This brings me joy

I woke up this morning feeling alright, I woke up feeling brand new cause the dream that I've been dreaming has finally come tru.. Will. I. Am

World Cup starts today!! Now hear me, something that  brings me so much joy is football! I cannot even explain it but my word, football, watching football, reading about football brings me so much joy! I woke up this morning with an extra energy! I have a couple of meetings today and I am praying to focus on them, finish them early  so I can sit and take it all in! Now the thing that makes it even stranger for a  few people is that I like to watch the thing alone, no interruptions, no talking to anyone but the players, I ruck uo to stadiums in Italy, Spain, Brazil alone, put my foot up and I'm in heaven, I sit in front the telly on the weekend with my bake and Malta and it would feel like I'm in front of the pearly gates, alone...! I have two people in my house that don’t know this! Oh what an interesting month it will be, the lessons I am going to learn!

Stay tuned!

Catch me in front of the TV watching World Cup!


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