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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Day 5 - Book Tour Updates

You are the creator of your own reality, and so you are not in jeopardy. You do not need to control the behavior of others in order for you to thrive. Your attention to things that you think they do keeps you from thriving is, in fact, what keeps you from thriving. It is not what they do to you; its what you do to you in fear of what you think that they will do to you. Abraham.

Knowledge bookstore is da truth!! I walked into the store and it spoke directly to me. My favourite authors on the shelf, wooden floors, art and sculptures all around all set in an old Victorian house. The owner, Sean, made the place look like home. 18 years ago he and his wife decided to start the store and people called them crazy and here they are almost 20 years after with one of the best and baddest stores on this side of town.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to present my work at this store and give thanks for getting here!

I am flying back to NYC today, 2 more events left on the tour!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 4 - Book Tour Updates

Until I stop being in solution mode and just relish in the present moments of my day to day life — they’re neither good nor bad. Literally, in an exact moment, everything just is. Is perfect. Is as it should be. Only when our mind wanders to past and future do things get out of whack.
Here's the thing...It's natural to feel weird and want out. And it's normal to strive for joy and joy and joy. Without realizing you are joy. Maxie McCoy

We hit downtown Toronto with the intention of being tourists all darn day! First stop Royal Ontario Museum! The radio has been advising to stay inside as much as possible as there was a heatwave on! Ha! Nothing like a little heat will be stopping these tourists!
Next stop, Queen Street, to shop (window shop lol), then to CN Tower and end at Harbour Front with dinner!
My cousin and I had nuff catching up to do, a whole 20 years of it! Really proud of her. As you know I zone in on the lessons! 
I have learnt that the time we take to "fix" our life to make it look like something we feel is perfect, that time can be used to be joy, to bring joy, to accept that the things that we feel that needs to be fixed are all part of the journey and to spend less time fixing
That family are my greatest teachers and biggest classroom
and that the word "shame" and "bringing shame on the family" is a complete waste of good time, effort and ego trip. Ban that word, and that term from my vocabulary! 
So today, Knowledge bookstore here I come!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Day 3 - Book Tour Updates

Question if you still love what you once loved 
We hold on. Because Love does that. Embracing, rocking, reserving space. Love holds, it treasures, it tucks away for safe keeping, it loyally protects. Holding on is one of the many great powers of Love.

And it feels so good to hold on that sometimes we forget to look at what we’re holding on to. Danielle La Porte

Ana drove from Montreal to come to the event in Toronto, a clear 6 hour drive, she walked in and while I was wrapping up and I paused, so shocked, so happy, so grateful for the effort she made to come see me, she had to leave after the event to get back to work. I will always remember my time in Toronto just because of Ana and the effort she made to see me!

My cousin who I grew up with who moved to Toronto and I haven't seen for years and years made sure that everything was in order, she was at my side every step of the way! more thanks to give!

A Different Booklist is a historical bookstore, in it's 20th year, it is almost like a community center for people of the diaspora who live in Toronto. The event was held on the "island" the back of the store under a tent, very homely, very open, almost like a bar b que held at one's house.

All the books sold out, every one! I give thanks to each and everyone who came out and made

As the event was done, we went to have a drink, drove down Queen street, passed through Yonge and looked at all the new and shining changes because of the recent PanAm games which finished last Sunday and I was smiling

Today I am chilling out, spending some time with my cousin and getting ready to go to Knowledge bookstore tomorrow
Here's TO the Journey!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Day 2- Book Tour Updates

Sometimes it seems
We'll touch that dream
But things come slow or not at all
And the ones on top, won't make it stop
So convinced that they might fall
Let's love ourselves then we can't fail
To make a better situation
Tomorrow, our seeds will grow
All we need is dedication - Lauren Hill (Everything is Everything)

Central Park for a water fight (yes water fight I said, people had water guns that looked like it came off a star wars movie) and a run (6 kilometers), Barnes and Nobles to sit, smell and read books while drinking coffee. 
Meeting with Phoebe, owner of Sugar Cane Restaurant and hostess of the Sangria and Statements Garden Reading on Sunday 2nd 2015- absolutely fun time I had with her, she's such a darling- and can make boiled water taste good, the woman can cook!!! We sat and chatted and laughed and the meeting was like a big lime (Trini slang for chilling out)

On a plane again this morning though, the event at the Trinidad and Tobago Consul High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago in New York City was super duper fabulous, every single book was sold and the highlight was having my mum here sitting up in the front with her sister,my aunt (my mighty crew!!) 

Here I go again..... see you on the other side!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Day 1 - Book Tour Updates

All the self-deception in the world can only hide the truth, not change it - ACIM
I love to fly, I love the entire concept of sitting down for a few hours and boom I am in a totally new place, delays and all! I love the unpredictability of the experience, I delight in the unexpected because life is delighted to deliver it, I play along. 
First leg of the tour is NYC- Sunday evening I am a part of the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago in New York City's Emancipation Day Celebrations. They have a lovely celebration put together and I am very humbled to be asked to share my book.  Before this though, on Friday evening I meet with the organizers of the following weekend's event tonight at 8pm for a dinner meeting, absolutely lovely lady, I am very excited to meet up with her again!

So, as I was waiting on the delayed flight , my mind racing about why or what was I doing, thinking, and feeling to have changed a friendship I thought I had. It got me feeling like a two cent(we used that slang on the street I grew up to mean feeling low, don't ask me how we came up with it but it was most popular) so there I was feeling like a two cent because I did not accept the truth that things have changed and our communication is now at best random two line sentences, regardless of why, that is the reality of it. 

Acceptance is a tough one isn't it? But absolutely essential in moving forward because as Iyanla says "you have to call a thing a thing" and then when you do you can take the appropriate action.

Acceptance doesn't mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there's got to be a way through it.

After acceptance the work can begin.

So what is acceptance?
Acceptance is what We are.  No judgment, no control, no manipulation, simply being love.
Do not judge anything.  When you see the bigger picture one day, you will understand that everything is perfect.  Everyone, everything, every moment is in perfect balance of where you are now.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Everything I do is by choice

Everything I do is by choice

Remove the expression “have to” from your vocabulary and your thinking, because it is going to release a lot of self-imposed pressure on you. You can create tremendous pressure by saying “I have to get up,” “I have to do this,” “I have to, I have to.” Instead, begin by saying “I choose to…” It puts a whole different perspective on your life. Everything you do is by choice. It may not seem so, but it is.  
Louise Hay (the queen of affirmations)

I have no choice. What does that statement mean to you?

I have no choice. Do you say it to mean that you are trapped, stuck, without any option?

I have no choice. Do you say it defeated and feel defeated as it leaves your mouth?

I have no choice. Do you say it empowered and feel empowered as you say it?

I have no choice. Do you say it to convince yourself  that you are making the best decision?

I have no choice. Do you say it to justify the action that you have taken?

I have no choice. Do you say it to justify the means to the end?

When you say " I have no choice" what exactly do you mean? How exactly do you feel in that moment?

I have eliminated saying "I have no choice" from my vocabulary, for me, everything I do I believe that I do have a choice, to not make a choice is a choice, to not decide is also a choice or a decision.

I have learnt that in every moment that I have a choice and I can always always choose again.
I have learnt that choosing reignites my power because sometimes I may fall into the false belief that I am powerless and cannot do anything, I have learnt that choosing gives me wings and that living by default is giving away my power. By not making a choice is giving away my power.
I always have a choice, this I have learnt and I choose to remember that every single day!

So what are you waiting on? You have a choice to make


I am travelling today, off to Toronto and NYC for a book tour, check out the events on my website

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

There is value in deciding in advance

The value of deciding in advance what you want to happen is simply that you will perceive the situation as a means to make it happen. You will therefore make every effort to overlook what interferes with the accomplishment of your objective, and concentrate on everything that helps you meet it. ACIM

Yesterday I called my grand mum, standard weekly call. She asked me how I was doing, in my  usual response " Sheils I am good"
I call her Sheils. When I was growing up I would hear her friends calling her Sheils and I would come after they had left the house and say Sheils how are you? 
Her name is Sheila.

She would immediately stop me and say when you become a big woman over 25 you can call my name until then it's mummy, grandma or Miss Sandy ok? So the day I turned 25 I called her from London and said "Sheils I am 25!" She laughed and said I guess I did make a promise so from since then I call her on the phone and say Sheils how are you? Anyways I digress..

We were chatting about an opportunity that I missed out on that really had me questioning myself and feeling so disappointed, without even thinking I said  "maybe God is punishing me Sheils"
She said "Wait, hold up for a moment, which God are you referring to? You know better. You know that God, the God you serve, is not one that punishes anyone, you know this, you know that we speak about God being a loving God who gave all of us free will, the ability to choose and whatever choice you make has consequences, so please, please don't tell me any nonsense about you being punished, you made certain choices and now you are seeing what the consequence of the choices are or you have sent out some mixed signals without  believing"
The moment she said it I knew she was making sense! 

I started her off, now it was a challenge to stop her
"We keep praying to the same God for what we already have and then wonder if God is listening rather than if we are paying attention, stop blaming God for your problems, okay madam?" 
Focus on the choices you make and take responsibility and ownership for the consequences, blaming anyone including God is a cop out!
Ok then Sheils! Lesson learnt


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Take care of your mind Dumplin.

 “Our mind is a womb.  It brings life.”  As a woman you cannot be careless with your thoughts, your speech, your intentions, your time, or your life.  It all has powers and will create things, whether we intend them to or not.  Get careless or thoughtless and your mind will create careless and thoughtless circumstances.  Who wants that?  I don’t.  Take care of your mind Dumplin.  Monitor your thoughts.  Be intentional in the books you read.  Be intentional in the television you watch.  It all matters. Iyanla Vanzant

One of my favorite prayers is "Lord, today let me not be careless with the working and use of my mind" I say it often because I know the power my mind has. I am a co creator of my life and it starts with my mind, conscious or unconsciously we create, the thoughts we think, the words we speak. They start showing up in reality, in our lives.

The moment I learnt to "stand guard at the door of my mind" from a group of women in Uganda my whole world started to change, simple, just like that! I fall back into the trap ever so often of being mindless but how wonderful is life to show me through what is going on around me what I am thinking. Things start showing up in my world and I'm like oh oh stinking thinking, get back on track!!!

I practice daily, I ask myself " Hey awesome, what are you thinking?" Sometimes I say "Oh snap, snap that sista, do not let your mind dignify any nonsense"

Careful now, this may mean spending less time with some people, or doing things you did before, you recognize right away when people are not paying attention to their thoughts and words. It is a journey, that means, changing your programmed thinking will not happen overnight, rest assured that awareness is the first step.

The mind is really a terrible thing to waste!
So awesome people, what are you thinking?

Monday, 20 July 2015

You have to learn to trust

To be detached from the outcome of a result means that you have learnt to trust.
When you know that Spirit will give you what you need – not necessarily what you want (that’s Ego’s job) – then you will learn to do the work that is required to be done and move on. The results will take care of themselves. Whatever the outcome of the results that will be dealt with at the appropriate time. If you stand in the way of the energy creating the outcome, or result, through your lack of trust, insecurity and fearfulness, you put a barrier in the way of blocking the efficiency of that flow of energy. By learning to trust, you live in the wisdom of insecurity and uncertainty where there are unlimited opportunities being created in the present moment of now. The Law of Detachment

The word detachment kept popping up in my head all weekend, it was flashing like a neon sign! I did not get it! While running yesterday morning it became even louder, almost like a song in my head.
Why are you trying to control the outcome of certain events? Take that time and energy to create, put the work in and trust. Show up, shine and let it go.
You either trust or you don't, there is absolutely no grey area or in between where this is concerned. They cannot co-exist, you either trust or you don't!

So, my process this week, put in the work, trust and let it go!

What have you been trying to control?