You Matter

Who you Are Matters
What You Do Matters
because you have a life in your hand
Even you mistakes matter -Iyanla

It is always good to remind ourselves that we are not as Marianne Willamson says "enlightened masters" we are on a journey and sometimes we may go off course due to a variety of reasons. That does not say that we are "bad people" or something is wrong with us, that we cannot make mistakes and recover from them
We matter!
We have a role in this world to be ourselves, to learn from our mistakes, to love and to love the lessons
What happens is we get stuck in a holding pattern
We make a mistake or a poor choice or something happens that throws us off the Course we thing we ought to be on and we freeze, we start having these negative self conversations which spirals into a feeling of not enoughness, and we all know that not enoughness will mash you up!
So remember in those moments that even though you walk down the path of poor choices, mistakes, and whatever you think makes you believe you didn't do and was supposed to do, you are loved, special and you matter
Catch that

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