St Kitts and Nevis Day 2

The ability to achieve what you want in the outer world is always a direct reflection of the abundant state of your inner world. In the vedic tradition, wealth is equated to the life energy you express. In order to increase wealth you must increase your life energy. You may begin by asking how much life is being expressed through me. Maryam Hasnaa

I am in St Kitts and Nevis a lovely island in the Caribbean close to Antigua and Barbuda. I am here to facilitate a workshop on sustainable livelihoods using seamoss - seamoss - well I really don't know how to describe what seamoss is but it makes wicked drinks and is supposed to be a superplant as it is good for your skin as well.
The group so far have been so accomodating it makes my job so much  easier and so much more fun!

I never take these opportunities for granted seeing a simple way of life, seeing how others want to improve their station, learning from others! Give thanks



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