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Friday, 4 September 2015

And when we are tested.....

            And when we are tested
We must apply all that we have learned
All that we have studied
And all that we have been taught. Natalie Stewart

The tests have been coming,  and they thrown me off the track! I wanted
to run for cover, run in the cave and wait, to see if they would magically disappear! But, what
about all the lessons? I heard a voice say
What about putting into practice all that you have learnt on the journey?
Yea, what about it? Can I just do a written test?
Unfortunately not my friend, you must apply the lesson, be patient with yourself.

Tests build character

Strength comes not from doing what you can do but from doing the thing you believe you think
that you cannot.

Tests build strength

What ever the test is

Tests are situations in which you cannot predetermine the outcome in advance and many times
you aren't able to prepare.

Tests build faith and trust.

Faith and trust is knowing without a doubt that whatever it is, you can handle it and this too shall

Tests allow you to question beliefs that no longer serve you.

And the best thing about life is that we are not even required to get an A in these tests!
Just showing up alone you are halfway there

Thursday, 3 September 2015


We get stuck in the problem where we take the problem as a given, taking this problem to prayer. Often when we are trying to fix things we are trying to predetermine the outcome, what it should be and how it must look on the back end. And part of the fixing is the effort to manipulate and to control and to make sure that it comes this way or that way. But that is not how change comes.Where is the talk of possibility? Deborah L Johnson
I dwell in possibility!  This is an affirmation that I use often, because possibility opens the doors for miracles and a Course in Miracles say there is no order in the possibility in miracles. There is power in words you speak so speaking in possibility is also an outgrowth in dwelling in possibility. 
Over the last week the challenges I have been facing has pushed me back to this affirmation
I dwell in possibility
Because possibility leads to positive action- not just action, positive massive action.
Because possibility leads to faith.
Because possibility leads to working through the challenges.
It gives one the impetus to move, to see beyond the problem, the challenges, the difficult people, the stories, the drama.
Do you speak in problem or in possibility?
Be the possibility!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Being you is effortless

Forcing yourself to be one way is a recipe for disaster. Striving to be anything other than who you are in this moment is self-destructive. It takes no effort to be you, being yourself is effortless. Stacy Herera

What an absolute waste of time being fake and pretending! Its exhausting!
Why would you want to act or be who you aren't? I mean there is only one of you here! and you are unique magnificent and powerful!
The people who are authentic are the ones who are the most peaceful - there is no pretense to "be"
You may have to walk alone for a bit
You may have to encourage and motivate yourself for a bit
You may have to make some tough decisions
But it will all be worth it

You are a sovereign being, free to do as you please. Your life is your canvas, free to design and tailor to your liking. 

Your choices impact others. Every decision has a ripple effect; but you are not responsible for how others respond to your decisions.

What is good for you is good for all, without exception. When you stand firm on your own truth, you cannot go wrong. 

Live from the space of authenticity, not pretense. Do not go along, to get along. Flex your independence. Autonomy is a good thing.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Stand

the possibility of making an error should never, ever stop you from doing anything.

Don't ever be afraid of "not getting it right." In truth, there is no "right" way of doing anything...there is only the way you are doing it. So go ahead. Do it.
Nothing wonderful has ever been accomplished by anyone who was worried sick about it not being wonderful. NDW

To life:

Why are you afraid? What's it gonna do?
Scared that you may change, isn't that the truth?
Who are you to say? You're not gonna win
How'd you ever know if you just give in?
Tell me how will you know?
How will you know?
If you just give in, 

tell me 

how you'll grow?
Stand up, you better stand up, every time you fall down
Stand up, even if you're small
You can stand tall,

Believe in yourself or who's gonna?
If you never dream for yourself then who's gonna?
How you gonna do for yourself, how you gonna ...?
When you know you wanna prove it to yourself so you've gotta
Gotta make a change, rearrange if you want it
Make it to the top, this is your shot you've got this!
The spotlight  is all for you but you have to bring it
Bring your A game, your A team  because you want it, 
Stand up


Monday, 31 August 2015

You have nothing to lose

What fear demands, love cannot even see. The fierce attraction that guilt holds for fear is wholly absent from love's gentle perception. What love would look upon is meaningless to fear, and quite invisible. ACIM

One of my mentors told me in everything you do act as if there is nothing to fear and nothing to lose because you always gain, even when or if you feel afraid still believe that there is nothing to fear and go through hard and do it! and this is one of the pieces of advice I took to heart and approach so many of my scenarios. So it was quite interesting yesterday when someone told me "you always seem to come here and act like you have nothing to lose" I stood watching her with my mouth wide open because I never told her that and it was indeed my philosophy in doing this project that I am now working on!
So the lessons for me on this encounter were

1. It pours out of you - just when you think  people are not clued into what's going on inside of you, your actions reflect it and it pours out of you. As within so without- if you eat healthy food more than junk it will show up in your body structure, what you put in surely shows up on the outside.

2. You hold on less especially to fear and worry when you believe that you have nothing to lose

3. It's all lessons - everything is a lesson, there is something to learn about yourself in each and every encounter

So dwell on what you desire to create and move ahead focused, there really is nothing to fear

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tell your story

Shame hates it when we reach out and tell our story. It hates having words wrapped around it—it can’t survive being shared. Shame loves secrecy. The most dangerous thing to do after a shaming experience is hide or bury our story. When we bury our story, the shame metastasizes
Brene Brown

Tell your story - Tell it because it gives you back your power.

Tell your story - Tell it because you are never alone.

Tell your story - Tell it in a way that empowers you, and then it will empower someone else.

Tell your story - Tell it to someone who can be positive and constructive.

Tell your story - Tell it because you reclaim your voice, your mojo.

Tell your story - Tell it because it kills the shame and guilt.

Tell your story - Tell it on paper, tell it on voice notes, tell it on your phone.

Tell your story - Tell it so that you no longer feel alone in the world.

Tell your story - Tell it and see who remains in your corner.

Tell your story - It triggers courage and freedom.

Tell your story - inspire yourself

Tell your story - it frees you up to live a full life, to stop "toting" around issues that bleed into your life and seep into your relationships at work and at home

Tell your story - because you deserve to live a full, happy life


Friday, 28 August 2015

Own it, Own Up. Own Your Stuff

Your actions reflect what you want for yourself and how much you love and value yourself. Your actions reflect how you see yourself, what you feel you deserve. Tyrese G

Own your stuff!
Own it! – Own the fact that you are at this stage of your life where if you haven’t made any decisions and choices you must now do so- because making no decision is also a decision and you will end up living someone else’s life or living by default.

Own up if you don’t have a vision for yourself and your life, a vision is something larger and bigger than what you can see now, it involves imagination and dreaming. How do you want your life to look? What type of life do you want? having a vision makes you focused
It makes you determined
It makes you persistent
Because challenges and hearing no is par for the course, it will not stop you for achieving the vision.
If you have no vision, you will just be going along following blowing with the breeze and get frustrated.

Own the fact that you were born with the ability to create and it is your responsibility to tap into that power you were  given to create the life you want and you deserve.

Own up to the realization that you alone are responsible for your life, no one else, as much as you would like to think it is someone else’s fault you are where you are you now know that you have the ability to make a choice to change that and be courageous enough to make that choice.
You cannot outsource this responsibility
You cannot give it away and expect to live a full life, your best life
If you don’t believe in yourself then who’s going to?
If you don’t dream for yourself then who’s going to?

Own up
Own up to the fact that you may be scared and afraid to move and because of that you did nothing.

Own it, that you have the power to change that, that you can be scared but still make a move towards the vision towards the dream, to make a change in your life for the better.
This is the time, this is the opportunity to get a vision for yourself and your life
To make a plan to achieve the vision
To have unwavering faith. to don’t let any doubt fool you
Own it, Own up!
To admit that even though you are scared that your knees are knocking that you will feel the fear and do it anyway
Own it – Own  your gifts and talents, do not ever dismiss them, they were given to you for a reason
Embrace them. embrace the gifts you possess so that you can use them in achieving the vision and your goals and dreams that you have set for yourself. Honor yourself by honouring these gifts/ honor your mind choose what you feed it, choose who you spend time with
Honor your body – what are you putting into it eventually what’s inside of you will show up on the outside.

Own up – that you have sometimes lost focus and by doing this started comparing yourself to others, Comparison and comparing yourself, takes time away for you focusing on your own goals and vision!
What others think of you is none of your business.
Own up. Own it

Thursday, 27 August 2015

It Pours Out of You

"Every gift I give is always a gift to myself. I never lose! I gain, and so does the recipient of my gift, especially if he or she learns from me to give again. "Who understands what giving means must laugh at the idea of sacrifice" (6:2).  A Course In Miracles

It Pours Out of You

Affirmation: We are all family and the planet is our home

Journal Entry 160: I now drive myself to and from work every day; it’s a twenty minute drive with no “jam.” I’ve noticed as soon as I start packing up to get ready to leave the car is surrounded by women looking for a ride! A few times I have been in the car with them who speak not a lick of English. Those rides show me that we can communicate without words!
Then there are the story tellers who sit in the car and talk and talk and I listen and listen! I’ve started looking forward to being a taxi driver! Yesterday one of the ladies said to me “Madam, your journey here is authentic and unique, compare it to anyone you must not, you are prepared for your journey, do you know that we all are? What you people do is want to show up with everything ready down to the last detail but that is not what is required for life.”
Being a taxi driver has its benefits!

Excerpt from Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here?


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

It is your moral duty to be happy

It is your moral duty to be happy: however you cannot exercise this duty by clutching unrealistic beliefs, struggling with unworkable assumptions, juggling painful images, jumping to false conclusions, running with impulsive decisions or hasty judgements Sufi Hazarat Inayat Khan

Do not outsource your happiness, happiness is your own responsibility. Too often we place this job on someone else's shoulders. We expect our happiness to come as a result of a relationship or getting something rather than as a premise upon which to build one. Walk with your own happiness! Know what makes you happy and own that, do that, exercise that, choose that! 

If we truly wanted to be happy, we would not be so eager to sacrifice happiness for nonsense, jealousy, possessiveness, anger, fear or any other function of the ego.

When you find yourself in a situation where you realize that you are tolerating "nonsense", what do you do? We cannot realize true happiness when we entertain nonsense in our hearts and in our minds.  
This is a recipe for you to keep searching, tolerating, ignoring things in the quest for the very thing you are searching for. Happiness is really a choice, you must make the choice to be happy, and walk with it everywhere you go!
I am not saying you will be or ought to be walking around with a big grin on your face singling kumbaya everyday, but what will happen when you choose to not outsource your happiness is that you will know that waiting on other people, external circumstances, certain specific situations cannot be your only source of happiness as these things change, and of course you have absolutely no control over them, you have no control over it. You take responsibility for your own life!
Pull out the Happiness Tool Box