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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Love makes you more attractive.

Love makes you more attractive. That means you attract, like a magnet. You don't attract just people: you attract various circumstances that reflect back t you the power of your devotion. Marianne Williamson

It is a conscious choice everyday to show up with love and in love. It a choice everyday to be kind, to be positive, to drop the self doubts and judgement. It is a daily choice, an like with all rituals and habits it gets strengthened and improved over time and effort.
How we show up in the room of life is really a choice
How do you want to show up today?
Non Judgmental?
Pissed off?

Marianne Williamson also says " your power is a result of your decision to reveal it. You are powerful in whichever moment you choose to be"

Here we see again, choice and decision.
It realy is that simple


Friday, 20 January 2017

Shift from Fear to Love

Always searchin' for the real thing
Livin' like it's far away
Just leave all the madness in yesterday
You're holdin' the key
When you believe it Michael McDonald

Searching and needing. Looking and pleading. Hoping and Running. Controlling and Doubting

All signs of fear and lack

Seek not outside of yourself or it will fail. 

Every thing I have learnt is mindset and today I declare a mindset shift from fear and lack to
love and belief

Watch how this shift manifests itself into something magical

How many times have you started something, you name it- a diet, a relationship, a project, a job all "hot and sweaty" and with the first obstacle or maybe temptation you find an excuse, a justification, a rationale, a reason for why it cannot be done, will not be done, ought not be done, shall not be done
All the "nots"

Deep down you know, it is fear in the form of lack of discipline or some other manifestation of it.

So my challenge for you today is - shift the mindset, change the self talk, probably the company you keep, whatever it takes to shift from fear to love
Self belief decides everything


Thursday, 19 January 2017


The Universe is a big copy machine reproducing your thoughts in physical form that is your experience.       Neale Donald Walsh

At the beginning of every year I choose five words, these words represent how I want to feel for the year, I reckon that it is  from how I want to feel comes the things that I do and the actions that I take
My words for 2017 are Love, Joy, Abundance, Service, Connection and Relevance

I leave it open as to how the things that show up in my life look but what I notice is  when making a decision I ask myself, will I feel any of those feelings? Anything else that I feel is welcomed and a bonus or sometimes a lesson
 Connection - it happened so beautifully - already 18 days into the year
I have been blessed with a group of women who have offered themselves to assist me in achieving  one of my dreams. I was in fear mainly about how it would unfold, if it would unfold and in a way that was authentic, and relevant
They came forward without me even asking, and put me on blast that I must walk my talk
that fear is not real, that my thoughts create my reality - even if it is subconscious plus..... they are all willing to assist me in making it happen

My point is- what are your intentions? do you have any? what are you creating through your thoughts? Because thoughts create reality.
What do you want to feel? And are you open to it happening in a way that you may not even have a bit of control over?

A Course in Miracles says there is no neutral thoughts, all of our thoughts create form in some way, which is why it is so important that we focus on what we think, this can happen through intentions, focused thought, meditation and paying attention

The body is the effect- the cause is the mind

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


The strength to DO comes from your undivided decision - ACIM

Thus is another impactful lesson to me, so impactful that it has changed my life and the way I live

Decision is power, to decide is to make up your mind without waver and then to DO

No in between, no compromise, it really is quite simple
Decision means you are willing
Decision means you are open to get there not really the how
Decision means committment, focus
Decision means you change the way you talk, the way you talk to yourself, the way you show up, the way you approach
Just decide

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Show up True

“If you’re not being you, there is no you . . . there’s an imposter pretending to be you. That imposter is a painful existence, and it’s that painful existence that’s subsidized by all of this world’s frantic chase to purchase pleasure. This is what humanity is constantly slaving for. But when you let that inner master to be masterful, you’re a witness to the most outstanding performance ever" Gurusingh Yogi

Someone told me yesterday that I was being inauthentic in my approach. Well I must admit I was shocked,  truly shocked and horrified! 
Me? I have been called Miss authentic? You have got to be kidding me?
After I calmed down I thought about what she said for a bit
"You are being inauthentic in your approach" - I really was not showing up in the situation wholly, holy and true. She was right. I was afraid to say my truth. Why? I did not want to offend anyone and people pleasing peeped it's head out of the window and said, be nice, you are a nice person and hey now I know being a nice person involves being true. 
You are being inauthentic in your approach- not you are inauthentic. our approach to this particular situation is. What a huge difference
It was a reminder to remain grounded, that no matter what or who shows up, you show up as well, true. 
Lessons come from anyone and anywhere

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Monday, 16 January 2017

What moves you?

La la, la la, la la,
It takes more than diamonds to move me
La la la la
It takes more than money to groove me
It takes more than material things

It takes more than cars to get me where I need to go
Don't stop the flow - Jill Scott

I was listening to a talk by Tony Robbins and he said something that really resonated with me. He mentioned that when it's all about you and not serving some bigger purpose the road is harder. We live in a connected world and when you serve something and make the world a better place than you found it. If it only about take take take then you are leaving a hole in the Universe. What moves you? What does it take to groove you?
Find that thing and see how the magic shows up.


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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Do you know the process for sure?

I’ve got a question for you? How can you evaluate the process when you don’t really know what the process is or how it works? Many of us believe that we are not doing life right, or that things are going wrong in our lives, when we have absolutely no idea what the process is or how it really works. Yes, we all have some basic idea of what to do and what not to do. Many of us know what we want. Some of us believe that we know how we can get what we want

What few of us know with an absolute certainty is whether or not what we believe about the process is the truth about the process Iyanla

Each of us have our own journey, we have our own path. The problem starts when we want to compare our path to others, yes there may be similarities, we may meet up along the way and walk together that is not to say we have the same journey. 
The challenge comes in when we, with our unique gifts and talents, try to fit in to a box. The status quo perhaps? Maybe we want to make our parents proud, our spouse, the people in the neighborhood and we do things that are either make us feel miserable or believe it is our lot for whatever reason. 
Change is a part of the process, that I know for sure
Everything else I cannot say for certain
The courage to live our lives and our truth rewards us with such peace it really does passes all understanding
The challenge is digging out the courage amidst all the noise
I had my life mapped out, I had it planned and sanitized down to a science.
It ticked all the boxes that I believed at the time made me successful, a good girl and acceptable
Parents - Happy
Grandparents- Happy
Family - Proud
Bosses - Happy 
Me - Confused
That equation was a recipe for disaster, totally unsustainable
The truth is - I had my own journey and path, embracing it, though challenging at first and sometimes still is, makes me feel at peace
Courage - find it

Friday, 13 January 2017

Clarity is essential

We all need to challenge things we've previously accepted. It's not always about jumping in, leaning in, doing more, hustling harder. But instead, retreating, stepping back, taking a break can give us the most clarity. Maxie

Clarity is essential, it is the start of miracles
Clarity can seem like confusion - because clarity can come through as an intuitive voice which is not always logical. Have you ever felt so sure about something that felt so sure and everyone else around you believes that you are crazy? Or you just hear a voice telling you to do something  that you swear is just so out of character or the ordinary

Clarity is the road map

What is it that you want?
What is it that you really really want?
What is it that you really really want?
Write it down
Commit to it
Take the time to make it something that you know off the top of your head, that you can say with certainty, be flexible on the how, yet rooted in the why


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Build your Tribe

Creation is an extension of thought. Iyanla Vanzant

Your tribe is important. The people who you surround yourself with. The use of your  free will comes in here. We get to choose who is in the tribe. We get to decide who are the ones that stay on the bus, the ones we ride with.
This is not by default, because you grew up with them or the history of them being around you or the family for decades. That may be part of the reason however if they are not FOR you,, your growth, your truth then hey, what are they doing in the tribe?

The tribe may not be huge - sometimes quality over quantity - the key thing is you believe that you can show up as you, live your truth and know that if you are going down a slippery slope the tribe will pull you back and let you know with compassion, love and non judgement to change the road.

Your tribe may change over time - because you are ever evolving and that is Okay. Sometimes we feel guilty when people are evolving in a different way on a different path to us. Everyone has their own journey and life to live, we meet along the way, some you have to leave- with love

Build your tribe
Build it with love
Build it with authenticity
Build it with compassion
Build it real
I truly believe we are not meant to do this thing called life alone
And I will admit it has been tough for me to build a tribe. there are many reasons I can use to justify it, some are BS and some - it is just what it is
I grew up as on only child, I heard around my house that independence is what strong people posesses, to stay in my corner and as time went by I belived asking for help and opening up was a weakness
Nothing stops you in your track then when you are brought to your knees! I was at that point, I was on my knees, pretending that I was standing tall

As Alex Elle says " surround yourself with people who love you, who are authentic, and who balance you out"

Don't feel guilty if everyone cannot be in the tribe- such is life
Love those hard who are in!