All Change is not growth!

What is your life revolving around? Deborah L Johnson

Interesting question isn't it? Yea I thought so! What is my life revolving around? And when you get the answer you see what's really happening in your own world!

So lesson for the weekend, all change is not growth! Sometimes we want things to just be different, different people, different places, different things! And we end up having the same experiences, same life just with different people in a different place with different things and stuff!

All change is not growth! You take YOU where ever YOU go! Growth requires a choice, you have to choose it! Consciously choose it! And that is the start and maybe that is the end as well

So I sat down yesterday and asked myself, what is my life revolving around? I want it to revolve around love, faith, compassion and growth, then everything else will fall into place! I will make decisions based on those principles rather than on what society wants, what is the latest style and fashion, what I feel I need to be successful, what I need to do for money, and all the chattering imps that come into my head, its so much more fun that way!



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