Make the call...

I'm blowing up like you thought I would, call the crib, same number, same hood, its all good

And if you don’t know now you know Notorious BIG

NiNa Young Entrepreneurs Programme moves to Penal! South of the Island, to a new school, a new audience and a new team! I'm pretty excited! The Programme which focuses on teaching young women about empowerment through entrepreneurship is spreading! And even better, we were able to secure sponsorship from Republic Bank Limited, one of the country's leading banking institutions! I'm celebrating today this milestone of new school, new sponsor and transformation

This is a call to you, to do something that you always wanted to, to take the risk, make the call, write the email! And if you heard no, shake it off and move on again! I had a thousand no's but I pressed on and used what I had and the Universe is so gentle at times, there were people and friends who I asked for assistance who gave their precious time and energy to make this happen! Big Love to them all!

So I'm off! Things to do, people to see and places to go


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