Houston - There is no Problem

When I think of all those disappointments I just laugh - Aretha Franklyn

I was scheduled to fly to Houston on Friday, I was also scheduled to attend an event at the University before flying out.
I decided to get home early to pack. Picked up my passport case and to my shock and utter horror the passport was not where it was supposed to be. I started looking for it, turned into a four hour smash down, I could not make the University function and it sure looked like I may not be making the flight as well. I started feeling ill, just ill at the inconveniece of having to get new documents. The search continued, 3 hours left to make the flight. I decided to take one last look. I emptied the book case and looked through each book, on the last shelf there it was tucked neatly into a book staring at me. The movements started I was rushing now to make the flight. One hour left. I asked a friend to pick me up, she was running behind and then she called, she got a flat tire

Have you ever had on…

Fear is not of the unknown, but of the loss of the known.

Fear is not of the unknown, but of the loss of the known. The unknown does not incite fear, but dependence on the known does. Fear is always with desire, the desire for the more or for the less. The mind, with its incessant weaving of patterns, is the maker of time; and with time there is fear, hope and death.J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

As humans, we love the familiar, we love to "know" , we love to be in control. We love it so much that we are willing to go through pain and suffering to be in control and to know, we are willing to lose friends and loved ones to prove that we are right, we are willing to argue our point to the last without thinking of the consequences of these actions.

Fear of the loss of what we know drives us to make decisions that keep us stuck.
One of the questions I ask myself over and over again is "what would you do right now, in this moment if you were not afraid?" and then I do it. Sometimes I am happy about the decision and sometimes I…

Shift in Perception

I’m ferocious about it, in the best way. What do I want to do with my one, precious life? What’s important to me? Why will it matter to me? How do I want to feel? What do I have control over—how can I do more of that? Kate Courageous 

The Course in Miacles says ,enlightment is a shift in perception. If you choose to see the material world as your reality then that will be your reality. You will live on that plane. Whatever you choose to believe as your reality will manifest in your life, that is the power that you possess. You co-create with the Universe, and you lead it by your thoughts and belifs, not only your actions. They all must line up!

The Course in Miracles  believes that shifting your perception can lead to shifting your life's experience. I believe it as well and have lived to experience it. 

Moment after moment, the shift my perception, the questioning of core beliefs, the self belief, the self love made my experience of this precious life change. It is definitely not an…

What Are You Waiting On?

So I invite you to...
 forgive yourself 
  make the call
  tell the truth
  book the flight
  do the scary thing
  say I love you like you mean it
If you knew how much time you had left, how would you want to spend it? Figure out a way to do that now.
The best way to live is like you're dying because you are.  Stacey Herrera

What are you waiting on to do that thing you know you absolutely must do?
No, really, what is the delay really about? What's the excuse, rationale, reason?

My question to you today!


Question Everything

Don't feel no pity for me
Cause I'm going through a couple things,
Life means change,
That's the way it goes, goes
All my life I had a constant burning
A strong deep, desire
An aching ambiguous, yearning, yearning,
For something better
For something bigger
For something wider
For something higher Jill Scott
Someone said to me thins morning " I have this feeling that I should be doing something else, something bigger I just don't know what it is, I have sat many a time trying to figure it out"
I thought about my own journey for a while and I was actually doing the same thing. I felt that I had to do something else, be somewhere else, with someone else, where I was could not be IT! Or could it?
What I learnt was, until you make a decision, a choice to move, where you are is where it is! Until you have made peace with where you are, until you are accepting and grateful then its always a struggle After the acceptance and the gratitude comes the decision. The decision h…

Must Invest In Me

I'm my destiny, must invest in me
Or I'm just gonna be victim of circumstance
All is left to chance, how can I enhance?
I'm afraid to dance
I must break this trance, 'cause it? its deafening
So I'm breathing in, I'm breathing in, I'm breathing in
Breath to get control of me
I have to be
If I stay right here I?ll die inside Floetry
One of my favourite lessons is "You and God are a majority" that's all it takes to start, start it and see what happens. The responsibility for my own life depends on me, and with God/Universe as the guide, it's all good in the hood! The responsibility for investing in myself depends on me, and with God/The Universe as the guide, it's all good in the hood Waiting on something and someone to change is a sure fire way to become a victim - they cannot read your mind So think about the time when you complain about "those" people who are messing up your flow, or "those" people who are doing this to you …

Stay the Course

Let all things be as they are - ACIM

Grasping, grasping, grasping....

When we have a goal, a dream, a vision, there may be times that we doubt ourselves, especially when it seems on the outside that things are not falling into place as we see it, as we want it. We start questioning what we are doing wrong, what we aren't doing to get us there quicker, we may even contemplate if we are on the right track.
I have learnt when we get to that point we attract more of the same, we see all the wrongs, and start attracting everything to prove our point of doubting, we start grasping, blaming, trying to control, losing focus. The Universe starts letting you know that you need to regroup, recalibrate, refocus. And we must may attention. That is really all that is happening.

The dream you have is really smaller than the one the Universe has for you, do not limit yourself. Keep an open mind. Part of the journey is self belief and trust, letting go, paying attention, taking responsibility. We …