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Saturday, 28 March 2015

A call for love and healing

 Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes. ACIM

I have been reading A Course in Miracles for a few years (yes a few years, its a biggggggg boook!!) and many times I go back to the part which says "Some of the ideas the workbook presents you will find hard to believe, and others may seem to be quite startling. This does not matter. You are merely asked to apply the ideas as you are directed to do. You are not asked to judge them at all. You are asked only to use them. It is their use that will give them meaning to you, and will show you that they are true"  

I went to a meeting last night and there were some politicians there talking and talking and talking! As I sat there I started to become cynical then it hit me, remember what you read this morning in ACIM.  Which basically says, people who act in ways which are unloving including lying, cheating, you name it, are really in a place where they require love and healing and it is up to the person on the other side of it to decide what their response to a call for love and healing would be. And that response can be from afar! So I decided right there, ok let me try this, let me look at the talk, the behaviour as a call for love and healing and respond accordingly! I tell you, resistance is tiring, I surrendered to it and was able to listen in a whole other engaged and aware state!  With even a bot of compassion! 

Made me think about how many times I looked upon a call for love or healing and thought of it as an attack! Made me think about how many times I put out a call for love and healing as well. Made me think about how much more pleasant it was to listen with an open mind rather than complaining and being cynical. A whole lotta thinking went on!


Friday, 27 March 2015

Just respond with love

generally most of the people are just complaining because there’s a certain section of people that the only way they know how to get their needs met or how to get love is through complaining. If that’s the case, we just respond with love and say thank you very much. Mastin Kipp

We respond with love and it feels so much better! And you can love from a far as well! People who constantly complain and those that are vicious for no reason, I have now learnt is really a call for love, a cry for love. A Course in Miracles says, they are the ones that need love more than anyone else, they may have never seen, experienced, know or care to know about love and being loving! We are born with love, then we learn fear!

I have a jar where I put 25 cents when I moan and complain about things I know and I know and I know that I can do something about, when I know it is me shirking responsibility, where I know I am living in fear! I see the jar everyday and I know when it is filling up that I need to regroup, press reset on my self love and start taking responsibility! When the jar fulls up I give away the cash (it hasn't filled right to the top yet lol) 

Show some love today, first to yourself then to the ones around you who you know need it! It might be a smile or a kind word. Hey, what you give out, comes back to you tenfold!

I'm going to empty my jar now!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tend to the seeds

When I put peace first, I just know what to do. A Course in Miracles

I haven't seen my granma in a while, she has been out of the country. I decided to pay her a visit as she returned on Monday night, I had a meeting close to her house, I called her to ask if she would be at home so I can come over the day before. On the morning she called me and said "Walk with containers I cooked for you for a month" I laughed thinking she was exaggerating! (I forgot the containers as well!!)

When I got there I swore the kitchen was that of a restaurant, there was food everywhere! The woman literally cooked food for me to last a month!
So we sat at our usual spot in the kitchen around the now overfull kitchen table to have our usual conversations which starts off with politics and inside there she would say "But child, how are you really doing?"  She told me, I heard all of your radio interviews online, you did good child! You are planting the seeds and don't dig them up with doubt and listening to what other people think you should be doing. Tend to the seeds ok, let your spirit guide you, ok?

Grateful for the food!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mind over Matter

We are transformed by the renewing of our minds! Romans 12.2

Here are some of the most common mistaken beliefs that trip us up:

1. We think way too hard about stuff.

2.  We tend to make things way more complicated than they need to be.

3. We have trouble battling the gremlins in our head that tell us “it doesn’t matter” or “I’ll do it later.”

4. Or, sometimes the voices in our heads tell us that we can’t do this, that we don’t have any self-confidence, or that someone else is doing it better. The bottom line is that our mind tells us that we’re not good enough.

5. Sometimes the voice is really really mean and goes so far as to invoke shame – “Who do you think you are,” for wanting x or y or z?

6. We question our decisions and doubt ourselves.

7. We worry about the stuff that’s either in the future or in the past, forgetting that life happens in this moment. Nope, I mean THIS moment. And then, THIS one.

8. We worry  because we think we have to stay excited about our dreams or they’ll never happen.

9. We lack self-assurance in our will, talent, and ability because we can’t get past our limitations and the mistakes we’ve made in the past.

Basically, we’ve let ourselves down so many times in the past we find it difficult to believe that “this time” it will be different.

Because it won’t, love.  Until we correct the problems with our thinking, we can’t begin effect right action, since all action begins in thought.

So, we barrel ahead with life unaware that is our habitually thinking that keeps us stuck.

10. We don’t believe that we’re worth it, or that we can do it. We feel like we're begin SELFISH to want more or like we're somehow cheating our families for taking something for ourselves.

11. We think we have to be sure of what we want before we begin, since we have lost faith in ourselves we doubt what we think we want, perpetuating the problem.

12. We tell ourselves that exploring the things we THINK we want is frivolous, and we feel guilty for wanting time to do that.

We still want it, though. And that gap between what we have and what we will allow ourselves to have causes all sorts of pain and chaos.

13. We have trouble keeping our focus on the promises we make to ourselves.

14.  We can’t sustain our commitments because we forget that if we, for example, go to the gym today we’ll be glad tomorrow.  All we can think about is how much we don’t want to go right now.

Oh, we yield way too often to the whimsy of the moment. Cause change feels hard, the results are “out there” in the future, but the sacrifice is happening RIGHT NOW and we’re not sure we really want that thing we said we wanted when we signed up for that gym membership … masters degree …. charity event… whatever.


15. We think we need to know WHY we’re not ready and fix that problem first. This is such a flawed strategy, because we spend most of our lives navel-gazing instead of LIVING into the bigger reality we want for ourselves.

16. We think we need to see “the big picture” and all the steps involved BEFORE we begin.

17. We can’t allow ourselves to take comfort in the journey because we fear we won’t end up where we want to be. After all, look what happened the last time we didn’t have the whole thing mapped out.

18.  We have difficulty keeping the momentum and excitement as strong as it was at the beginning of the promise we make to ourselves; and, even worse, we think that actually matters.

19. We don’t understand that it is DEVOTION, not love or passion that takes us to where we want to go.

Basically, a whole lot of our thinking is Bass Ackwards.

Fortunately, this is a simple, yet not altogether easy, problem to address. Changing our minds takes time. It’s a process.

Anyway, something to think about.

Thank you Jen for pointing these out to me!



Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Accepting this space I’m in,
Growing outta the phase where I just wanna win. 

I released my grief it was a heavy load,
Survived the sleep and now I’m letting go,
Waking up and living up to what I had proposed.
 A Woman now.
I love the girl I used to be,
Ever step she took was reaching out to me,
Every breath is blessed responsibility

Page 185 What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love 

I love simplicity, so much so that I have to remind myself that I have to ask questions and keep a balance! 

So many things are simple yet we complicate the shit out of it! Today, I'm keeping it simple! Simply to say, thank you to you for reading my blog and to say go out today and do something that feels good simply to make you happy, to make you smile and to feel joy. And guess what happens? it is infectious, other people catch it!  As Issac Newton said, and I agree " nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy" 


Monday, 23 March 2015

I value...

And you'll see the sunshine
For real, yes you would
And you'll get to free your mind 
And things will turn out fine
Oh, I know that things will turn out fine
Yes they would, yes they would - Mary J Blige, (My Life)

Note to self - 
i value:

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Get it off your chest!

What you do not say can harm you. What you do not say can drain your energy. What you do not say can steal your power. What you do not say can and does give rise to toxicity in the consciousness that causes you harm, drains your energy and robs you of your sense of and connection to your Personal Power. Words are attached to feelings. Feelings are attached to thoughts. Thoughts create and or disrupt the creative flow of power and energy in your life. If you are ready and truly serious about standing your power, there are some things that you simply must say to yourself and possibly, a few other people. Inner Visions Worldwide Power Series

Not saying something to keep the peace, because you don't want to offend, are afraid of confrontation or afraid of rejection can really come back to bite you in the butt, literally. Studies have shown that people who keep it all in are prone to suffer from heart attacks and throat cancer. Yea, it's that serious! Now I am not advocating that people just be inappropriate and out of order and say things willy nilly hurting other people's feelings and being an overall A-hole! Nor am I advocating for saying things in the inappropriate time and place. Say what you need to say to get your truth and your feelings out, say it with the intention to empower yourself, state your feelings and act like you know. Say it with love, pride and confidence then let it go, this is about you!

So I teach what I need to learn so this is my mission for the next three days, speaking my truth, speaking it with love for myself and for my brothers and sisters, speaking it boldly and courageously and not being "outta timing"! This is my act of power!

For those who I cannot speak to directly, I will write a letter, for those who I cannot give the letter it does not matter I got it off my chest! For those who I can speak to I am ready
Oh and it can be wonderful things as well, awesome things you need to say, hey, anything that is burning up your chest that you need to get off!

This is my act of power!
Are you ready to join me?


Friday, 20 March 2015

Stand in your truth!

Everything you say and do shows the world who you are, let it be the truth! Oprah Winfrey

Many of my poor choices have come from giving my power away to someone else! In an effort to people please and to avoid confrontation - believing that people would not like me or that I had less to offer than they did or that the love they had to offer was more important than the love I had to offer myself.

I remember when I was in a relationship based on lies and deceit and I was on my knees literally begging the person to stay and  I remember him standing at the doorway saying " The problem you have is that you think you are too smart and special, there is no one in the world who wants a smart ass" he jumped in his car and rode out!

As I walked back inside, I thought to myself I am becoming someone that I vowed never ever to become, I sat on the floor in the corridor and it became clear to me through the fog of an ugly cry, he  was wrong, I did not think I was smart and special and therein lies the problem- Why was I allowing myself to be treated this way? Even with that aha moment it took me more than a year and a whole continent to realize that and recognize the truth that I am all right, just as I am, enough, all by myself!
The revelation brought me miracles!

What is the truth of your life? It is your duty to know, and know this, the truth is what feels good, feels right, feels loving. Love doesn't hurt, it feels really good. Its that which allows you to live each day with honor.
I learnt to take responsibility, I was given a mirror, as I grow and demand more of myself the reflection in the mirror must change, when you take responsibility it frees you up to make better choices In everything remember you are the love that you seek.  You and God are really a majority.


Thursday, 19 March 2015

When the "noise" gets turned up....

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher. If your washing machine won’t work, you are being checked out on your ability to peacefully accept the unacceptable. If you are addicted to your appliances always working, you will suffer. If you prefer them to operate well, you will not
compound your problem by superimposing your uncomfortable emotions on
the here and now realities of repairing them. Ken Jeyes Jr.

Ever so often I go back and read Ken Keyes' work to remind myself of a few things, one, everyone and everything around me is my teacher and two that  we can  become so emotionally programmed that we feel that we must have power to control and manipulate people in order to be happy, and going down that road is a slippery slope! Our lives speak to us daily and it is when we are not fully present, not paying attention is when the noise gets turned up! Think about it, many many times we get signs and we completely ignore it, so what happens, life then does something to make us pay attention and usually its a shock factor! So pay attention to the signs, I have been paying attention again over the last few days, the noise has been turning up.

So it is good to remind myself ever so often that I need to pay attention, be aware and know that even a broken washing machine can be giving me a message! (ps no, my machine is not broken)