Every now and then I fall apart - Bonnie Tyler

and I allow myself too....
falling apart in this sense means taking the time to regroup and reset. And, confessions on the journey, that may look like spending the day in my PJ's at home watching Netflix or movies, it may mean crying to purge, it may mean eating a big ole chocolate bar, it may mean switching off the phone and the PC, it may mean being silent, or going for a walk, I fall apart and then I, as we say here, wheel and come again!

I have stopped playing the super hero, the cape, shield, boots and sword has been retired. I know I am strong and courageous and I know that I can pull those qualities out when I need them, I have nothing to prove anymore to myself nor to anyone. So I revel in my humaness, and those who are uncomfortable with it, well what can I say? I don't know really what to tell ya!

When I reset and regroup, it's almos like brand new, beand new outlook, new energies, more love, more fire!

I invite you to give it a go
Press reset- whatever that means to you
There really is nothing to prove

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