Needing nothing....

Needing nothing attracts everything. Russell Simmons

So what did I learn today? A penny dropping moment happened this weekend. Not being in the present moment really brings unnecessary worry! It's like thinking about the past or projecting the future is a recipe for wasted worry! When I am present in the moment, fully immersed in what I am doing, the past and future really doesn't exist. The other thing I learnt this weekend is as Byron Katie says, arguing with what is causes suffering. I have been over the last week and a half thinking about a situation about how it should be, what is the best way, what make sense and getting madly frustrated and then it hit me today, child of the Universe acceptance please, this is the way it is, accept that and then choose! Not fuss about oh this is how I want it to be, this is how it should be and get unnecessary grey hair!

Football has hypnotized me! So far, it's been super duper, me and my TV!! Pure joy




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