Is it for your highest good?

I have learnt that there is nothing like relationships (all types of relationships and particularly intimate ones) that can teach you about yourself! Family relationships and intimate ones especially. Why? because they really are like holding up a mirror to you showing you the good and the things that need some work. The things that we love about our families and loved ones are also inside us and the things that piss us off teaches us things like patience, courage, acceptance and unconditional love mostly for ourselves before anyone else!

Everything outside ourselves is merely a reflection of the relationship we are having with our own inner being. So it is really a sobering thought to realise that when we are involved in a relationship that makes us feel powerless or is not what we want it really is a reflection of how we see ourselves at that moment in time and same the other way around. The fear of moving makes us paralyzed in making the step when we know we have to! I've learnt that loving myself sets the tone in the people I attract in my life and how I interact with my family, and this is not being narcissistic it is just the truth of the matter that it starts with me.

 Keeping ourselves fully anchored on the spiritual path by choosing not to get caught up in relationships that lower our vibration is not selfish, it actually serves the whole of humanity! We cannot be of service to humanity if we continue to allow others to pull us down into the lower vibrational energy of confusion, chaos, denial, limited beliefs, addiction and drama. We need to pull ourselves out of denial and be really honest with ourselves and ask if our current relationships are based on love or fear. If they are based in fear, you will need to love yourself enough to disengage from anything that is dis-empowering and does not serve your highest good. This does not mean if you have made a mistake in a relationship you should take the easy way out and abandon it. You cannot change a negative behavior if you do not acknowledge it. Recognize your mistakes, bringing them into your awareness so you can transcend them
The highest way we can be of service to others is to stay in the higher vibrations of love, joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness and understanding setting an example for others to follow

Is this relationship, activity, thought or belief for my highest good?
Is this relationship, activity, thought or belief a wise energy investment?
Does this relationship, activity, thought or belief enhance or deplete my light?
Do I wish to integrate this relationship, activity, thought or belief into my being?

Does this relationship, activity or belief contract my energy through fear or expand my energy with love?


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