What you appreciate, appreciates!

What you appreciate, appreciates , Lynne Twist

Every time I need reminding of a lesson, the Universe responds to me right on time and many a day when this happens I laugh really heartily and sometimes scandalously and say a silent thank you! So here's the scene, I am looking at my budget and sitting there thinking ok, cash flow getting low due to timing of payments I am supposed to receive, I start a semi-panic and for me when this happens its either scenario's start playing out in my head or I beat up on myself for choices made, I'm thinking ok why did I come back to Trinidad again? The whole movie scene playing out in my head and right on cue as I sit there looking at plugging holes, my phone beeps, an email! I look at the phone and the email is from Lynne Swift, founder of the Soul of Money Institute. I am a fan of Lynne's work and it seemed so fitting that I received that email right at that time. Lynne's belief is When your attention is on what’s lacking and scarce — in your life, in your work, in your family, in your town — then that becomes what you’re about. If your attention is on the problems and breakdowns with money, or scarcity thinking that says there isnt enough, more is better or thats just the way it is, then that is where your consciousness resides. No matter how much money you have, it won’t be enough. No amount of money will buy you genuine peace of mind. You expand the presence and the power of scarcity and tighten its grip on your world. Ok then! Got it! She talks about transforming your relationship with money. Many of the things I have learnt about money I have to unlearn! Lynne Twist and John Randolph Rice are the two people who have taught me the most and right on cue an email from her! I read it, got up and went back to watch the football, appreciating every moment!


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