Settling is a Story

Settling is a story. What shows up in your life is in direct proportion to what you believe you deserve. The universe responds to the vibration of your truth (even when you aren't admitting it to yourself). Stacey Hererra 

I am a fan of Stacey, she drops some gems there that has me thinking! She advocates for the whole taking responsibility for your life, and by now you would know I am a fan of that
Before, it used to freak me out. how could I want to be in a shit hole or go through hell. then I figured it out, responsibility involves not only involves my ability to respond but also what I thought about myself and what I deserve. The other beautiful thing is once I pay attention to the happenings in my life which mirror back to me what I believe and going further what I believe I deserve I can make the necessary shifts in my mindset. How empowering is that?
Changing my mindset, changing my beliefs, taking responsibility and doing the work can make a whole heap of a difference
It really is that simple
and mind you, simple and easy are two different things!
Don't Settle!

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