Follow the longing down....

Don’t ignore the signs. Follow the longing down. Go beneath the surface of your troubled mind, your bad moods, your repetitive mistakes. Go beneath the surface questions to even deeper questions. What is that weight that holds you back? What inside of you is saying no! Are you willing to look at yourself? To take responsibility for your own life? Are you willing to let something dies in order for something new to arise? What must die? What wants to live?  Root around, let those questions lead you. If you turn a deaf ear, you’ll stay the same, same situation, same same same. It’s up to you!  Elizabeth Lesser

Had a meeting this morning and here is what I learnt and its my best lesson this week

only when you are real, authentic, not hiding behind a mask and letting your ego rule you, there can be an open honest and authentic conversation with no blame, no shouting, no drama because drama is optional!

According to the master Iyanla Vanzant "own your stuff, own it" then take it from there! stop the blaming and the projecting!

Thought I would share that
Have an awesome day!

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