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Thursday, 27 October 2016

What are you hoarding- just in case?

Living in an abundant environment but operating on the assumption that good things are scarce leads to a host of dysfunctions that can be summed up in one word: excess. Most of us are living in some kind of excess; we work too much, eat too much, rack up debt buying too much stuff. Yet, driven by the unconscious, just-in-case assumption that "everything good is scarce," we just keep doing and accumulating more. Martha Beck

I was at a book reading Q and A session and a gentleman in the audience asked me "why don't they teach authenticity and abundance consciousness in our schools?" The question threw me off because it really came out of left field, here we were at a book reading session and this wonderfully thought provoking question about teaching our young ones about being true and content from an early age came up! I thought about it for a minute I really don't know why it is not taught in schools, maybe because no one believes that it is important enough to warrant some time within our school lives.

I for one, wished someone taught me about developing an abundant mindset, it would have saved me a lot of time and money and maybe heartache as well
 I would usually operate from the assumption that there is never enough so let me just acquire more just in case, and sometimes I never use the things. they sit there, time passes and the "event or situation" that warranted the acquisition never comes up 

 I saw an article somewhere where a woman - a successful one by our new world standards of job, career and so on, hoarded so many things it literally killed her, she died buried under mounds of items. The fire service had to literally dig her out, she went searching for something under the hoard and got a heart attack. Now that is an extreme case but the point I am making is that the very thought that there is never enough drives many of us bonkers. 

You may think about the starving children throughout the world, yes that is true and a serious situation but is it because there is not enough food in the world? surely not. There is so much wastage of food daily in many places, not enough money - greed can surely make it seem so and the list goes on and on.
Everything good is not scarce
Good never runs out, but it surely can change form
and yes sir I think they ought to teach this in schools
What are you hoarding and accumulating - just in case?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The difference between numbness and emptiness

Numbness is the result of being overloaded—too much pain, too much information, too much medication. Emptiness is very different. Much of our personal and global (same thing) problems are a result of trying to stuff our emptiness—with food, power, noise, gadgets. We cram our lives with people—virtual, in-person, strangers on screens, so we don’t have to be alone. We’re raised to fill the void. Like little robots. Fill void, fill void But what if we rocked our emptiness? Felt the perimeter of ourselves. Relished the silence. Made friends with the peace that’s always waiting for us. What if we got off on the discomfort of our emptiness and let it be creative tension?
Maybe we’re just one mental reframe away from turning our universal emptiness into personal power.
"Because, you’re not empty. You’re full of space Danielle La Porte

The time is coming soon that I will be heading back to Kenya and Uganda, in 2 weeks I will be on a plane heading to a place where I call my spiritual home. There are a few places when I arrive and touch down my soul feels at peace.

One of the reasons I like being there is the amount of time I spend in silence, where I either don't have the means, time or motivation to fill the time and silence with anything, not a darn thing, I just revel in it and from the silence, so many magical things happen. I no longer fight it as I have seen the benefits of sitting in it of inviting it in.

How many of us cannot live in not even one minute of stillness or silence, there must be some sort of action happening in your life to prove to both yourself and anyone else that you are useful or not lazy. Clean, move, read, watch TV, surf the Internet, shop, play music, social media, 
Busyness is promoted and praised. It is almost like a badge of honor. I know, I've been there, took me a hot minute to realize that there is nothing to feel guilty about when I choose to be silent and still.
Have you ever heard the egg and sperm infuse, the sun rise or the moon? Have you heard the sun set or a flower bloom?
Magic and miracles happen in silence and stillness

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Reality is right here

There is no need to be restless or anxious, concerned about whether I will make it or when I will make it. I will. That is all I need to know. It is accomplished already, and I can travel this illusory journey in peace knowing that in reality it is already over.ACIM

I remember exactly when I stopped being anxious and restless.
For months and months I had a pain on the side of my neck, it would not go away, nothing I did made it stop. I was obsessed with making it, I was preoccupied with what was coming next, what I had to do, all the mistakes that I made, all the debts I had to repay, the bad decisions I believed I made
A woman told me " Madam Akosua you are here, be here" I did not fully grasp it then. One evening in Kampala I started to meditate, it was my first time to go within and I literally wept. The tears just kept flowing, it was tears of joy,  because while I was in the state of silence, I just felt so grateful to be in the moment, right there. It was such an overwhelming feeling of calm and gratitude. To be there, with these awesome women, why was I  always rushing  to be somewhere else, to do something else, to want something else? Is there something somewhere else more important than where I was at the present moment?
The simple answer was plain ole no! The magic was right there where I was in the present moment
And therein the moment came where anxiety and restlessness disappeared from my approach, my neck pain was gone, just like that
Over the past few weeks it has reappeared, the anxiety and restlessness, it manifested itself in the same dull ache, this time in my lower back.
Why wasn't I...... fill in the blanks
How can I........... fill in the blanks
Where can I....... fill in the blanks
And like clockwork, as I was doing my early morning reading, the paragraph quoted above from ACIM came up, I screamed! literally! OMG yes! stop it, just stop it right now
plant seeds, tend to them and reaping time soon come. Be here now, pay attention, do the work, make the choices. Be still and KNOW

Monday, 24 October 2016

How is your Sense of Self?

Ask yourself: “What am I doing right now in order to avoid the pain or situation?” Are you on Facebook? Playing video games? Smoking again? Eating your 12th cookie in an hour?“By behaving this way, what am I avoiding?” When you find the answer, face it. Marianne Selenee

When you have an intact, healthy sense of worth you value other people. You realize that people are different. You understand that people see things and interpret things in different ways.
You do not compare yourself to them, nor do you feel the need to compete with them.
You know who you are, which means you can accept others as they are.
When you do not have a healthy or intact sense of worth, you feel the need to win every argument.You feel the need to always prove your point.
You are threatened by differences.
You need agreement with your views, values in order to feel supported and acknowledged
When you are not sure who you are is good enough, you will do your darnest to prove that you are better than someone else. Since you do not have enough of your own worth to draw upon, you will set out to destroy the worth of those who you believe are opposing you
Breathe that in for a minute

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Holding on to......

Movements are manifested by disciplined individuals who answer personal callings. And then we move together. Natalie Stewart  

Have you ever noticed that when you decide and proceed with out a shred of a doubt things start coming together nicely, in addition to that, some people start coming in and leaving your life. Therein starts the conflict, some of these people may be near and dear to you, they may be spouses, family, life long friends. It confuses the hell out of you, many times in fear we try to hold on for dear life. When the holding on starts the forward movements slow down. 
Holding on to things that no longer serves us slows down the movement.
Holding on to things that no longer serves us many times dishonor us
Holding on to things that no longer serves us dishonor others
Holding on to things that no longer serves us promotes doubt
Holding on to things that no longer serves us says that we are in fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of failure, just plain ole' fear
and, news flash
there is nothing to fear
Let go
Make movements
onward and forward
it really will be okay in the end

Friday, 21 October 2016

Your mind is a powerful tool

The biggest challenge in abundance is not how you bring the stuff out there to you but shifting how you think about yourself - Deborah L Johnson

Abundance is a mind set. It is a way of life, This is one of the  lessons that is taking me a while to grasp. I associate abundance with money mainly and that shift in mind is taking a long time to sink in
Abundance is not only about having money, it is about knowing that there is enough, enough time, enough resources, enough resilience , that you are enough, who you are is enough. Abundance is knowing that you start from enough and then move on. It is knowing and believing that you are and will always be taken care of, maybe not in the way you envision it or think you should be.

Abundance suggests that anything that is missing on the outside is because something is missing on the inside- that we are either not giving, not willing to give, and don't know that it is missing.

Abundance is about expansion, it is about capacity - our unlimited capacity and the ability to believe in that.

Your mind is a powerful tool of creation


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Tobago Love

Mind is the cause of everything - ACIM

Tobago was lovely on so many levels
I believed that I would be running solo at these events. Not that doing that was a problem, it is always nice to share lessons and experiences and support is an absolutely wonderful thing.
I was not even sure how I was getting to the airport- taking a taxi here is not the most sraightforward of exercises and just on point, a friend who I haven't really seen in ages called and I asked her to take me to the airport, as I was sitting there sending a text to another friend, she was expressing that if she had the time off she would come with me, I told her next time for sure press sent on the text looked up and there she was! Surprise!!!
What an awesome way to start the tour!!!

I first had to meet the secondary school students - they were fantastic, I had loads of fun with them
the adults came after - an intense session - the thing went on and I missed my flight. The person who took us to the airport got us on the following flight like clockwork!

Things just flowed - my mind was in the zone, it was a pleasure to be in the zone and the external reflected the internal
Thank you Tobago
Love and only Love


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Handle Your stories

New lessons.
That’s divine order - Iyanla

The new lessons when they come, and trust me they will come- after all, Iyanla says that this is Divine order, you can welcome them differently. You don't have to always run from them, curse them out, ignore them or respond to them from a place of fear (hate, judgement etcc) You also don't have to live in the fantasy that there is no ebb and flow of life. You can now appreciate the Law of Polarity.

Going through the tests with an open mind and willing spirit allows for the response of new lessons to be an empowering one. And mind you, all lessons are not "bad" 

I remind myself all the time of the divine order when I am getting frustrated and decide - let me just "handle my stories" rather than postpone or pause or run or hide. According to Danielle La Porte  You will not only have more character to pull out at parties and wisdom to offer the world, but you will feel more joy than you think is possible right now.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Morning Rituals

Let me wake up today and do something of value and do it well Marianne Willamson

Do you have any rituals when you rise each day? Coming out of University and in my "previous life" working in the corporate world in London, I would wake up just in time to take a shower and catch the train. I had it down to a science. I didn't realize it at the time - started my day rushed, it continued that way and I subconsciously felt that I was playing catch up all day.

I changed my morning rituals a few years ago, if I am not taking a morning run , I wake up, spend some quiet time, maybe like ten minutes meditating or reflecting and then I read something positive and write in my journal anything that I am grateful for then say a prayer, a very simple one by Marianne Williamson - Dear God- I give this day to you, use me to do your work Amen I do this daily wherever I am in the world. It is a non negotiable.

On days that I run on mornings I do the ritual when I return from the run. I wake up at 5am daily, where ever I am and what ever I do. Sometimes I go back to bed depepnding on how tired I am but the internal alarm is at 5am despite the place I am in.
Have you seen a sunrise? Nothing much compares. I look for the sunrise almost daily, it is quite a humbling experience and never the same from day to day.

How do you start your day?
Share some of your rituals with me, curious minds wanna know