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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ask yourself: what would you do if you were not afraid?

Courage precedes clarity - Mastin Kipp

What would you do if you were not afraid? This question has pushed me into many of the many amazing and adventurous sometimes scary events of my life. What would you do if you were not afraid Akosua? I ask myself when I am stuck, when I am indecisive, when I am procrastinating. You see, the fear factor stops me many of time! What about you? Do you stop yourself when you analyse the what if's? and most times it is the worst case scenario what if's?
So to move past that whole conversation and feeling I ask myself the question and answer honestly as I truly believe that there is nothing to fear.

I know for the next couple of weeks this question will be on loop, on repeat as I move into completely new areas and challenges. I invite you ask yourself as well and let's share and swap stories


My Tedx talk - There is Power in your story
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Friday, 9 December 2016

Judge Not

be very careful about passing judgment on each other’s learning experiences.  Raise Your Vibration

One of my daily prayers is "Please allow me to release all judgement" 
The struggle is real!
From wanting things my way
From not knowing the full story
From the timing being out of sync
And yada yada yada
How something "should" be
I should be further along in my life and finances right now
I should be over the divorce

All this shoulding on myself! And when this happens I do the same on others
All this triggered by both a conversation and the fact that society has told me that I am a "financial risk"
I know there is a lesson in there somewhere including me taking responsibility for myself and my finances
My responsibility now is to get still, listen, get the lesson and get out of the mess
When I judge others I judge myself and vice versa- the cycle continues
Everyone has their own lives, lessons and journey
that is an undeniable fact, paying attention to our own and learning the lessons makes it easy to stay out of other people's stuff


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Thursday, 8 December 2016


it was amazing to feel myself becoming more me than ever. But in-between those power-moments was some ugly terror and resentment. Bones into soup. Comfort into chaos. Commitments into dissolution.This is what healing looks like. Danielle La Porte

Have you ever listened to yourself tell a story or answer a question from someone who asked something which you really didn't like or felt slight discomfort in answering? I have been paying attention to the words I utter in those situations. I started paying attention to remind myself that words have power and how I express myself can and usually does show up in my world, whether I am taking responsibility or outsourcing it.

I have learnt that ,Listening is an art, it starts with listening to yourself, it gives you the practice to listen to others and to listen to what is around you. Listening promotes awareness and learning, two key qualities in living a full authentic life.  When you listen, you discover. You explore, you grow. 

Pay attention to those who speak more than they listen- it is usually a cry, or a mask of pain. Sometimes it is nervousness, the need to be right and perfect, to show that they are worthy enough and can live up the expectations they believe are placed on them
Inside of all that the learning and the discovery is missing.

I remember my granma saying listen and learn. I thought at the time she was telling me to shut up. And that is how I took it, I kept quiet and the reputation that I got was that I was "a very quiet child" I was just afraid to speak at the time but now I interpret listen and learn so differently! Thanks granma!
Are you listening?

In case you missed it
There is Power in Your Story - TedX 2016

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

My Ted Talk Drops Today!

Stop thinking that because you feel lost, confused, or unsure, you don't have what it takes. You've gotten yourself into something new that will teach you and that will push your life to new heights. Look for new areas where you’re scared as hell... and hug 'em, thank 'em, because it means you're pushing the boundaries of life. Maxie McCoy

I'm so so  proud of this moment
I had the absolute privilege to be a part of the TEDX  Family last month, I was invited to do a TED Talk, and this is it - What Are You Doing with your story?
Link it, share it, like it, talk about it - to me and to others
I thank you in advance

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Words have power

Words are alive, cut them and they bleed  Ralph Waldo Emerson

I decided to pay attention and practice the whole concept of words have power and even saying some things subconsciously manifest itself into reality. 
Just a quick note to share that and ask if you want to share the challenge

Monday, 5 December 2016

My Top Ten Lessons on the Journey in 2016

"wherever you go for the rest of your life, you're always in the middle of the universe and the circle is always around you. Everyone who walks up to you has entered that sacred space, and it's not an accident. Whatever comes into the space is there to teach you" Pema Chodron

As the year comes to a close I usually take the time to reflect on the past 12 months, how I have grown and what I have learnt. I must admit 2016 has been a year of many many lessons some of them painful ones, I still give thanks because I truly believe that everything is happening for me not to me.

Here are my top ten lessons for 2016

1. You are the one demonstrating to others how to treat you by your own actions and what you allow - People feed off your vibes, if there are no boundaries involved it is easy to ride rough. You can be kind but firm, you can be a good person without being a doormat

2. Feel all your feelings, all of them - It is the best and fastest way to heal. Feelings buried alive resurface to haunt you

3. You are responsible for your life - yes you are! Do not outsource your responsibility. The brilliant thing about you being responsible is that you can change it. Responsibility is the ability to respond.

4. Asking for help does not mean that you are weak and have failed - life is about connection and we were not meant to go through life alone. Connection is magic!

5. Sometimes you have to say NO. Oh boy did I learn this one. So many free gigs that left me drained in mind and pocket. Do not feel guilty when you cannot do something.

6. Regular exercise makes you feel healthy, good, strong. Sweating is a super power

7. My friends and family are awesome - they are supportive and real and I must must give them a chance to show their support rather than playing super woman

8. Tell the truth- all the time - even if it hurts and your voice trembles. I have said it before and will say it again- the truth does set you free

9. Respect yourself enough to let go of those people who do not reciprocate your kindness love and advances - especially fellas that you are really into! Guys who say they are too busy to me is  a code to leave dem 'lone!

10. Always, in all ways give thanks

What are your top lessons?
I would love to hear and share lessons on the Journey

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Start with YES

We can’t change anything if we don’t first acknowledge it! Accept where you are right here, right now and know you have the power within you to make new choices that will expand your consciousness moving you into an upward spiral where you have the potential to raise your vibration high enough so you can attain divine union with your God self. Sabrina Reber

So this morning I'm on Facebook, and the "Your Memories on Facebook" pop up on my feed, OMG just everything is always right on time all the time! 
This was a sweet piece of advice that was given to me as I was contemplating leaving to come back to Trinidad , as I leave 2016 it is so fitting. I am sharing

What did I learn today? Start with YES!! What happens when you leave here? All the possibilities scare you to death! The dragons are not to be slain but to be befriended you don’t have to know where you going but to trust that you are going in the right direction, the back that you are going to is going to be different not only would you be different the circumstances will be different and you will be too big for the boxes you left, you don’t have to worry about what to keep and what to add!
This journey is not going back to the place you left, it means a change of everything, it might really mean a change of everything. You are not going back to the place you came from, but you are going back to the beginning, coded in greatness and grandness. The small little life that you were clinging to? Ha ha!! Let it go! This preparation is now. This is now the place of all possibility! Breathe that in. You can’t ask how all of it is going to fit in to the new plan, all needs will be met, whatever is suppose to stay will stay and whatever is supposed to go will go and you will be all right with it
Every single thing you went through was part of your preparation. Let go of judgement and you be open and willing, just as you were when you were here!
You say yes and it’s all there, everything, the love, the house, the opportunities, don’t micro manage it accept it as it unfolds. Drama is optional, you’ve come too far now! The only way
out is through ,the choice? Is it going to be joyous or kicking and screaming? Your choice!
The journey to here, I know you had one, I don’t know it all but I know there was one and I don’t mean using the plane, now right now, trust and say yes, are you ready for this journey? are you ready to step into your life? Are you ready? Peace!!

Friday, 2 December 2016

E3 Series

There is something about the attitude of gratitude. It is a decoder and it allows you to see possibilities, whatever it is, financial affairs, body temple, you name it. It allows you to see things you were missing before Rev Johnson

Today I have the pleasure and opportunity to speak at the University of the West Indies - I walked those halls a few years ago, sat in the library all day studying for my accounting exams, not having a clue on what the future held but resolute in my mind that I would be successful. Back then success meant having things and a family, 2 children a dog and a big lawn where I could smell the grass freshly cut.
Today it is a whole other definition
I am graeful for the lessons, the redefinition of success and more importantly the opportunity to return and share the lessons on the journey
What I have learnt is that no matter what it looks like - it is happening FOR you not TO you. Pay attention and see where it leads when you change your view on it

Friday 3 pm to  7 pm join me as I share lessons on the Journey

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Success is.......

You may not have a vacation home in Hawaii, but you have a cozy roof above your head in a city you love. Success. Maxie

I have a small circle of peeps! so small they can fit comfortably in an SUV. I appreciate them - I really ought to tell them more - but I digress
They support me, they keep it real with me and they are doing their own thing in their own way. I accept that as well
This is one of my definition of success.
Some of them I don't speak to every day and many times there is no need but when we speak its on!!!
I have learnt to appreciate the people who support and love you, I have learnt that we don't always have to speak daily to know that we care (social media helps heaps) I have learnt that acceptance of what they are doing is key to authenticity. I have learnt that we are never alone even if we think that we are. 
Giving thanks for my peeps today and tomorrow and beyond
Love Y'all