Who told you that you're not enough?

What’s driving your habit to improve? Are you fixing your flaws, or are you exploring your potential? Are you inviting the real you to emerge, or are you trying to cure your so-called shortcomings? DLP

Thank you Chela Davidson for pointing this out to me! Big love!
We’re so inside it that it’s almost impossible to imagine what we’d do with our time if we weren’t trying to make more money, look more perfect, acquire more stuff or be mo’ better. So what would happen if we were actually operating from a place of sufficiency rather than lack? Would we let ourselves go? Would we lose all drive? Would we not buy anything ever again? Well, we would probably stop associating sugar water with happiness, that’s for damn sure.
This question, that comes in many forms, is posed a lot as rebuttal: If I truly believed I was enough and I had enough, wouldn’t I just become complacent? Lazy? Nothing more than a disgraceful lump of everything I’ve been working my tail off not to degenerate into?
 Experiencing adequacy, sufficiency, and self-acceptance doesn’t make us complacent, they make us brave; they give us a view beyond ourselves to stretch into with gifts in hand. They give us a foundation of wholeness from which to express ourselves and offer our care and creativity.
 It is impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone who has no boundaries, with someone who cannot communicate directly and honestly. Learning how to set boundaries is a necessary step in learning to be a friend to ourselves. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves - to protect ourselves when it is necessary.
Operating from a place of sufficiency, feeling our own adequacy and not being identified with lack, all the while still growing our capacities, exploring our limitations and moving toward something beyond ourselves, requires us to be able to hold the paradox of it all. And yes, it is a paradox. Complete as we are AND creating, expanding and serving from that completeness



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