I ALLOW life to be big

I allow life to be big! Mastin Kipp

Kayaking was nice! drove 2 hours to a river on the North East Coast of the island. Very relaxing, beautiful and fun!!!

What did I learn today? So many of us don't ask for what we want. Most of us put up with or ignore or excuse whatever it is that shows up. But to do that, (ask for what you want) you've got to be willing to hear "no." Just because you ask for what you want doesn't mean that you're going to get it or get it in the way that you believe is “right”. We are not ready for the possibility of a negative response, so we stop, paralyzed. But if you are prepared for it ( the possibility of hearing NO), you'll know what your next steps are going to be, and you'll get busy taking those steps instead of taking it personally, shutting down, blaming, cussing, and all of the other drama.....
The way you ask for what you want or need is also crucial. No, is next opportunity, not now, next... directions to the next place, it usually does not mean stop and shut down and close up!  Create a boundary. You're creating a boundary—not a wall that isolates you, just a boundary, one that can be communicated with compassion.

Tell the absolute truth. Say what you want. Get a vision, then MOVE!



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