Make Another Choice

If you think you’re defective or in need of fixing (which is the biggest lie of all), you will most definitely attract lovers, teachers, preachers, and politicians who want to so-called “love” you, and “fix” you, and “lead” you Danielle La Porte

Have you ever asked yourself or maybe even asked others "What the hell is wrong with me? why do I continue to make the same mistakes?" We turn around and realise that we are doing the same things in the same place many times with the same people, then we get to the point where we are asking"what the hell is wrong with me?"
Well my lovies, I have learnt that there is nothing wrong! Yes, catch that! there is nothing wrong, it is basically a combination of not willing to do the work and making the same choices over and over again, so here's the thing. Make another choice, get another idea and know this, when you do there is work to be done to put it in place
Are you willing to do the work?
Make another choice about the food that you are eating that is making you ill.
Make another choice about the people who are around you who are pulling you in the opposite direction that you know you want to go and are heading
Make another choice about the reasons, justifications, excuses that you tell yourself and others about why you do what you do and is where you are
Make another choice 
then when you do
put the work in and be willing to do this without the same crew you rolled with before
A new crew will emerge
Please support this project that I am involved in to assist in the training of 6 young women from South Africa


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