! Peace Ted Talk:https://

Give the Self Love a Go

Most bad feelings are the result of conflict. The conflict may be the result of not getting what you want or believe you can have. The conflict could come from the feeling that you are losing control of yourself and your life. At the core of all bad feelings there is an absence of one essential thing - Love - Until Today Do something you love today. Something fun, healthy and wholesome. Do something to make you smile, to life your spirits, you don't need anyone to "help" you do that- pour some love on it Have you ever noticed when you depend on others to "complete" you and you get it it is a short term fleeting feeling? Yeah! that's usually because the sustaining feeling comes from inside you. There is no one who can "complete" you. Newsflash- you are already complete so its really a wild goose chase you are on looking for that- just thought I would save you some time and effort! The secret is in loving yourself and that comes from accepti

Create Anything

Creativity demands that you step to the plate to offer your truth. It asks that you sit down and do something, anything, even if you’re not feeling it. Creativity asks that you don’t judge what comes out. And that you understand some creations will be gold and others shit. Creativity is the process, not the outcome. Creative people? They show up. They create. So, if you want to be more creative that’s all you really have to do. Quiet the resistance in your mind and step up and start creating anything. Maxie McCoy This weekend, Trinidad and Tobago celebrates their annual Carnival celebrations, the place is pumped and hyped with activities, parties, shows, fun, laughter and dancing. Many people do not participate as they believe its a time for indecent revellery I see it differently I see a country creating, one that is making happiness out of nothing and it is pretty beautiful in my sight It teaches me that the world is how we view it, if we view it with love, we see love and vic

Please remove

Commitment arrives when all of your doors to excuses are nailed shut - Rev. Deborah L Johnson Dear God Please remove all blocks to my growth, to my greatness, to my magnificence Please remove my judgement of myself and others Please remove my need to prove others wrong and me right Please remove my lack of discipline especially of my mind And so it is Peace


The rewards of freedom are infinite. So are the rewards of integrity – though the “right thing” takes some heavy lifting sometimes. I do what I say I’m going to do. If I change my mind, I explain myself, quickly.   Danielle La Porte What does freedom feel like to you? What does it look like to you? How does it look on you? Freedom to me is doing what makes me feel the most useful and happy. With Freedom comes responsibility and discipline One cannot have freedom without courage Many of us run and hide from both responsibility and discipline and courage but this is exactly where the freedom lives outside of the so called norm where status quo is questioned I feel free when I follow my gut when I am authentic when I travel when I share lessons on the journey where I speak my truth Freedom How does it look on you? Peace

Relax and Be Yourself

Relax and be yourself. This is YOUR life. How do YOU want to live it? What kind of experience do YOU want to have? There is nothing to worry about. As it says in that verse from the bible: Don’t worry about tomorrow – tomorrow will care for itself. Elisa Lionne My morning  reading today was fitting; it reminded me to focus on myself and being me rather than reacting and responding to people and their own ways and habits. I needed a reminder and it was timely. I have been going to a number of events over the past week and a half and listen, I will be honest with you, there are people there that really bring out my prayer beads! I mean, really. But my reading today reminded me that I am my brother, I am my sister,  and to start with that mindset in my approach, and when I do I will judge less and love more, I will remember that I sometimes have bad days, that I too have my moments, this is not to condone people's bad behavior but to remind myself that in response to people'

Love makes no Comparison

Comparison must be an ego device, for love makes none ACIM Comparing yourself to others I have heard is an act of self violence. It is you attacking you. It is you having almost none of the whole story and truth and making a decision based on that lack of story. Love is oneness and focuses on building so it goes without saying that when you love yourself comparing yourself to others become less and less important. Comparison is established by a lack seen in another, and maintained by searching for, and keeping clear in sight, all lacks it can perceive. Stop comparing Just Stop It Peace

Rest Well and Feel All Your Feelings

Hello friends I have missed you over the past few days, a combination of poor time management and feeling ill kept me off the the blog but I am back! I have been taking active part in what we call Trinidad Carnival and it has been hectic, a combination of events and parties which happen mostly late into the night and into the early morning. On Friday, Mr Cold paid me a visit and it was an intense one with coughing and no voice so I had to take some time to attend to the Mr Cold and his cohorts. It still surprises me how fascinating our bodies are, how much our bodies love us given how much we abuse them, take it for granted and sometimes just plain ole disrespect it! It still shows up for us daily, gives us warning after warning after warning before it completely shuts down so that we can pay it some attention. I took heed and removed the guilt associated with just doing nothing and rested. Rest is productive! It worked wonders and today I am up and about feeling like a brand new

The Law of Truth

It is not a sign of loving someone to do things that you know will cause them grief and lie to them about what you have done. When you love someone you conduct yourself in a way that not only honors then,but in ways that honor you! Iyanla Vanzant Telling the truth can be a challenge at most times, especially if it is a case of hurting someone, looking bad or other consequences. The Law of Truth says There are those who know the truth but are not truthful in their behavior. There are those who love the truth but even this love can be spurned when unconscious choices dominate. There are those who delight in the truth, they embody the truth within themselves. These people are the truth, be the truth and can see the truth. They are the ABC of the truth. These people have healed, grown and evolved to become enlightened and have taken their rightful, truthful place as part of God. These people, in their truth, are love; be love, see love – the ABC of love in their truth. The Truth

Are you Willing?

Do not ask for what you are not willing to work for  - The Accountability Process There is work involved! Yes, that's what I said, there is work involved- in achieving what your goals, in living the life you know you deserve, in "making it" Serena Williams did not wake up one morning after declaring that she wanted to be the best tennis player of all time and magically achieved that-there was some work involved Usain Bolt - wanted to hold the record in 3 successive Olympics - he magically just didn't turn up on the track and won by his charm and natural talent Jay Z didn't become the rapper that he is by luck alone Do you get my point? There is some  good ole fashioned sweat required in getting to anywhere and any thing you want to achieve, the question is, are you willing to put in the work? What are you willing to do? There is work that is required, the trick is when it is your purpose and it is you being you, all of you, many times work is play. Or

Its Missing More of You!

It's not that the universe isn't giving you the people and the opportunities that are perfect for you; it's that you're missing them if you don't show up fully, and if you're not present because you're looking for the next best thing instead of showing up for what's right in front of you. If you feel like something's missing from your life, it's missing more of YOU! Your presence, your focus, your energy, your love, your kindness,… Only what you are not giving can be lacking in any situation. Elione Are you ready to show up? Are you ready to be present? Are you ready to be grateful? Are you ready to use what you have? Are you ready for possibilities? We love to stay where we are emotionally, physically, mentally because it is safe, we know it Anything else is unknown so we fear it Even if where we are is just pretty darn awful Its what we know,it's safe Safety is boring When something is probable in your mind an

Make Room For More Growth

When you have learned all that you can learn in a relationship, its season will end. When you have healed what you came into the relationship to heal, its purpose has been fulfilled When the relationship is over, it is over Hanging on will only make the days ahead darker Iyanla How do we know it is over? We just know! When we are settling, we are losing ourselves, dis honoring our selves When we are grasping and making excuses and justification When we are hiding Cannot share the stories with our friends and loved ones Yeah - that's a sign that the season is over It's not easy, it takes courage and self belief to move into a new situation, the alternative being prolonging the issue You know when people are not into you The signs are there We ignore it The unanswered texts, the unreliability You know when it's a situation of not being fully involved in the situation The lies, the excuses, the stories What makes us accept them? Ask yourself that Let go

Love Liberates

Love really should liberate. It should feel spacious and unencumbered. Love should feel expansive for each person. It’s about emotional freedom and interdependence.  Stacy Herera A reading taken from Until Today, thought I would share Love and sex are not the same thing! So many people think they know the difference Yet, when you come right down to it the truth, it is easy to mistake one for the other. Love is a natural instinct Love makes you feel warm and fuzzy, protected and secure, bigger than life and welcomed in life. When we are loving and being loved a sense of well-being permeates our entire existence Love makes us feel totally accepted, totally fulfilled Love allows us to experience one another at our deepest level of our identity When we experience love in tis fullest and truest form, we want to experience it again and again. In fact, this is what we look for and expect in our sexual encounters. Sexual activity is a perfectly natural and normal expression of wh

Love does not ask us to lose ourselves

I will know love when I life is the sacred and holy ground of love! It is not loving to stay in a place or an experience where you are happy sometimes, sad most of the time. It is not loving to convince yourself that it is okay to stay in a place where you are not loved, honored and valued the way your heart tells you you deserve to be... Love does not ask us to lose ourselves, harm ourselves or sacrifice ourselves for its sake. Love offers itself to us, measure for measure, what we offer it ... Iyanla Someone asked me yesterday if loving someone includes feeling pain and hurt and if not what is love I had to stop and think for a hot minute. This was in a conversation about choices of our friends and more importantly our partner For me love does not hurt. Simple There may be actions that happen which we do not agree and it may hurt our feelings however in a relationship that is bound in love there is a separation with the the event. And the love gives

All things work together for good

All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego's judgment ACIM Let's be real. we don't know everything and we have no clue what will happen in the future, we just cannot know for sure, which is why the moment we are in is so important. What happens a number of times is rather than we focus on what is in front of us and do what is required to the best of our ability in faith and in love, we focus on what can go wrong, what would people think about what we are doing, are we looking good, are we failing, what would the neighbour's think Or perhaps we have accepted old conditions and patterns which we have never questioned and just run with that. My mama said this is the way it is, and so be it. Mama may have good intentions but just sometimes the way it is may have evolved or not work in that moment So keep in mind, all things work together for good, whether it looks that way or not That does not always mean that it is comfortable or c

My Daily Ritual

Transformation means you change form. The old becomes unrecognizable - Deborah L Johnson Someone asked me if I do something special to stay so calm and grounded. I have heard a number of times that I seem to be quite calm under pressure and sometimes even too laid back. Having thought about it I can say that I do have a daily ritual which I have honed over a number of years which centers me. I follow it consistently, There are very very few occasions that I miss a day. I wake up  at 5am and I say out loud Thank You. In my mind I alert the Universe not only that I am here but that I am grateful for me coming into the day. I  then sit on my porch and write in my journal- anything- how I am feeling, what is bothering me, what I am happy about, anything that comes to my mind, then I write what I am grateful for. I then read a positive message, I choose different books per month some of my favorites being The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, One Day My Soul Opened up by Iyanla Vanzant,

The Law of Healing

Truthing  isn’t necessarily easier to do, but it brings incredible ease to your life. And the more you do it, the easier it becomes. The courage, the classy delivery, the compassionate humour, it all becomes more accessible when you’re using your voice everyday. Danielle LaPorte Everything is energy. The vibrational frequency determines whether this energy is light or is solid matter, such as a giant redwood tree. Whe re fear exists in your life it can manifest itself as a blockage in relevant parts of your physical body. This fear may come from this life-time or past/parallel lifetimes. This blockage is restricting the flow of energy from performing at its maximum efficiency. When the circulation of your life force energy is restricted you feel imbalanced, out of sorts, ill, sick, sore, painful, incapable, non-functioning, near death. These blockages cause ill at ease feelings, dis-ease, disease, and possibly death. Fear Unresolved Manifests As Illness. Your thoughts create

Feel everything

The human animal will do anything to reduce or avoid pain. This is the reason escapism is prevalent and cell phones are our best friends. In truth, the way to reducing pain is not in running away, but feeling. To feel is experiencing the energy in the body without judging; or getting caught in thought story. To feel is claiming the power you have over the emotion rather than vice versa. To feel is the only way to freedom from the human and mergence with being . Feel everything  Kyle Jones I love this quote,sometimes I forget it, especially when I am having a funk moment. And like magic I am guided to it, I was having a moment this week, talk about funk! I tried to run it away, read it away, then the things  I started doing to make the feelings go away started getting borderline harmful to my soul. I think I felt drunk on the funk. And drunk texted my ex, well I will not tell you how that turned out, needless to say it added to the funk. So it was a total funk fest And then, I w

Keep it Simple

Our ego likes to tell us that we need complicated, expensive, or even magical measures to improve our lives, but as A Course in Miracles assures us, all complexity is of the ego. Elione  I'm a simple gal, I accept it, I own it. Why? Complicating things to me is a combination of overthinking, making excuses and fear rolled up into making one or a topic more "important" than it ought to be So, as I learn the lessons on the journey I keep it really simple Do you trust or you don't? Simple  -yes or no? Do you believe or you don't? Simple - yes or no? Do you want to live a life that is different to the one you are currently living? Simple - yes or no? Do you want to make healthy choices? Simple - yes or no? Do you want a healthy, harmonious, spiritual abundant relationship? Simple- yes or no? Once a definite decision is made , the Universe is put on alert to assist you in achieving what you requested. We confuse the Universe with the in between ta

Love is who I am and what I do

Love is the cooperative, harmonizing,accepting,forgiving,essence of your soul. Love does not give up. Love does not demand what it does not have Love doesn't force yourself itself on others in order to feel better about itself Love doesn't attack to avenge itself Love does not withhold itself When we learn too see ourselves as love and to be present with others in loving ways, love will be anchored in out consciousness and on the planet. Iyanla Vanzant Love is sometimes letting go and saying no I am learning this Love is wanting others to be happy even if it means them being happy without you Love is like enjoying the sunrise sometimes - you see it rise and look at its magnificence but you cannot take it home Love is having a strong no I am reminding of myself of this today, It requires a new mindset for me, it requires a sound decision, the ability to commit to a course of action with persistence and lack of guilt. I want what I want when I want it That somet