I am here for a purpose...

I am here for a purpose - Louise Hay

Day 2 NYC
NYC is full of lessons! I have learnt acceptance, the power of positive thinking and showing up as you every single time!

I've had a few meetings and a few rejections to go along with it! Listen the thing hurt! Initially, I was sour, salty, quiet, pensive! The thing hurt, did I already say that?
Yea so what's next? The lessons started kicking in and that is when I know that I have progressed!
I eat No's like Cherioos, No means next opportunity and man's rejection is God's protection, I started singing that mantra to myself from about an hour after the "salty" behavior

Rejection happens, what I have learnt is the story we give it is usually worse than what it really is, I have also learnt that it is a fuel for going again, taking a pause and looking at things with fresh eyes,listening to you gut feeling and obeying what it tells you!

Two more events today and a little more wise!


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