Someone is cracking open their joyous nature

Right now, Someone has recently cracked open their joyous, genuine nature because they did the hard work of hauling years of oppression off of their psyche Danielle La Porte, author

One doesn’t just wake up one morning and is suddenly enlightened! Sorry it just doesn’t work that way! It is not by magic that your life is changes, it’s by choice! One has to be willing to do the work, it is really just that simple. Doing the work takes responsibility, it takes self love, and compassion, it takes you telling the truth to yourself every single time!

Denial and blame becomes things of the past! As soon as you find yourself denying and playing the same blame, you are off track, get off that bus and take another one

You got to be willing to do the work and accept some good home truths about yourself and your life and trust me it ain’t pretty or fun at most times.

I am telling you in my case, I was deep in denial, in a cave really, a deep dark one! I kept telling myself that I was fine! That was a big fat lie! I wasn’t fine at all I was in a hot stinking mess! But then, the penny dropped and the remarkable Universe put me on a self correcting path. It said listen to me now, you have been ignoring me AND your feelings, your truth for too long sista! Get this, shift is about to hit the fan whether you like it or not! And boy did the shift hit! And taking responsibility now is great, it allows me to own my stuff and to make decisions based on love not on fear!

So what or where in your life do you need to take responsibility?

 So what did I learn today?

(One of my absolute favourite lessons)

If I want to be enlightened be prepared to give up the old ways, there is no way that I can remain the same at the same time.

If I want transformation how can I cling to my existing forms. If I  want transcendence  why would I think that I can remain planted in the quicksand of my perceptions of myself as victimized. If I want to be free, I need to stop getting  busy trying to make peace with my old shackles, chains, limitations and boxes. The power surging within me that is so potent should not frighten me.

I am signing up for a journey that, from a human standpoint, is unpredictable. I must be ready to accept the truth that just because I am not in control does not mean that things are out of control.



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