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Friday, 5 February 2016

The Good Day has begun

the good day has begun...give praise children - David Rudder

Today marks the start of what we call Carnival, a huge celebration of culture and fun that runs for days, no sleep involved just a lot of activities, parties, culture and steelpan. I love it
I love the freedom the innovation, the gay abandon, the vibes, the energy that comes from this time
I look forward to it every year, which is held two days before Ash Wednesday. And so, in my time of no sleep and enjoying the culture I may check in with you from time to time to share lessons on the journey
For my fellow Trini peeps have a happy and safe carnival, for everyone else, Google Trinidad Carnival and then take trip down for a taste

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Massive Action

Let the work happen in your life. If there's an inner urge to do something, do it. Start tuning into your spirit and your heart. Don't let the mind make you overthink and judge the process. Imagination and intuition will guide you further the more you start to trust it. Raise the Vibration
Everytime,, it happens everytime... I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach, a sign a message even, to do something, to make a move and I wait, I analyse, I over think and wait and wait and maybe do nothing
and then .... shit hits fan. 
And then-  I say - "hmmm you did not pay attention and honor the signs ..,.again, why oh why?" 
Fear is usually the answer
I want things to be a certain way and I did not trust the process
And so the whispers are to bring me back into the process that I was doubting and questioning
Some of the most successful people by any standards say - always trust yourself, that inner voice, it always lead you to the right path and that is not to say it will be easy but it is sure worth it.
The vibes you get when you meet someone - and yet you still force it, make excuses because you think they are supposed to be in your life
The vibes you get when you walk into a room and you know - aww hell no and this is not fear talking it is guidance telling you run like a pit bull is chasing you for it's dinner
The vibes when you know it is time to leave the job
The vibes you get when it is time to speak up
There are those moments in your life when you know that it is time to move, act, stay, be quiet,talk,run.
And you don't
And when you stay too long to move you start getting pushed out, so the job you don't like and got the signs to leave you stay and what happens - they fire you, they downsize you, they restructure, the job is gone, different.
The relationship you know has served it's time - the person ups and leave you and you get upset. Oh hell no, I was the one to break this off, how dare you?
But you didn't act!
Massive action babes

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Better is Better

This is one of my favorite "What Did I Learn Today? pieces from my girl Stacey Hererra who is an awesome coach that I have had the pleasure of working with, I wanted to share it with you today 

"The urge to rush through pain is normal. You want to get it over with as soon as possible. But while pain may be inconvenient, it almost always comes bearing gifts.
Because pain is a signal, not a symptom, it is always accompanied by expansion. Pain’s purpose is to get your attention, fast. So that you can move on and through, not around, to something better.
Keep in mind that better is not always grandiose. But better is still better. It may come in the form of an open mind or an open heart. Better could be liberation from a job, a partner, or financial chokehold. Better could be as simple as a new perspective.
Pain is not here to make you hurt, it serves to wrangle your awareness. Look at it. Listen to it. Learn from it. And move through it"

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Be Love

What Did I Learn Today?
"Be love!
Be love when you think you have made a mistake that cannot or will not be forgiven.
Be love when you suffer material loss or experience material gain.
Be love when you are afraid that who you are is not enough.
Be love when those you seem to have trusted has abandoned you
Be love when you are falsely accused
Be love when the world does not give you the credit you think you deserve.
Be love because no matter what is going on love is the one thing that every living soul needs"

Monday, 1 February 2016


               Have the conversation so you no longer have to carry the burden. Lighter.
     Kick the fake food so your body can re-set to optimal. Lighter.
    Bathe your body with complete sensual respect — because it’s YOUR BODY. Lighter.
Sit your beautiful self down and be still so that you can feel life pulsing through you. Stay there just a minute longer because that’s the place where the heavy thoughts give way to the healing truth. Let light pour through you — it’s the most powerful tool in the universe — cleansing, revealing, life-giving. Lighter. Danielle La Porte

     This week the pace was up, I have been sitting outside of my comfort zone and truth be told, it is taking a bit of getting used to, the early mornings and late nights - and what it showed me is that making time to rest and regroup is an absolute priority.
     And so this week I will take and implement the lesson of making time to rest and regroup into the schedule or live through the consequences.

What else has been happening? Well, someone who I thought was a friend, it turns out that this person seems not to be on my page. And I am deducing this by actions as I haven't really asked the question directly. And here I am, I must admit it hit me, it hit me in the gut like a body blow. I was talking to a friend of mine today and I said okay what is my that   contributed to where we are, I want to take responsibility for my actions and learn from it
Her suggestion was to see if there is a pattern to my behavior but don't take responsibility for other people's actions.

My gut says that the lesson has been learnt, the relationship has changed, and it is my responsibility to accept that and move on
The ole' reason, season, story, people are in your life for a reason and a season.
and life goes on.... Lighter

Friday, 29 January 2016

Are you begging for it!

We’re all going to try and play cool at some point. Not always because we want other people’s validation. But because we’re making up for what we don’t feel for ourselves.
And you know—boyyyy do you know—every single time you’re playing the I’m cool please like me game. You know it. Sometimes it pops up out of no where. Just tumbles out of your mouth. Your coolness, begging for airtime. Maxie Mc Coy

During a meeting today, someone I respect, I mean highly respect, said to me " you're one of those down to earth types who really don't give much credence to what people wear, look like or their image" I paused. I then said " I will take that as a compliment and say thank you" She said " you ought to, I mean to say that you really try to focus on the person and not their image as opposed to being one of those people who are fixated on that and it clouds their judgement" 
Listen, at that moment I said to myself, "self, you are now clear that what you believe and feel in your heart and mind, you don't have to say out loud, shout it out or make a statement, it pours out of me in what I do, my actions" and I said that because I did make a conscious effort to see the person, to see them, not what they wear or pretend to be, and sometimes I get it twisted, sometimes I get judgmental I forgive myself earlier now and move on
Your actions show who you are and yes image plays a part but putting paper over the cracks, sometimes people can see the cracks and what do you do? Don't hide the cracks, make excuses for it, blame other people for them, light comes in there too and so does air and when we admit and know they are there we get to make a choice, a conscious choice about them.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Question it

You have to be clear and separate what you think and what you have been told to think - Rev Deborah Johnson

Have you ever questioned any of your core beliefs?
The things that people told you and you believed
I was told for most of my life that I have sinus problems and should stay away from certain things and places and foods. I repeated that for quite a while until I realised wait, what bloody sinus problems do I have? none at all, been restricting myself based on what my folks told me mind you I did have it as a child but just an example of how we keep holding on to things that may not necessarily be true or does not serve us.
Question your beliefs, what you have been told
Shape your own mind
Look at the things that you think about and see if they are really true for you
And the ones that you were told not to believe as well, they may also hold some home truths for you
And then make a decision in your own best interest

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I release

confusion and struggle are not feelings. They are both conditions of the mind. It is possible that you are bumping into a resistant belief. Once you identify what you feel, choose what you desire to feel and claim it - I choose to be and feel . . . I now release confusion and struggle. When or should those thoughts surface again simply declare - I RELEASE! Iyanla

You can’t wait for permission.
You can’t wait for other people to value you
You can’t wait to see yourself through the eyes of other people
There is something within you that has to say I AM and that’s enough, let that be enough
Don’t look on the outside, claim it on the inside
We all have creativity, genius, desire, passion, talent with all kind of things that are awesome
Dare to believe
Get off the bell curve- where the majority go to cluster
The pioneers and the miracles are not in the middle
See the possibility, dare to live it
Let people catch up
Don’t you go out to the naysayers
You do you and let the naysayers come to you

Just say yes

Monday, 25 January 2016

Grasp the reality on what matters

that there are times and situations when we become so focused on things and people that do not serve us that we lose our grasp on what really matters. Iyanla

Make a list. Take out a piece of paper and pen right now, or perhaps your smart phone or tablet and list right now what really matters to you, no filter, no judgement. Then look at your actions and see if there is a gap, are you doing anything in your life that really really matters to you? And if not, why not?
The first time I did this exercise I paused. I looked at my life with the most non judgmental and willing point of view and made the shift, doing things that mattered TO ME and to MY LIFE and MY VISION. not to the things that do not serve them and yes I slip sometimes but I am more aware now and take a shorter time to regroup and recover

So what are you focused on and why?
And is it serving you? Is it serving your vision, (do you even have a vision for yourself?)
Are you focused on things and people that do not serve you?