I don't give advice

Changing sociological patterns, financial insecurity, the rise of technology and we women all contribute to making a fuckboy what he is today. I say ‘we women’ because we’ve been complicit in the very thing that now ails us. We’ve spent years buying into the narrative of the ‘cool girl’, attempting to be belching boys on the sofa who automatically transform into beauty queens who fuck like porn stars the minute the lights are dimmed, and it’s completely fucked up the idea of male/female gender relations. Salma El-Wardany

Having to spend quite a load of my time with young women, I always have, somewhere in the back of my head, that I am supposed to do the honorable thing, to walk my talk and be an example to the young 'uns that I am around. That also comes to mind even with the adult women that I interact with on the journey. It is a really wonderful accountability check and I would not change it for one minute. With it sometimes comes some pressure- mostly self imposed.

For whatever…

Elevate Your Mind

Everything in your life, right now, is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. Benjamin Hardy

I read this article about behaviour and beliefs by Benjamin Hardy, some home truths in there that truly rsonated and so I wanted to share it with my lovelies:

Subconsciously, you believe you are “unworthy” of anything beyond what you currently have. Unworthy to have more. Unworthy to contribute more.
Unworthy to experience more. Unworthy to connect deeper. Where do these internal attitudes come from? They come from your behaviors. Your behaviors dictate your beliefs about yourself and the world. If you eat unhealthy food, how do you think that will influence your sense of identity? What if you changed it up? What if, instead of eating unhealthy foods, you DECIDED to eat only healthy foods, just for one single day. How you act and what you do shapes your internal identity. Hence, when you make a personal investment in yourself, you create an immediate psychological upgrade. You raise the …

Maybe it is time to Forgive

The relationship between guilt and forgiveness may surprise you.
Guilt is actually a twisted or manipulative way of seeking forgiveness. It is the belief that if you inflict suffering on yourself for your choices, another will forgive you for them. This is belief keeps you in pain because only you can forgive yourself.  Gary Zukav

Any time I read Gary Zukav's work, I have that penny dropping moment. every.single.time! And like today, I hit upon his wisdom on guilt and forgiveness and I literally had to scream when the penny dropped, when the A-HA angels singed! On all levels, forgiveness is big, and forgiveness starting with oneself, it frees so many channels. Forgiveness is about freedom, it is about moving on, lessening the burden, the load and starting afresh, it is for no one else but you!
Added to that, the guilt assiciated with non forgiveness- oh man! it seeps into all our actions, eating, shopping, the job we accept and choose, the people we surround ourselves with, the bou…

Moment By Moment By Moment

Things that matter come and go, but being touched and feeling life move on, we tend to cling and hold on,not wanting anything to change. Of course, this fails and things do change. Often, we are stubborn enough to go after what we think is leaving, trying to manipulate and control the flow of life, Of course this fails too
We can't stop life from flowing. All clinging and holding on makes it worse Mark Nepo

Immerse yourself in the moment for a day, whatever you are doing be all there, fully present. See how it feels, what it does to both you and the activity or person you are interacting with
Body, mind and soul
We have a tendency to look at what we have to do next, what is on the to do list, what we forgot to do earlier, what is missing, what we will say as soon as the person we are chatting with shuts up, or maybe we will butt in

On the other hand, we may be focusing on what we forgot to do yesterday, who we forgot to cuss, what we wanted to tell our co worker or friend that we d…

Greater Need for Healing

The Worse People Act, The Greater is Their Need For Healing - ACIM

Check yourself first, how are you acting? Acting like a doofus then check yourself, something requires attention
Go ahead, blame the other person for your actions- see how far that gets you!
Go ahead blame the environment for your actions - see where that takes you
Go ahead blame the economy for your actions - see how much that adds up

Take a timeout and check yourself, get still, listen, pat attention and heal!
When you're done come outside, come in to the light and see how that feels
It really is that simple
No guilt, no beating up on yourself, no blaming and shaming
Just a does of awareness, responsibility and healing
Go ahead, give it a go

How Are You Showing Up?

Just tell the truth – it’s not what you say it’s how you show up, how you live, how you act. How you be. Susan Taylor I read something today that says words and talking are the least most effective way of communicating. That resonated with me. I had to check myself. I am one who many say  of of little words. So how am I living? How am I showing up? Am I walking my talk? Am I acting with integrity, awareness, kindness, humility, courage and love? Am I honoring my word, first to myself!  A Course in Miracles says all minds are joined, and by that it suggests that people know when you are harbouring mal thoughts about them most of the time, don't you know when you walk into  a room when people are talking about you?  Without anyone saying a word, we have a guess Also when we walk into some rooms we feel the energy, and when there is positive energy we feel empowered, when there is negative energy we feel drained- not a word was said! So, I am checking how I am telling my truth, what abou…

Take off the Pause and Press Play

We should not pause our lives and wait for a time when our self love will be perfect, instead we should move forward with our goal of self healing as a constant aspect of our lives. Always open to release, always learning, always keeping a part of our awareness inward so that we can observe our truth, always seeking to live harmlessly and love actively. Sending love to all beings. May we all understand that we have so much to give. May we all be open to receiving. May we all heal ourselves and the world .Young Pueblo

Every day take a step towards the person and life you want to be, however small. 
Everyday do something to make you happy, that brings you joy, however small
Everday align yourself with something, anything that moves you forward, however small

The small drops add up and  fills the bucket. Consistency, Discipline and Self Belief are two of the most important qualities to possess on this journey. Of course there will be days where things are rough, that you want to stop, don…