Its about service, not popularity

I know I am enough (most of the time) and act accordingly. My focus isn’t on what other people think, it’s on adding value to world and letting the chips of approval or disapproval fall where they may.It’s about the mission, not the approval. It’s about service, not popularity. Mastin Kipp

The NiNa Programme which I started in 2011, had their 4th graduation ceremony yesterday. I sat there looking at the events and thinking wow, the best thing about it was the girls said " this programme was supposed to train me on Entrepreneurship skills but it did more than that, it made me a better person, it equipped me for life" 

So that made me really happy, it made it all worth it! So, just start whatever you want to do, just start it, learn as you go along, feel the fear and press on!  There will be people who support you and those who don't. give thanks for all of them, they are teaching you something!

Will post some pictures when I get them!
Back to the football!


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