And this is so

In order to remember who you are, first you need to forget everything you were told about who you are. Until you remove the veil of these systems that are keeping you stuck you will find it most difficult to connect with your own inner desires. You will be manifesting experiences that leave you unfulfilled because they do not speak to your inner truths. When you let go of the need to be a people pleaser and begin to live for from a place a wholeness you realize that following your dreams actually is a beautiful blessing that you can offer to the planet. Every new desire that you give birth to serves all of creation. And this is so.  

 Maryam Hasnaa

The first time I was asked to question beliefs that I had  held on to from childhood, from my country's history, from religion and from society's construct, it blew my mind. Just something as simple as questioning it, aka asking a question, asking "why", "how come", "is that so because?" 
How many of us do things just because it was "always done that way?" I am not saying to forget history or be reckless with areas that have some structure and rationale, I am talking about areas, particularly the ones that no longer serve you, that your soul cries out to you when you do it and the reason you give is - "well its always been like that" or " I feel bad because it's a tradition" and so on!
Question some of the things that you do that make your soul cry, the things that no longer serve you, that compromises who you are
Thing is, you have to know who you are, not who you were told you are!


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