Do it.... NOW!

I was thinking about it but.... I was going to but... I wish I could but..... these are the excuses we give for sitting on our butts. We tell ourselves we are waiting for something to happen that something is missing!

If you think what u need is not there, find it. If you cannot find it, make it. If you cannot make it, find someone who can. Iyanla Vanzant
There are no buts so big that it cannot be moved. Move the but and see how everything
Been facilitating at a two day workshop in Trinidad! I had a ton load of fun doing it and looking forward to our next session together in July, a group of passionate committed souls who want to improve their community! How awesome is that!!

Is there something that you like to do and you have not done it? And you have expressed on many occasions that " I really want to do .......... BUT" Here's the thing, just do it! Just do the bloody thing! There is no but that's too big to be moved! So many fears pop up when we even think about doing it! Tomorrow I am going kayaking, I am seriously afraid of getting into water in a boat, for years I have been making excuses about it! I'm doing it tomorrow come hell or high water, no pun intended!!! And here's what happens when you start doing things that you were once afraid of doing, you get the balls to do other things as well and you inspire the people around you, in fact, you inspire yourself! So trust me, do it! Could be a big thing, could be a small thing, just do it!
Will let you know what happens tomorrow!


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