Soul Lessons

When you are indecisive and scattered visualize pulling your energy in towards your body and bring your self fully into the NOW moment. Remind your self that there are no right or wrong choices. The Creator has gifted you with the Free Will to use your energy to create however you wish. In order to make the highest decision we must understand that all choices take us down the path of soul experience. Some decisions will guide us through our journey with ease and grace and others will be profound soul lessons for us to learn from.Sabrine Reur

Over the past few days I have been having quite an interesting time on the journey!
On Thursday, a woman who read my book "found" me, she lives in Florida and came to Trinidad to complete a writing retreat, She read the book and wanted to meet me, being a "small" island, the degrees of separation is more like three rather than seven so someone knew someone and voila I got a call, would I be willing to meet the lady! Sure! I had to drive about 40 minutes to find her, we sat and talked, drank my favourite coconut water and she told me that I made her trip worthwhile, she was telling herself in the mirror, wont it be nice to meet Akosua! The Universe is awesome!

The next day I travelled to Penal, about an hour and 45 minutes away to the South of the island to be the feature speaker at a school graduation, my first time doing this. I had so much fun! The atmosphere was filled with excitement and laughter and apprehension! The graduates were all looking so crisp in their uniforms, the parents were dressed smartly, and they were still relaxed, the teachers made the event so chilled for me that even though I was nervous as hell they made me feel calm!

I did my best and left it there! I wish all the graduates a fulfilling journey!

I'm preparing again for another trip this week, off to New Orleans to the Essence Festival! Looking forward to it! I absolutely love New Orleans, I have been going to this festival for over ten years, first time going as an author, with a book! Who would have thought??

Just do what you want to do and learn the rest along the way! After all, it really is just lessons!


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