Taking a Rest

Life will work for me when I realize...I am totally, completely and fully responsible for what goes on in my life!
One of the greatest challenges in creating a joyful, peaceful and abundant life is taking responsibility for what you do and how you do it! As long as you can blame someone else, be angry with someone else, point the finger at someone or something else, you are not taking responsibility for your life. Sure, things happen! It is absolutely true that there are situations, circumstances, social constructs and common elements that can and do affect you. It is your responsibility however, to determine HOW and HOW LONG they affect you. Iyanla Vanzant

January kicked my arse! I mean it literally pushed me outside every single comfort zone, every single space I considered safe, every single one! I lterally feel tired, like I ran a half marathon. I love the fact that I am still here, I am still grateful for it all but my oh my, I feel tired! So I am going to take a rest

What does taking a rest mean? It means to stop the over thinking and over analysing
it means to stop the people pleasing and set some boundaries
it means to be real
it means literally resting and meditating more
February has begun and I intend to not be butt klcked no matter what!


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