Its all an inside job!

Nothing outside you can ever give you what you are lookin for Byron Katie

Listen up. This one might need your extra attention. There is nothing ,hear me well,

nothing that you are searching for and running behind that isn't in you. Brutally honest
Stop the chasing and the running. Back up. Look in the mirror and say it out loud and look into your eyes when you say it.
I am love
I am power
I am abundance
I am awesome
I am beautiful
I am successful
I am worthy
I am enough
Write it down even
Then stop chasing people,places,things,qualifications, men, women, jobs,friends,sex,weed,food
Whatever you are running behind to "complete" you or make you hap0y. It's in you. Notice it. Recognise it. Accept it. Love it. Know it. And then act like you know. Peace!


  1. I texted a friend this morning and told them I was seeking a place to clear my head so I can decide to make a decision. Sounds as confused as I was feeling. Then I scrolled through my old faithful blackberry and saw this post in my Fbook inbox. Ever read something and it felt like someone threw you a good needed slap just at the right moment when you needed one? This "slap"...this timely "slap" caused me to catch my breath and then I closed my eyes and exhaled ever so slowly...... I AM enough....I AM all this and more. No more running or hiding.....I know!!! Now I must do!!! Blessings ADE!!!


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