Give yourself something to show for it

Time will pass no matter what. Give yourself something to show for it.  Ralph Marston

The football was nice yesterday, the team that I was backing won the game, the house was quiet and it still is!

So my best lesson from yesterday! I was doing an online workshop and just by the way these questions came up! Its awesome what you learn when you're paying attention. So the lady was asking about whether or not she should stay in a relationship, and all the reasons why she was asking the question and this was the response, which made me sit up and pay attention

1. Do you want to be a better person when you're with the person or in the relationship - do you want to be your best you? Raise your own standards, be the best that you can be - not be false and fake, just your highest you
2. Do you have to work hard for the love and attention? Do you have to jump through hoops, cook and clean and work and work - do you just work to please the person not please yourself?
3. Is the space you're in nourishing, nurturing, peaceful? Do you have a safe space to fall?

Food for thought!


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