My best type of meetings

Most people are dying from ignorance (Hosea 4:6)

On Thursday I had a scheduled meeting. In my mind nothing too out of the ordinary, the usual chat about what's happening, options, moving forward, plans and the whole shebang! I had two meetings before with her and after I thought to myself and actually said it out loud as I was getting into the car " Self, you learnt a lot from that meeting about life and life lessons" She came across to me as wise, authentic and genuinely interested in people before work. People seemed to be the most important thing in the whole scheme of the work!
How many top executives have I met with that mindset? Not many! I can count them on one hand! Those that are "free" and by that I mean they aren't scared about meeting targets, being shown up by someone else, confident in their own skin to learn and share and has balance?

After Thursday's meeting I got back into the car and thought the same thing, wow I learnt some life lessons there and the best line for the meeting was 
"You can never go back to the past to change anything and you cannot ever hold yourself hostage to make up for mistakes or things you thought were your mistakes" You will be in the negative for a long time, make peace with it, accept it and focus on now" Chances are it wasn't your fault anyway, and if it was forgive yourself, start there"
I say there just soaking it all in
She is what I would call "ah real boss!!" 
I give thanks for all of these encounters!

NYC and Chicago is drawing near!
Book signing at Nicolas Brooklyn


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