Any Public Issue Will Eventually Get to Your Door

Any public issue will get to your private door eventually. If we are messing with the environment it will eventually affact you and so the list goes on. Marianne Willamson

There is so much going on in the world right now, from hurricanes wiping out islands, to leaders who respond like they aren't leading, to mass shootings, to killing black folks and the list goes on and on till the break of dawn
It is enough to get one disjointed, disappointed and anxious. Truth be told I am at that point. Wht next? I have decided that I must contribute to the solution, I have no clue what THE solution is but I know what my solution is- to be the best me, to make where I am better than when I found it, to stop being selfish, to live as though there are other people and living beings on the planet. Simple things I am starting with
recycling - there is no obvious and convenient ways to recyle where I live
using less plastic bags
giving to charity both financial and time
be my best - do my best - be kind- set boundaries- hae fun- pay my taxes
that's me
what about you?



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