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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The power is real

Stuttering with your new power doesn’t make it any less real. Danielle La Porte

You have done the work, in fact , you continue to do the work
You have left the relationship that disnonors you and encourages bad behaviour, yours and others
You have quit the blood sucking job, the one you drag yourself too daily
You have booked the doctor's appointment
You have started the therapy, the counselling
You have started saving money and making a budget

You hit a wall
You stumbled

Hey, no problem, you stubbed your toe on the ramp, does it mean you are a loser? Hell no
Does it mean that you will go back to the old habits and old behaviour? maybe not
It's just a stumble, the power is still there, it never left
Believe that!

Lighten up will ya?
Ask yourself, what does the present moment hold? And listen

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 attention.decide

I allow myself to look at the anger, the fear, the resentment I may be feeling. I don't hide it; that just perpetuates the wrong-mindedness. I am willing to see my own feelings differently as well. I recognize that perhaps I am judging myself for feeling them. So, as I did with the external judgment, I do with the internal: I affirm I am willing to see it differently and ask for help. And I wait. ACIM

I got to the meeting early, I sat down around the table surrounded by people who have important roles in the organisation according to their titles. I secretly sent love to everyone in the room and prayed for a good meeting and to be guided- not by the ego.
The discussion was interesting, I listened intently, I see every encounter as an opportunity to learn and grow. I said my piece and there it was, someone around the table did not agree and decided to show it very passionately. I listened and honestly got so angry and judgmental. the thoughts that passed through my mind - OMG it shocked me! I wanted to honestly as they say where I am from, buss some cuss in the place
I started to judge myself and then it hit me
Feel the feelings
this is part of the lesson
you do not have to act on it
but it is telling you something
pay attention
then decide
now that you have the tools, there is no need to suppress and bury your feelings, to let them fester
I took a breath
I said calmly, I hear you, I see you and my opinion does not change that I have heard you and that I see you, this is just my opinion, that is all. We can disagree and still be respectful
yayyy me
Feel the thing
use the tools
be willing to see it differently
that was my lesson

Monday, 26 September 2016

The Law of Process

If we hold on to the mistake, we can’t see our own glory in the mirror because we have the mistake between our faces and the mirror; we can’t see what we’re capable of being Maya  Angelou
Your process in your life's journey is step by step.

STEP - "Success Treasures Enthusiastic Persistence"
Step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment ants build an anthill. Come rain, come shine, step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment - and after a while the anthill is complete.
The first step in the process of your life is creating a goal for you. What inspires you, what are you passionate about, what excites you, what touches your heart?
The Next Step - is to ask yourself: Are you prepared to put in the effort and the sacrifices that require commitment to your goal?
The Next Step - is to make sure you are committed to risk your all, to persist through fear, doubt, discouragement, discomfort, routine, boredom and frustration.
The Next Step - is to discover if you have got what it takes to draw upon your inner strength when the going gets tough to find out what you are really made of.
The Next Step - are you prepared to find out Who You Really Are - to find out how strong and magnificent you really are, how powerful beyond any self imposed limits you really are.
The Next Step - is to acknowledge that people rarely ever fail; they only stop trying.
The Next Step - Are you now ready to take your first physical step with enthusiasm knowing what your goal is but focusing only on your next step, then the next step, and so on.
The Next Step - You will need discipline and patience as you persist step by step. Your enthusiasm grows into persistence and dogged determination - step by step.
The Next Step - Step by step you need the process, the patience, the persistence to reach any goal.
The Next Step - Before you even reach your goal, which is only a momentary satisfaction of accomplishment, you begin to realize, step by step, that the victory is in the process. The reward is also the journey not only the goal.
The Next Step - When you reach your goal, you realize how you limited yourself and you create another goal, the journey never ends.
The Next Step - You become aware that the reward is not WHAT you do - it's HOW you do it - step by step.
For every step - Trust the Process - Step by Step

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Build from contentment

you must build from a place of contentment rather than from need. from a place of desire rather than obligation  or duty or fear. Iyanla

It's easy to be fine and content when things are going well and swimming along nicely. It is easy to spend money and make investments when you have money and safe access to money. The challenges come when you don't have or cannot see - as they say where I am from "when you cyan't see yuh way" This is where faith and belief comes in. This is where the rubber hots the road. The ability to see a way out of no way.

The Law of Polarity states that everything that exists has an equal and exact opposite. To put it even stronger: for anything to exist, there has to be an equal and exact opposite.
For example: you cannot experience sadness without having an idea about happiness. Light cannot be experienced as such if you don’t know what darkness is. To feel successful, you must have a sense of what failure is.
Having become aware of this Universal Law, I know for sure that everything has it's season, my responsibility - my ability to respond" is to remember that this too shall pass while I pull out the tools of action, consistency, faith and self-belief during that time, maybe I need to learn patience or be reminded of patience, maybe I need to be still. Whatever it is
I know now in the so called down times that there is a lesson and many times it has little to do with my "failure" or incompetence
Look at what is happening in your life at the moment, look at it closely, every event has some sort of benefit if looked at from the perspective of the law
In my case, the loss of my job, and financial security allowed me to
1. Find something that I love  to do- writing books, sharing lessons on the journey with women throughout the world, developing the NiNa Programme
2. Learn to ask for help
So……how bad was the bankruptcy really? Well, not nice, for sure, but with many seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit!
Try it in your own life, whether personally or professionally. Keep in mind that for everything “bad” there must be something “good”, and find it!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Decide to Grow

Commit to small, daily actions. They build into big ones. Everyday actions lead to the large leaps. And they help build our foundation for confidence - Maxi McCoy

Today launched the NiNa Programme 6th Cycle - the programme is in it's 6th year. When I started it my intention was to use my time to give back something instead of feeling sorry for myself. Today they reminded me it was 6 years, I did not even realize that so much time had passed. We started going down memory lane and having fun with it, all the lessons we had learnt from Day one.
I am pretty grateful and humbled by it all
I was also asked  today about growing the programme.
It reminded me of a conversation I had with a business woman when I first got into the game back in London in the early 2000's - she told me as I grow, my business will grow, when I decide that growth is essential then it will happen, when the Universe wants to push me to grow there will be growth, either way it will happen.
Inside the mix for me is some fear, I want to have it all figured out, I think about the funding - or the lack thereof. My own schedule of travelling and what happens when I do leave.
All that to say that " when I grow, the programme will grow" It seems that I may have some growing to do.

Grateful to Ms Toby, Ms Clarke, and the staff of the Bishop's and Trinity East for all their support in making this happen

Thursday, 22 September 2016

It starts inside

It is pointless to try to shift and change external circumstances in our physical worlds without first addressing what is going on in our internal worlds. The outer is always a reflection of the inner. So get to know yourself.....what is going on within you that is creating your current reality? 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be among a community group, I have been working with this group for a little while. They have a huge vision and intention to empower their community for future generations. A lofty goal but hey, start at the top and dream big I say. To see the evolution of this is phenomenal, the major difference in the time that I have been there is, as I was talking about yesterday, a combination of consistency and discipline and a change of mind set
The mind set of responsibility - we are responsible for ourselves
The mind set of partnership - let's partner with people, let us corporate, it is not about competition but corporation
The mind set of the village raises the children - we are all responsible for the children
The mind set of we cannot "save" everybody- who wants to come along will come, those who don't bless them and move on
I am always inspired when I spend time there, the lessons that I learn are profound, it reminds me that simplicity is force. We complicate the thing for no good reason other than fear.

The change starts within, the inside reflects the outside and most importantly no thought is neutral. It becomes form on some level, watch the thoughts, watch the inside. Brutally honest, what is reflected on the outside is an effect of what is on the inside. It is a tough one to swallow

but yet beautiful because a change of mind is the start of a change of circumstances and life

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Honesty does not apply only to what you say. The term actually means consistency. There is nothing you say that contradicts what you think or do; no thought opposes any other thought; no act belies your word; and no word lacks agreement with another. Such are the truly honest. At no level are they in conflict with themselves. Therefore it is impossible for them to be in conflict with anyone or anything. ACIM

Consistency and discipline - two qualities I aspire to daily. I believe that these two qualities are the best way to achieve our fullest potential. Consistency- in every part of your lives. In what you say, in what you do, in how you live. 
Consistency and discipline can be applied to any area of your life- studying, exercising, work., relationships.

If you are consistent and disciplined, it becomes a habit, and will inevitably contribute to a lifestyle. Even small drops over time full a bucket.

What happens many times is that we start something all hot and sweaty, then we fall off, ask yourself why?

Ask yourself why is it so challenging for me be consistent and to be disciplined? And answer honestly
How many times do we say one thing, think another and then do something completely opposite? No consistency and therefore the end result is inconsistent.

Do you associate consistency and discipline with hard work and suffering?
If so do you believe that these feelings or periods of hard work and suffering are permanent or worth more than what is on the other side of these feelings?

Find something in there to be happy, grateful, joyous about
Find something in there that demonstrates that on the other side of these feelings is your highest life and potential
Find it, want what you want more than you want the disappointment

Tapping into those powerful feelings of good—the ones that expand your heart and your soul—they'll help you expand into your greatest good, your most powerful self, and move into the space of your limitless potential.
Everything takes time and practice

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Balance it

Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. ACIM

Last night I had no plans of going to the Restorative Yoga Class, I wanted to get home have my Skype meeting, read up on the weekend's football then hit my bed early.  
As I was walking home I saw a really good  friend , she asked me to go to Yoga with her, well she pleaded. Okay then, I will go, I've relented, since you asked so nicely.

As I sat waiting on the class to start a very well known lady walked in, she could barely walk, she had a walking stick as her aid. My mouth fell open. I would see her around town, on the newspapers, the television, well everyone would see her, she was a hard worker, successful, at the gym, doing her thing. After the class I asked the teacher what happened to her
She said "Stress"

I had to ask again just to confirm what I heard

"Did you say stress?"

"Yes - it's all stress related, and not taking time to rest and take care of her body in a proper way"

What a wake up call! I am officially woke

Balance is essential. Do I want to "have it all" and not enjoy it? Hell naw!

All work and all stress is a recipe for disaster, clearly....

What have we placed as priorities in our lives?
Are we working so hard that even our health is at risk?
What for?
Who does that serve?
Find a way to balance it, some thing's gotta give
My grandma says, everything in moderation, even moderation in moderation

Monday, 19 September 2016

Will we be who we really are?

Just sit for a minute - Inner Light

I wanted to share some points that I got from a lecture by Deborah L Johnson which came, as usual, right on time, for me.

This week upon reflection, I have learnt that life is whole - the departmentalization of life is a set up for sufferation. There is you that shows up for all of life, there is not a different you that show up for different occasions - how confusing is that to wear so many different masks?  not just for you but for everyone else around you

There is not YOU and LIFE
There is not YOU trying to do life
You are activity in motion
We are life itself - it is not happening to us
Turn to your own self as evidence of life
When you are coming up with the who you are just don't come up with the things you have, the things you own, the outer things
What is the activity of your life?
What is the vibration of your life?
What are you resonating with?
The test is to demonstrate what you have to demonstrate success. Life is not a pop quiz.
Bring everything , bring all of you, bring it all together
It is time to stand on what we know, not on what we have
We waste time in judgement about how wrong a situation is, how wrong the situation we are in is -  when we don't have a particular thing or a particular job or a particular partner, we even go down as far as a particular handbag, or shoe or designer clothes -Let that go

We don't need the energy of what is wrong.
It's called healing, it's called growth, it's called transformation
You cannot heal what you don't feel
You have to be willing to stand in this moment called NOW
Or sometimes we pretend what we are going through or dealing with is irrelevant because we don't want to deal with it
Look at it
The question is will be who we really are?