Take a step....

I have been telling myself this all week, talking to myself about what I want to do, my big vision for myself which has started scaring the living daylights out of me, so much so that I have frozen and just like clockwork, I ask the Universe for guidance and this is what came into my mind as clear as day, I want to share it with you.

"You have no idea what is possible from where you are!- MOVE! Take a step. If you can clearly see how to fulfill your dream, dream a bigger dream, you’re playing way too small! Most times we don’t know the how that is what makes it more awesome!

If  you can see it all and know it all, dream bigger, there is no room for magic, there is no reason for the unexpected, for the miracles, for the people you haven’t met yet, for the faith, for the resources you don’t even know about or dream about, You will not know all this from where you are, MOVE! Do something, anything!

We get  a sense that we are being called to do something that is bigger than we are and we cannot most times imagine how we are going to do it. That causes angst and hesitation but that is just the way it is.

Where you are going is not a place, not a specific location, not a geographical location, not a job. You are moving towards a state of awareness, a state of being ,which only gets revealed on the journey. The “what” you are to become is revealed on the journey.

Don’t get stuck on the “thing”, the relationship thing, the job thing, the keeping up with the Jones’s thing, the brand name thing, the school my child goes to thing, the degree thing, it’s what the thing  represents. It’s the love, the abundance, the pride, the joy. Do you want more joy, more peace, do you want happiness?
What makes what you do great is not the big ole grand things before you, but the little things that you do with passion and commitment and mindfulness and the successive way that you show up every day.  Show up. Shine. Buss out and let it go!" Peace!!


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