How Does Your Pep Talk Go?

Avoidance denial and repression cannot help you
It's the most life-strengthening gift you'll ever give see what you've been refusing to see. To deal in order to heal. Every day you keep yourself from looking that shit square in the eyes is a day you keep yourself exactly where you are. Maxie McCoy
I drove up to the venue, I saw coaches and buses off loading people. I asked the security if this is the venue I was looking for. "Yes Ma'am"
I start a semi panic - this event is not small- AT ALL! Note to self- pay attention
So I park the car and sit in it talking to myself
"What's it gonna be love?, What you come here to do baby girl?"
"Ain't this is what you asked for? To share your story to as many people as possible?"
"Now you gonna be scared? Be scared but get on that stage and show up"
"Okay, I'm on it like I want it"
I get out of the car, knees knocking, throat dry and walked in the place like I  owned t…

Don't ever be afraid of not getting it right

that the possibility of making an error should never, ever stop you from doing anything.
Don't ever be afraid of "not getting it right." In truth, there is no "right" way of doing anything...there is only the way you are doing it. So go ahead. Do it.
Nothing wonderful has ever been accomplished by anyone who was worried sick about it not being
wonderful. ACIM
I have a big event to speak at tomorrow, I was under the impression that I was the only speaker (not that I asked a question, it was just my assumption- drawbacks of not asking questions) Anyhoo, the programme was emailed to me and I looked at it and said OMG! This is bigger than I thought! Should I switch up my speech? Should I get a brand spanking new outfit, and I started shoulding on myself!  Pep talk time - you asked for this, you chose this, no one forced you, so take a breath and just go out there and do your best in the moment with the intention of sharing your story, sharing the lessons on the journey and …

Relationship Potential

To gain you must give, not bargain. To bargain is to limit giving, and this is not God's Will. To will with God is to create like Him. God does not limit His gifts in any way. You are His gifts, and so your gifts must be like His. Your gifts to the Kingdom must be like His gifts to you. ACIM 

I love Kyle Jones's work, it resonates with me on so many levels! I wanted to share this piece with you.

Rather your relationship lasted a couple of weeks or twenty years, breaking up leads to feeling heartbreak and rejection. At times, these feelings make you question getting involved in a relationship again. - You questioning getting involved in a relationship again is fear-based. You have relationship trauma needing healing. - Without healing relationship trauma: * you settle for lustful experiences rather than loving experiences * you get in a relationship, but keep entertaining other potential options – just in case your relationship ends * you do anything to please your partner – out …


Choice terrifies people. Most of us will do anything to postpone making a choice, terrified of the consequence, terrified of being held accountable for the consequences, choice is a fundamental power of the human experience - Carolyn Myss

Pay attention when you have to make a choice, start with the simple things, someone may ask you to go to lunch, where do you want to eat. Watch your response
"Oh Wherever I don't know"
"You choose"
the small things turn into the big things

Your little decisions add up
Your choices, each and every one, have a consequence, even your "non-choices"

Make a decision, take a risk
What keeps us stuck is fear, shame and looking back and what happened back then, back there, to determine what and how to move forward
That's in the past, you may not even be in the same position, be the same person. Do not use the past as your compass for making a decision
Do not use fear, shame and what if
your choice is a super power

Know who you are and act accordingly

Every response you make is determined by what you think you are, and what you want to be is what you think you are. What you want to be, then, must determine every response you make ACIM. 
Actions, it's your actions that show  who who are. End of story I really am not so much concerned by your words, words are easy to say. It's your actions that tell me who you are Your actions reveal to me how you value yourself, and I have learnt how one values themselves shows me how I am to move forward in my interaction with you! Hurt and scared people show that they are calling out for love - That they have forgotten who they are and so act on their own "so called strength" or maybe they just don't know who they are and act from that space When you forget or don't know that you are  1. Enough 2. A Child of the Source of All things 3. Loved 4. Have nothing to prove 5. Have nothing to fear Your actions show that From today, remember who you are, know who you are and act accordingly Pe…

Control can be difficult to recognise

Rest assured that control is in control when:

You are fighting to prove you are right
You will lie to prove you are right
You are yelling in order to be heard
You won't say anything believing you won't be heard
The only view that make sense is yours
The only thing that maters is what matters to you
You are still giving reasons WHY after someone has said no
You think if someone get what they need or want you will not get what you want or need
You jump on someone's "case" to keep them off of your "case"
You believe someone can hurt or harm you and you are trying to avoid it
Until Today

Surrender takes courage. Not the give up surrender, not the resignation and throw your hands up in the air thinking what's the point surrender, neither do I mean the detached I don't give a damn attitude type either
I am talking here about the type of surrender when you know, when you know for sure that it renders you even downright peaceful, people start getting scared and s…

What makes you happy?

We think that the more we have, the happier we will be. We never know what tomorrow might bring, so we collect and save as much as we can. This means we need a lot of money, so we gradually start judging people by how much money they have. You convince yourself that you need to make a lot of money so you don’t miss out on success. And for you to make money, you need everyone else to spend their money. And so it goes. Fumio Sasaki The more we have, the more we feel valued is what is sold to us.From all angles, the better handbag we own, the faster car, the brand name show, the high end TV, the house on the hill- all nice I will agree.however when we make it or base or value and worth on having these things then therein lies the challenge All of those "things" are fleeting and when we base our worth and value on having things it usually leads to problems, we accumulate things it makes us happy for a while and then we realize there is a better thing, a shinier thing, an updated …