Take the Premium off the Control

But health and wellness aren’t about being perfect or being ok all the time. It’s about taking care of what needs caring for, so that we can get closer to what moves in us. It’s about having an array of choices that we can access at any given moment. Alicia Garza

You are here not to do something, but to be something! we have this thing in Western Society where we put on premium on control, we put a premium on knowing, which is it’s like almost a sin not to know, not to have it mapped out. The mapping of the thing is to create capacity within you to move forward, you get too attached to the plan! It’s not about the plan, our activities are never about the thing itself, it isn’t what gets created it’s who we become in the process of the creation, when you check out of here you don’t take any of your creations with you. We are here not just to do something but to be something! Know what you are, not just who you are! You don’t have to know where it’s going all the time to know that you are heading in the right direction. You are trying to see it through your lens and you can’t, you don’t know everything, see it with different eyes, have faith and act like you know. A lot of times you don’t see it is because you are trying to manipulate it, get ahead of it and be in control. Just act like you know and stop trying to control it, to control everything.



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