DAY 1 - Book Signing day 1!

I acknowledge the progress in my life and being, through the support and grace of God, my ancestors, elders, teachers, spiritual guides, sisters and brothers. Rev. Manazerine Olujimi Baptiste

So Day one of my book signing duties are over!
I had such an awesome day, woke up early and went for a run, the weather was perfect for a run! Got back and my aunt wanted to take me for breakfast! We went to a Trinidad restaurant and it was almost like I never left home, I kept remembering she lives in the US so she wanted a taste of the local food, she flew in to NYC on Saturday night to support me in the events!

We bought it to take away as suddenly we realised we were running late! OMG I can't be late for Medgar Evers College! So breakfast remained right on the table!
When I got to the College, about fifteen minutes before the start, there was no one in the room, they asked me to hold on for about ten minutes, then all of a sudden the place for full and overflowing there were no more seats, full house, my palms started sweating, I started getting super nervous!
The Dean of the School made remarks, there was a reading from the book and then I closed off the Programme! Questions and answer sessions were next!
Books flew off the table! I was still sweating
All was left now was to go get changed for the next event!
I arrived there and there were people actually waiting for the event to start- this time I was early!
What an awesome night, the place was full, people were digging the music and there was food and drinks! Then it was my turn to speak! I stood up and just spoke from the heart and that was it! I had so much fun!!
Will post pics soon!!
On to the next event!

Awesomeness all round

By the way, all the books sold out!!
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